Boycott Advance GBA Emulator

October 8, 2021

Download Boycott Advance GBA Emulator For Windows

If you want to enjoy Gameboy games on your Windows with the help of Emulator, then Download Boycott Advance GBA Emulator For Windows.

Boycott Advance GBA is an excellent emulator and it is a free and open-source lightweight emulator, it is used to emulate the GBA games at high speed and also rich graphics and also emulate the commercial GBA ROMs including  Homebrew, it is supported not only as a GBA but also supports GameBoy Color and GameBoy console games and suitable for various platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, and PC

It is absolutely free of cost, the user can easily play the games, the interface is simple and intuitive, easy to play the games and it doesn’t emulate the classic Gameboy if you want to play games then simply go for the GBA ROMs page for downloading of  classic Retro Games

Technical Information:

The basic information of Boycott Advance GBA Emulator is

  • Emulator Name: Boycott Advance GBA 0.4
  • Size: 0.6MB
  • Cost: Free
  • Console: GameBoy Advance
  • Compatibility: Windows
  • Developed By: Julien Frelat
  • Category: Simulation and Emulators

Features of Boycott Advance GBA:

The interesting features of Boycott Advance GBA are

  1. It is a multi-emulator that supports GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, and GameBoy Color Games
  2. Also supports the file formats such as .gba/.zip/.7z/.gbc
  3. It is an old emulator but effectively works
  4. Applicable for Windows, Linux, and Mac Computer PC users
  5. The user is also allowed to connect with external USB Joysticks and Gamepads
  6. You can play the games on full-screen mode
  7. It supports audio
  8. This emulator allows the usage of Hid Bluetooth wireless linking
  9. Offers GBA video feature that will support the entire process along with rotation and scaling
  10. It has highly customized and optimized CPU emulation that brings the games at high speed and also with advanced graphics section
  11. This will give limited support to the GBA DirectSound channels and GameBoy PSG

How to Download Boycott Advance GBA Emulator on Windows PC?

  • You must tap on the download option of the Boycott Emulator on a Windows 32-bit/64-bit device.



  • Once the download is completed, extract the downloaded zip file into the new folder
  • Next, select the Boycott.exe file and wait for few seconds to load the emulator window screen
  • Finally, run the emulator on the Windows screen, next you need to add the favorite arcade ROM files and start playing games

How to Download GBA ROMs on Boycott Advance Emulator?

  • Open the Boycott Advance GBA Emulator on Windows
  • Then go to the File option that is shown on the top of the Emulator screen
  • Now, the user must select and click the Load ROM files and Run option or else simply tap on the Load ROM files option that is available on the File menu options
  • If the device is already existing the ROM files then the user just selects the Game files from the export window screen( Currently it supports .gba/.agb /.zip/.elf/.bin/.rom format files)
  • Don’t have the ROM files on the device, simply navigate to the GBA ROMs page and without any payment download the favorite Arcade games
  • At last, you need to import the game files and easily run the favorite and popular Pokemon games and enjoy the advanced features

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