Beer Pong Team Names – Latest List and Ideas 2022

Whenever we are at a house party, and a lot of people get together, we would of course, have Beer. And when there is Beer, we would love to play a Beer Pong game. In this article, we will present you with a list of the best Beer Pong team names.

But first do you know what is Beer Pong is and how can you play the game?

Best Beer Pong Team Names

What’s Beer Pong?

As you must know, Beer Pong is a drinking game. A player from one team throws a ping pong ball into the cup among the formation of cups. If the ball falls into any of the cups, the opposite team member has to drink the beer inside it.

Beer Pong becomes so much fun when there are a lot of people at the party. When you are playing in teams, it’s fantastic to have funny and attractive team names. Your team name is your identity when you play, and you want it to be the best.

Best Beer Pong Team Names In 2022

Beer Pong, as we all know, is mostly played for fun in get-togethers or parties. SO the team names need not be very inspiring or have a profound meaning. Beer Pong team names should be funny, cool, and sassy.

Beer Pong Funny and Cool game

In this article, we have tried to curate the best Beer Pong Drinking game team names for you. These are unique and funny, filled with puns and wordplays, and catch the attention of other team members and the people around you.

Go through this article have a look at all of these names and choose the best name for your team.

Funny and Cool Beer Pong Team Names – Latest (And Cool ;))

These are some of the funniest and cool Beer Pong names. They will make people laugh every time you call it out and add to the fun you are having while drinking playing the Beer Pong Drinking game.

Beer Pong party game names

  1. Shake and bake
  2. Shakelaka Boom Boom
  3. Beer Bombs
  4. Drunken Ghosts
  5. Mini Mermaids
  6. Brew Crew
  7. Ping Pong
  8. Tang? Nah Pong!
  9. Boozies
  10. Rummers not Drummers
  11. Discoholics
  12. Potatoes
  13. Side Kick
  14. Losers
  15. Sweat and Beers
  16. Beer Splash
  17. Alcoholics
  18. Beer Riders
  19. Red Bull
  20. Pampering Pandas

Beer Pong gaming names

  1. Shoot At It
  2. Beer Aimers
  3. Here for Beer
  4. Hold My Beer!
  5. Always Steady
  6. Beer Me Bro
  7. Deathpong
  8. Bar Bros
  9. Damaged Liver
  10. Night Riders
  11. Ball or Booze
  12. Hotshots
  13. Tequila Tangles
  14. Hop Scotch
  15. Pong Cups
  16. Pegs n Kegs
  17. We Barge In
  18. Fear of Beer
  19. We Don’t drink
  20. Beer Anyone?

Catchy Names for  Beer Pong Teams

If you are playing the Beer Pong game with your family or friends, having funny team names enhances your enjoyment. These are some of the names you can use for Beer Pong Teams and have all the fun.

Beer Pong Puns and Wordplay

  1. Drunken Assholes
  2. Ponged Off
  3. Drunken Whores
  4. Four More Shots
  5. Red Hot Shot
  6. Kings of the Pong
  7. Beer Only!
  8. Beers and Tears
  9. Chilled Beer
  10. Three Mugbeers
  11. Pitchers
  12. Princess of Pongs
  13. Shake before use
  14. GinPong
  15. Thirsty Gamers
  16. Pong players
  17. Ping or Pong
  18. Beer Heads
  19. Drinking Buddies
  20. Drink and Dive

Beer Pong Team names

  1. Cheers to Pong
  2. Sober Drinkers
  3. Liver Dead
  4. Wet Balls
  5. Right At the Cup
  6. Dropped Shots
  7. Bound to Fail
  8. Beer Right Back
  9. Smashed Boys
  10. You Got Balls?
  11. Ball Boys
  12. Balls and Beers
  13. We Booze even we lose
  14. Health Conscious
  15. Drunk daddies
  16. Master Pong 
  17. Professional Drinkers
  18. Barely Alive
  19. AlcoBalls
  20. Rum Rammers

Cool Beer Pong Names for Men and Women Teams

Beer Pong becomes more fun when the team names are funny, and you crack up every time you hear them. Here some of the names for Best Team names for Men and Women teams.

Funny Names for Beer Pong teams

  1. Pongorrhea
  2. We won’t Vomit
  3. Dominators
  4. Evil Queens
  5. Dashing Divas
  6. Disco with Alco
  7. Hungover
  8. Anonymous Alcoholics
  9. Boozemates
  10. Beer and Pong
  11. Booze and Balls
  12. Chosen Ones
  13. Pong Queens
  14. Beauties and the Beasts
  15. Drinking Divas
  16. Sexy Starters
  17. Double Trouble
  18. Bros before Hoes
  19. Beer over Water
  20. Beerkats

Funny and Cool Beer Pong names

  1. C2H5OH
  2. We Pong It
  3. One-Shot at a time
  4. Lord of Pongs
  5. Ponginators
  6. White Wolves
  7. Super Models
  8. Pong Fu Pandas
  9. Drink it or Drop it
  10. How Dare You?
  11. Gossip gang
  12. Beer View Mirrors
  13. Beerocrats
  14. Pongograpgy
  15. Mad Beers
  16. Beer Bloods
  17. Pong Boys
  18. Pong of Death
  19. 30 60 90
  20. Champions of Drinking

Attractive and Bizarre Team Names for Beer Pong Players

It’s not only about how you play but also how you represent yourself as a team. A team name is your identity, and you want it to be catchy and attractive. Below we have listed some of the best Beer Pong Team Names that are funny and cool.

Group Names for Beer Pong game

  1. Perfect Pongs
  2. Low and Order
  3. Bounce Beer
  4. Ultimate Finishers
  5. Wine Wizards
  6. Flying Witches
  7. Bad Boys
  8. Badass Beauties
  9. Mah Bitches
  10. Drunk Wives
  11. Balls and Dolls
  12. Beer Girls
  13. Pong Folks
  14. Beer Shooters
  15. Alcohol chicks
  16. Queens of Beer Pongs
  17. Beer Bees
  18. Beer Baes
  19. Fiercely Queens
  20. Beer Angels
  21. Fairy and Pong
  22. Drama Queens
  23. Beauty with Beers
  24. Dragon Beers
  25. Beer Champs
  26. Stay Calm and Drink Beer
  27. Running for Rum
  28. Beer tank Owners
  29. We aim at Beer
  30. We Win Beer
  31. Scoregasms

Those were some of the best names for Beer Pong Drinking Game Teams. Funny and Catchy team names add more fun and enjoyment while playing. You can choose any of these names and play Beer Pong.

You can also come up with your own team name inspired by any of these names. Try adding some spice to the name if you want, mix them up and personalize them as per your convenience and get a cool name for your Beer Pong team.

It’s always great to have a relatable and funny team name. If you are a close group of people playing Beer Pong, you can also make use of inside jokes for the Team names. Trust me; the more personalized the team name is, the more fun you will have.


That was the list of Beer Pong Team names that are cool, catchy, and funny. You can share these names with family and friends and use them as your team identity while playing Beer Pong.

I hope you found this article helpful. Please do visit our website for more such articles. Thanks for reading.


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