Limetorrents Proxy Sites 2022 | Alternatives to Limetorrents in 2022

March 7, 2022

If you are looking for a site that provides you with verified torrent links then Limetorrents is the platform that you should try. It is the best site from where you can download content as it uploads torrents only after verifications, minimizing the risk of viruses and malware. But if the Government and ISP has blocked your access to this site, then check out the Limetorrents proxy sites and how you can unblock it that

What Are Limetorrents?

Torrenting is the best way to download all kinds of content of premium quality. And Limetorrent is a small torrent site that has gained huge popularity as other huge names got banned. It is a general torrent site that gives you access to various verified torrents. On Limetorrents the torrent index is classified into different categories like TV shows, movies, music, anime, apps, and games. Here you can download all the digital content easily.

In a lot of countries to access Limetorrents, the users need to use a proxy server or a VPN as it has been banned by the Government in that country. Or you can also use proxy/ mirror sites that are the exact replica of the original one. However, there are some fake mirror sites as well which leads to malicious advertising. So please be careful.

Limetorrents Proxy Mirror Sites Unblocked 2022 | Limetorrent Proxy Sites

If you are finding it difficult to access the Limetorrents, then here is a list of proxy sites that will help you unblock the content. But these mirror sites are not permanent so keep yourself updated.

  3. limetorrents.fux0r

Why Choose Limetorrents Proxy Sites in 2022?

We all know that Limetorrents gives us access to enjoy all the paid and premium content hosted by various streaming platforms. And that too for free. But due to the hosting of the legal content illegally, Government and our ISP block our access to it. And due to the ban in various countries, people turn towards the use of these proxy sites.

The Limetorrents proxy and mirror sites give people all over the country access to premium content. It is safe to use provided you do not click on any advertisements and use a VPN while using the site.

How To Unblock Limetorrents?

There are various ways by which you can unblock Limetorrents, the easiest way is using a VPN or a web proxy like Tor Browser. If you are not sure of how these methods will work then keep reading to know the entire process.

Method 1- Use Tor Browser to Access Limetorrents

Tor Browser has its own web proxy so you can use it to access any blocked site like Limetorrents. So whenever you browse any URL, your identity is hidden, and your search becomes anonymous. It is just like any other web browser. You can download the browser on your system easily as it is an open-source project. Here is how you can use it.

Step 1– Firstly you need to download tor Browser. You can also download it from the given link.

Step 2– As Tor is available on various OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, next you need to click on the OS on which your system is running.

Step 3– Next extract the Tor file that you have downloaded. You can choose any destination.

Step 4– Again click on the Tor icon. A small window will open. Just follow the steps to connect Tor Bridge to your browser.

Step 5– As the connection is complete, you can access the blocked sites.

Method 2- Access Limetorrents with VPN

Most of us feel that the easiest way to bypass any restriction online is by using proxies or a proxy site. But now the firewalls have also become smart and as they detect the proxy servers, they block them. And so it’s important you take a step forward and use a VPN for anonymous browsing.

VPN services work by encrypting all the traffic and passing it through their own servers. This hides your activities from the network and as a result, even the firewall thinks of it as the traffic that is coming in and out from the VPN server. Also using a VPN server changes the IP address of your system so you can access even the sites that are not available in your network.

Best Limetorrents Alternatives And Mirror Sites in 2022

If none of the above-mentioned methods works for you, then it means Limetorrents is permanently down. In such cases, you can use these alternatives.

Kickass Proxy – The Best Limetorrents Alternative

Limetorrent Proxy Sites- Kickass Proxy Torrent

One of the best torrents where you can download movies, apps games, and even music is Kickass Torrent. It has been ranked first in popularity. However, it too got banned and was shut down in various countries. But with the help of Kickass Torrent proxy sites, you can easily access the content.

The Pirate Bay Proxy – Smartest Limetorrents Proxy Site

Limetorrent alternatives - PirateBay Proxy

The Pirate Bay is another well-known Limetorrent alternative. It works on the P2P BitTorrent protocol for file sharing and is known as the most resilient site. It provides access to a wide range of torrents, with minimal advertisements and a user-friendly interface. It is the go-to torrent site of many users who are looking to download any movie, TV shows, or games in high quality.

YIFY Proxy

YIFY proxy site

After these two amazing torrent sites, YIFY another well-known platform to download movies, TV shows, apps, software, and music. It is simple and allows the user to download movies in size as small as 3MB. All thanks to the operators it is sustaining in this competitive world.

Extratorrents Proxy

Limetorrent Proxy sites - Extratorrents Proxy & Mirror sites

The last alternative is ExtraTorrent which can give you an experience similar to Limetorrents. You can download TV shows, software, apps, anime, music, movies, and much more. It was ranked second popular site in 2016. However soon its access was restricted in certain countries followed by its complete shutdown. But don’t worry as it is back, and even if you are unable to access it then you can take help of the proxy sites of ExtraTorrent that are available.

1337x – The Best Proxy Mirror Site of Limetorrents

13377x Torrent Search Engine

1337x torrent is the directory of torrent files and magnet links. In 218, it was the third most popular torrent site known to provide its users access to huge content. If you are looking for a site where you can download content in large quantity then 1337x is the place for you. And if it is not working for you then you can check out the 1337x proxy mirror sites.

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Wrapping Up

There are many Limetorrents proxy sites that you can use in case you are not able to access it from your system. Or you can also use one of the methods to unblock it. We hope that the article was helpful to you. In case of any query or suggestion share it with us.


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