Best Tinder Openers That Make Them Click On Your Profile | Best Tinder Pickup Lines of 2022

Tinder openers or Tinder Pickup Lines have become tough to get impressions! The dating scene has entirely changed with the usage of online dating apps. However, while it is a no-brainer that girls or boys do not want cringe content nowadays! They want straight and clear, honest, and perfect tinder pickup lines or the Best Tinder Openers! They also called it Tinder icebreakers in 2022 (as they literally break the ice).

Hang us till the end to find so many latest Tinder Openers and Tinder Icebreakers of 2022 🙂 

Icebreakers and Opening Lines for Online dating

Online dating seems much more straightforward than traditional dating. But the big problem everyone new to online dating faces is to start the conversation. No matter how attractive your personality is, you won’t even get to talk to someone if you don’t start it right.

Why do you need Best Tinder Openers Or On Any other Dating App?

Unlike traditional dating, whoever the person you match with is a complete stranger. You don’t really know about that person and how to impress them. A good opening line helps you to initiate the conversation and then continue talking.

They can either make or break things for you. So it becomes extremely important to have the best Tinder Opener to give the conversation a goof head start. In this article, you can find some of the best Tinder openers that work most of the time.

Tips For Using Icebreakers And Openers In Online Dating 2022

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before sending your first message. The first text you send across should make the other person interested in you. If not interested, at least the person should feel like talking to you.

Tips for Conversation Starters on tinder

The Tinder opener you use shouldn’t be too tricky or complicated. It has to be simple to understand and easy to reply to. Then only the conversation builds. And the most important thing is that it must be creatively added with a little humour.

Everyone uses the old-fashioned opening lines like How are you doing or What’s up? but they don’t work anymore. Your chances of finding an actual date increase with the amount of effort and creativity you put into your opening line.

Best Opening Lines of 2022 For Tinder Users That Work Like Magic On Dating Apps

Here we have given some of the creative openers for online dating. These act as a great icebreaker and help you to take the conversation forward.

Best Openers and Icebreakers on Tinder Online dating

  • Titanic. Wondering what does it mean? Nothing. It’s just my icebreaker.
  • I’m not very good at this. Why don’t you go first?
  • Hey, What’s going on? I just saved a duck from drowning.
  • Hey, Are you a 0% Bank Loan? I’m facing difficulty in understanding your terms, and you are also showing no interest.
  • My parents told me not to talk to strangers online. But it feels like I already know you.
  • Shall we play Two truths and a lie?
  • Has anyone told you ever that you look like an Angel?
  • Hey! You look very pretty in your profile picture.
  • Hey! I want to talk to you. But I don’t know where to start. Why don’t you suggest something?
  • You seem very interesting, and I would like to know you better. So tell me something interesting about you that nobody knows.
  • Dos, Don’ts, and Tips for Opening Lines in Online dating

Here are some of the Do’s, Don’ts, and a few tips that you can follow to make your online dating better. These tips help you to get a response to your Tinder openers.

Tinder Opening Lines and Conversation Starters

#1 Get to know the Person Better

Do a little homework before approaching the person. You can see the 5-6 pictures uploaded by the person and their bio. Try to get something exciting from those and use it to initiate your conversation. Personalized questions or comments always work for good.

For example, if the person has pictures of himself/herself on the beach, you can ask about how often he/she goes on vacation? Whether he is a beach person or a hill person. Or you can also start with something you feel is common to both of you.

#2 Use Emoticons and GIFS as Tinder Openers

These are the best tools you have to initiate a conversation. Find a funny GIF or make something curious using emojis and send it across. When it comes to GIFs, puppies, or any other cute animal, GIFs are highly recommended.

Openers using Emojis and GIFs on Tinder

By the other person’s response to those, you actually get to know him/her better and then continue the conversation accordingly.

#3 Use This Or That Questions to Get to Know Better

This or That questions are a great icebreaker and work most of the time. Questions like Pizza or Pasta, Friends or The Office, Mirzapur or Sacred Games, Trump or Biden, start the conversation for you and make you realize whether the person is really your type or not.

This or That Question Icebreaker

#4 Be Honest While You Initiate the Conversation

Suppose you don’t know how to start the conversation, it’s okay. Just be confident and tell the other person you want to talk to them but don’t know where to start. They would help you to open the conversation.

Just ensure that you don’t look too desperate. Most of the time, both parties feel it awkward to initiate, so if you start being honest, it will work for you as an excellent icebreaker.

#5 Use Compliment As Best Tinder Openers

Of course, you can see the pictures and bio if you both have swiped right. Find something that you can compliment and say to the other person. It might be as simple as ‘You are looking very pretty in that picture.’

If you find Dog or Cat pictures, you can say how adorable they are looking, and you also love pets. But try to be as honest as possible because one or the other day, everyone will find the truth.

#6 Be Creative and Funny

Don’t bombard with boring messages and usual opening lines. Don’t be too cheesy because the person on the other side might have already heard plenty of them. So use a personalized and creative message with a bit of humour.

Truth or Dare openers on Tinder dating site

You also can choose to play simple games like Truth or dare and Two truths and One Lie to head start. If you can’t find much information in their bio, you can start by asking Why so Mysterious.

With the change in the dating scenes in recent times, we are required to shift from traditional dating to online dating. So those were some of the tips and best Tinder openers that work for most people.

With this Covid19 and Corona, it is good to make this shift. And, of course, it isn’t easy to get adjusted to Tinder or other dating sites. So this article helps you with the best tinder openers and conversation starters for you.


I hope this article helped you with the best opening lines for Tinder conversations. You can also follow the tips given here and see how things work for you in online dating. Remember, you must also put a little extra effort to make it attractive and relatable.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading, and please do check our website for similar articles.


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