What is Acmon? How to Fix It? | A Complete Guide 2022

All those people who are distant from the world of technology don’t have detailed knowledge about the world of computers. The specific words appear like technical jargon to them. Similar is the case with the term acmon. After having read this article you shall know many things about the same, let’s just start with the basics of the issue in this article for now.

What is Acmon?

The acmon.exe file is the software component of ASUS splendid video by Asus computers. It the main executable command that makes the ASUS splendid video work. Though acmon is not the standard windows process, it is highly recommended. However, acmon can also be deleted if it’s not properly functioning.

Acmon is the short form for Asus Color Monitor. The  .exe extension with it means that acmon is an executable file. However, in some cases, it is seen these executable files can damage the computer. Acmon software is roughly around 34.64 MB in size. The basic function of acmon is to change the color tones of the computer screens.

what is acmon

There are different errors that the users have reported due to the usage of Acmon. Some of them are:

  • Application and System error
  • Operation Failed Error
  • Bad Image Error

Following are the major reasons behind the acmon errors, which have been found after a thorough analysis:

  • Malware in the system
  • Missing of important files
  • Software issues in the system

Is Acmon.exe Safe to Use? 

Now coming to the question that is Acmon file safe to use? Well for this answer, you should be careful for a few things to be particularly sure about the file being malware or virus. The main thing is the location of the file that helps us determine that if acmon is a legitimate windows process or a virus. You can check the file location as well.

It should be


and anything other than this would mean that acmon is not an authentic program. 

Another way to detect authenticity is Microsoft’s Process Explorer. The process can easily identify the verified signer of the process. Talking about the safety of the program, let’s now focus on the ways that can help to fix these errors. There are seven different ways that can be used to work upon when there’s some trouble relating to the working of the acmon file. Let’s have a detailed look upon them:

How to Fix Acmon Issues?

You should never panic in case of such errors because sooner or later you will find the solution. As for this error, there are different solutions which we have discussed in this section of the article:

Restart the Computer

The most basic solution for every problem related to the computer or any other electronic device is to restart it. Thus, if you find the acmon process lagging behind then you can restart your computer once and it serves the purpose. 

Uninstall the File

ACMON acmon.exe file uninstall

If restarting the computer does not work, then you can move to another step, which is uninstalling the program followed by a reboot. The program can be downloaded from the ASUS website only. Once uninstalling and downloading it again can eradicate all the errors that existed in the previous program file.

Repair or Fix the File

The clean up can be done using a third-party repair tool. In order to repair the Windows registry, you need to download a registry tool clean up. After installing that, select start scan so that the detailed scanning process of the computer begins. Once the entire scanning is over, you can have a complete list of all the problems and by simply clicking on the “fix-all”, all these can be done in a few moments. 

Perform Disk Cleanup

This is the best way to clean up the junk files that get accumulated in the computer over time. So if there’s an error in the acmon file, disk cleanup can effectively be treated by that.

The steps to perform disk cleanup are:

  1. Press the Windows key +R.
  2. In the run dialog box, type cleanmgr and then click on OK.
  3. Now under the disk cleanup process functions, you can wilfully click on the large files that you wish to dispose of, and after that click on dispose files.

Virus Scan

Running a virus scan on your computer can also help you solve the problems relating to the acmon error. You can download any virus scanner and use that to detect the malware present in your system. After detecting the virus, you can simply delete it and then restart your computer. The error will be resolved.

Update the Drivers

If there is an error in the computer’s drivers, this can also be a reason behind the acmon errors. So you need to keep a check on the versions of the drivers and keep them up to date. Their compatibility with the device should be taken into consideration so that acmon programs can run smoothly. If you need to replace the drivers, simply download the latest version and install it.

Reinstall the Windows

Reinstalling Windows can also solve any errors that are occurring in the working of the acmon program. However, before you reinstall Windows, you should make sure that you have a backup of all your important data so that it doesn’t vanish in the reinstallation process.

How to Remove Acmon

There are different cases when you need to remove the program because you cannot fix it. To do so, here are the steps:

  1. First, create a restore point so that a backup is there in case of failure.
  2. Press F3 Key and type acmon.exe
  3. If you know the location of the error-causing file, select that. Or else, select all the files.
  4. Finally, delete all the files, and acmon will be removed.

That was all about removing acmon from a computer system.

Wrapping Up

So, guys, we hope that this article was resourceful for you. For more such articles and knowledge of technical terms and process, check out this space.


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