50+ Tinder Pickup Lines That Work | For Men and Women

August 1, 2021

It’s been a long time that people have moved from traditional dating to online dating with the advancement in technology. But the task here is to attract the other person just with your text. So here are the best pickup lines that you can use for Tinder dating.

Best Tinder Pickup Lines for men and women

Initially, a significantly fewer number of people used online dating sites who are bored with traditional dating and for timepass. But now it is not the case. With the fast-changing world, everyone wants things to process fast may it be finding love.

That’s why we see an exponential increase in the use of online dating sites. And we all know that Tinder is leading the dating game since the start. Even though online dating seems easy, it’s not a piece of cake. In this article, you can find some tips and best pickup lines for Tinder online dating.

Role of Pickup Lines in Online Dating

Online dating might be more comfortable than traditional dating, but it has its own difficulties. It is not a cakewalk to start a conversation with a stranger. It’s even tougher to understand them and impress them with our actions.

But pick up lines can be a great rescue in these situations. Tinder pickup lines can work as a conversation starter. They can also help you to impress the other person with your creativity and sense of humor.

But it is not very easy to come up with a pickup line that always works. However, we have made a list of funny and catchy pickup lines for Tinder users. With the help of these, you might be able to attract and impress your partner, and you might get a chance to move from online to actual dating.

Best Pickup Lines that Work All the Time for Men and Women

Here are the generalized pickup lines that both men and women can use. You can make little changes as per your convenience and use them to get the best results.

Tinder Conversation and online dating

  1. I’m always told to follow my dreams. Can I follow you to your home?
  2. Hey, I just lost my phone number. If you don’t mind, can I have yours?
  3. Hey! Are you a 30-degree angle? Because you are aCUTE
  4. Hey, is there a bakery nearby? I would like to have a Cutie Pie just like you.
  5. Is your father’s name Leonardo Da Vinci? Because you are simply a Masterpiece
  6. Is there a  hospital nearby? I think I’m crazy after seeing you.
  7. Hey, Do you want some chips? Nothing I just offered a snack to a  Snaacc
  8. I think there is something wrong with my Phone. It doesn’t have your number.
  9. Here I’m in front of you. What are the other two things you wished for?
  10. Roses are Red Violets are Fine. I’m already yours, will you be mine?
  11. I heard you are fond of dry fruits. How about a Date?
  12. Hey, I’m new here. Could you help me with the directions to your heart?
  13. My mother warned me not to talk to strangers online. But feel like I already know you.
  14. Do you have a Nokia phone? Because I feel the connection.
  15. Hey! Are you a bank loan? I have so much interest in you.

20+ Cheesy and Funny Tinder Pickup Lines

As all of us love cheese on our pizza, it’s great to have some cheese in your words. Here are some of the cheesy and funny Tinder pick-up lines that work with people who love to be complimented and have a good sense of humor.

Cheesy and Funny Pickup lines for men and women

Read them through and choose the one which you think is the best for your partner.

  1. Hey, look at your keyboard. U and I are always together.
  2. Are you a Magician? Because everyone else becomes invisible in front of you.
  3. Are you a 90-degree angle because you are damn right.
  4. Can you please send me a picture of you? Nothing just wanted to send Santa a request for a Christmas Gift.
  5. My love for you is like Diarrhoea. I just can’t hold it in.
  6. Hey, can you please call a doctor? I might die from your cuteness.
  7. Yesterday I saw a falling star and wished for something. I feel it’s been granted now.
  8. Hey, Can you check if you have two hearts? Because I think I have lost mine.
  9. Hey, is the floor slippery? Because I’m falling for you.
  10. I’m not very good with numbers. But you seem like a perfect 10.
  11. You know I really hate studying. But I don’t mind studying you all day.
  12. Can I click a picture with you? Because my friends want proof that I met an angel.
  13. Is your father Osama Bin Laden? Because you are Bomb
  14. Where did you buy that dress from? It seems like girlfriend/boyfriend material.
  15. Hey, Don’t mind asking. Can I get the password to your heart?
  16. I think I can skip the dessert today because I have you with me.
  17. Can I have your phone number? Just wanted to uninstall Tinder forever.
  18. I’m already here. Would you like to order anything else or Am I just enough?
  19. Hey, are you CoronaVirus? You take my breath away.
  20. I think I’m suffering from a serious illness after seeing you. It’s called Love.
  21. Can I get your address? I’ll bring your order. My heart
  22. Are you fond of fruits? I think we would make a great Pear.
  23. Hey, are you Dora? Because I want to explore the world with you.

Dirty Pickup Lines for Online Dating

Here we have given some pickup lines that you can use only after reaching a certain level in a relationship. Make sure that you don’t sound like a creep and think a lot before using it. If the person on the other side understands these, it will be a great push to your relationship.

Dirty Pickup lines that work all the time

If you don’t mind, can you please add me to your to-do list?

Just wanted to know if I can share Bodily Fluids with you. What do you say?

You know there is a sale in my Bedroom. Clothes are 100% off.

You know, I love cooking. Usually, I scramble eggs, but I’ll fertilize it for you.

Roses are Red Violets are fine. I’ll be your six, will you be my nine?

Hey, your lips seem alone. Would they like to meet mine?

Some Tips for you to use Tinder Pickup Lines

So now you have read through some of the best pickup lines that work most of the time. But you can’t just use them with everyone and every time. So here are some tips before sending a Tinder Pick Up line.

Online Dating Tips

Know the Person

Understand the person on the other side before using a tinder pickup line. If you use a wrong one, it makes the conversation more awkward than acting as an icebreaker.

Personalize the Pickup Line

People like it more when you put effort to know them better and use a personalized pickup line on Tinder. You can modify any of these pickup lines and use them as per the situation. It increases your chance of growing a relationship.

Have Meaningful Conversations

Don’t use a pickup line just for the sake of it. If you think the conversation is going smooth without them, let it continue like that. And show your sense of humor and efforts you want to make that conversation meaningful and work for both of you.


Those were some of the best pickup lines for tinder users. Most people like to hear a compliment or funny pick up line, and that’s how you build a conversation with a stranger. These are some of the lines that you can use to speed up your dating game.

I hope this article was helpful, and you found what you were looking for. Thanks for reading and please do check our website for more such articles.

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