August 6, 2021


If you want to customize or alter your iOS 11–11.1.2 on your iDevices, then Download FilzaElectracuted For iOS 11 – 11.1.2, and Install FilzaElectracuted on iPhone.

Compatibility: iOS 11 – 11.1.2



Here is a piece of good news, that the new version of Filza as the FilzaElectracuted has been released with full root permission. This app is available for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It is basically a new version of the Filza file manager which is optimized for Electra jailbreak. The earlier versions used to have some limitations. But the same is removed from the FilzaElectracuted.


  1. You don’t need to sidefoot this application after every 7 days the way it used to be with earlier versions. Because it runs from the root applications folder.
  2. As the name suggests, the FilzaElectracuted is fully compatible and optimized for the Electra tool kit.
  3. Very easy to download and install on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. You don’t have to do much for installing this outstanding file manager on your iOS device.
  4. Free of cost application. Although you will see a few ads while using it. But don’t worry those ads are not annoying and they are limited.
  5. Helps you keep all your files completely organized. Allowing you to maintain every file like you weren’t able to do in any other way.
  6. Very easy to operate the application. So you won’t face many problems.

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How to Install FilzaElectracuted on iPhone, iPad

  • First of all click on the download button which is provided above.
  • Now you will automatically navigate to the installation profile page.
  • Click on the Install option which is on the Installation profile page.
  • Now you will get one pop-up, simply tap on Install Now to start the installation process.
  • Wait for some more time to complete the installation process.

Sometimes the app does not install on your end, the reason may be due to the app being revoked by Apple. Give a try again once, if it shows the same error, then wait for the update.

  • If the app is successfully installed then, follow the below steps to Trust the app to avoid an Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error.
<= iOS 9"Settings" >> "General Settings" >> "Profile" click on "Trust".
iOS 9+ >="Settings" >> "General Settings" >> "Device Management" >> "Profile" click on "Trust".

After trusting the app, simply navigate to the home screen of your iDevice to launch FilzaElectracuted on iOS 11 – 11.1.2

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