Top 7 Best PDF Editors for Linux to Use in 2021

December 5, 2021

The Linux operating system does not come with a PDF editor by default. However, if you are looking for software that provides the advanced features available in Adobe Acrobat for your Linux operating system, then there are limited options.  But you can go through some best Best PDF Editors for Linux I have mentioned here. PDF is a well-supported format and Linux users can use it.

The main problem is that Mac OS and Windows can be easily purchased from the United Kingdom and sent or purchased online and installed with Acrobat Pro, so there is no native version of Linux.

PDF is a portable document format or, in other words, we can say the electronic version of documents. Today it has become one of the most used file types and contains not only text and images, but also hyperlinks, interactive buttons, videos, embedded fonts and more.

Best PDF Editors for Linux

Just a quick note. I used Ubuntu Linux while I was writing this article. But it’s not just a list of pdf editors in Ubuntu. This list is applicable to other Linux distributions in the same way.


Okular is a popular open-source document viewer where you can view documents and run basic PDF editions. After opening a PDF file in Okular, you can easily copy part of the text by selecting it in the clipboard or saving it as an image.

In the tools revision tab, you will have the option as online notes, pop-up notes, hatching, freehand, stamp, highlighter, and other features.

Okular can easily manage your basic PDF editing tasks, but for advanced editing, it is not very useful.

Master PDF Editor

Master pdf editor is the most popular and important commercial Linux Linux editor available on the market. You can do almost anything from creating and editing a pdf file to managing signatures and editing scanned documents.

It offers a wide range of features including adding or editing text, images, notes in PDF documents, offering powerful annotation tools, editing PDF forms, etc. Although Master PDF Editor is a proprietary application, you can still perform some basic tasks using the free version.

But digital signatures, cryptography, and watermarks are not available in the free version.

Qoppa PDF Studio

Qoppa PDF Studio is a commercial PDF editor of Linux but has all the necessary tools and features that can easily fulfil the requirement to edit, view or create PDF documents.

Many features are available, but it is worth mentioning text and property content, shapes and path objects, moving and resizing images, adding sticky notes, text boxes, interactive form designers, applying headers, footnotes. , watermarks, etc.

PDF Escape

PDF escape is useful software and does not require any download, you can use this tool directly from your network, from any web browser. The PDF Escape can be the best when you go to do some basic edition or fill out a PDF form.

Just drag any PDF in the “Release here” section and upload it. After uploading, you can edit any PDF. Here you can create PDF files, add annotations and configure the password to protect a PDF file.


Inkscape is an amazing vector graphics program, many graphics designed by professionals all over the world use this software regularly.

You can also edit and import your PDF files. Therefore, it can work well as a Linux PDF editor. The only thing that disturbs some people is that Inkscape does not work as a multi-page document editor like LibreOffice Draw and Word. The software imports only one page at a time.


Scribus is an editorial application for Windows, Linux, and Mac. With it, you can design a multitude of images, documents, brochures, etc. Those looking to edit PDF files using Scribus, can.

Supports the basic edition of PDF and, with the help of this tool, the user can create PDF files, lists, add controls and other functions of the module.

You can also create “interactive” and “animated” PDF documents. If your requirement is to do a basic edition, then Scribus is free and will do the job.

PDF Chain

This list would not be complete without mentioning the pdftk tool and the best Linux graphical interface for it, the PDF chain. This is a simple but powerful application, but it is not a complete graphics editor like the other applications listed here, its usefulness is elsewhere. You can divide a PDF into smaller documents or combine two into one.

You can add funds, stamps, edit PDF information or download form data in a PDF, among many things you can do. outdoors. In short, a truly fantastic application if you do not want to edit text or images in a PDF. I highly recommend it.


There are many Best PDF Editors for Linux available in the market, including the free and paid version. If you only want basic editing features, you can use one of the free and open sources PDF editors or be an advanced user, just take a commercial version that offers advanced editing features.

Did we miss an important and amazing Linux PDF editor on this list? Do not hesitate to suggest any open source PDF file editor you know and we will add it to the content soon. Do you want to use something similar to Adobe Acrobat Pro and be able to completely modify almost all PDFs the way you want?

You may need to purchase a Master or a PDF Studio 11. Do you want to merge two PDF documents into one? You should try PDF Chain (or pdftk if you prefer the command line).

All of these are, in themselves, good PDF editors: you just have to choose which one suits you best. If it does not work for you, try another one! Note: to clarify, these applications are not listed in a specific order and the features mentioned here are not exhaustive. The features mentioned are compiled from the respective official websites or from my personal experience during use.


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