What Is Crdownload? How To Install Crdownload Extension On Chrome?

January 17, 2022

If you are a Google Chrome user, in that case, you might often observe the Crdownload extension in your download section. This extension is spontaneously generated by Google Chrome every time you begin downloading any file. 

Whenever you come across such Crdownload files in your download section, it indicates that the file does not get completely downloaded. To know more about Crdownload and how to install this extension, then stay tuned to this article. This article mainly contains what Crdownload is and the process to open the Crdownload extension in Chrome. 

So, let us dive into it.

What Is Crdownload?

Crdownload files are temporary files that are associated with the Google Chrome browser. These files store the content of the file in the browser. It employs the Crdownload extension to denote the downloading file as incompleted before finishing. After the complete download, the Crdownload subsequently gets removed. When you start downloading the file, the Crdownload file gets created in the download tab of the browser. 

As the download proceeds, consequently, the volume of the Crdownload file expands. Moreover, if the Crdownload file is in a standstill state, then simply by double-clicking, do not resume the downloading activity. While downloading a file, it might get terminated before its completion due to some technical issue.

You will frequently experience this extension while using Chrome, Chromium or Edge to surf the internet and download the files. You will catch sight of the Crdownload download extension while downloading the file or if the downloading file gets interrupted before ending due to poor internet connection or some other error. 

Suppose that the my.video.mp4 file got downloaded in Google Chrome. Then, during the downloading activity, you see the file name as my.video.mp4.crdownload. When the downloading gets over, the file will be renamed my.video.mp4 and automatically separate the .crdownload extension. The files with the Crdownload extension are mainly known as Chrome partial download files, which signify the unaccomplished files. 

When To Delete The Crdownload Extension File? 

If your file is downloading and working perfectly, do not remove the crdownload file. Allow Google Chrome to finish it. If you want to abandon the download action, then go ahead and delete the file. Chrome will accordingly remove the .crdownload file linked to it. Whenever you wish to delete the interrupted file, you can do it. If you believe that there is no progression in the downloading, then it is better to remove it. You will also gain more space on your PC. 

How To Convert The Crdownload File Into Other Formats?

If you are thinking of converting the crdownload file into other formats, it is not possible to do. It is because most of the file converter falls short to perceive the crdownload extension. But, if you first rename the file with the correct file extension. Then, you can try to change the format of the file. 

Do All Media Players Support The Crdownload File?

 No, the media player does not support the Crdownload file. But the VLC player has the potential to play the Crdownload extension file. However, even if the file is incomplete, you might open the Crdownload file and view anything it contains. Below are the different methods to install and open the Crdownload files on Chrome easily. Have a look.

How To Restart The Download And Open Crdownload Extension Files On Chrome?

Step: 1– First of all, launch Google Chrome and if you do not have then download it.

Step:2– Click on the three-dot icon present on the right top corner of the sidebar. This icon helps to customize and control Google Chrome. 

Step:3– Then, select the download option. Or you can use the shortcut key Alt+F to move quickly.

Step:4– Search for the particular file which you are downloading and have not yet completed. The file will have a crdownload name which you can easily make a distinction.

Step:5– After that, you can resume the file if the downloading process gets stopped. After finishing the download, the crdownload extension file will automatically get erased from the original downloaded file, and you will be able to open it. 

In place of opening the crdownload file, you can also look for other genuine links from where you have downloaded the file and try to download it once again. You can perform this by looking for the file name available in the history of the browser. Immediately after finding the file, tap on the URL and begin the download process once again. If files are inadequate to continue downloading the extension, it is better to delete it and download the file once again. 

Google Chrome automatically generates Crdownload files while downloading. It is the consequence of a terminated downloading file that is unused by the browser. Anyhow, if the downloading file gets paralyze or comes to an abrupt stop, then there is a possibility of still making use of the portion of the file by giving another name to the file. It is executed by detaching the “crdownload” extension name from the specified file.

 For instance, if the downloading file name is audiofile.mp3.crdownload. In this case, a section of the audio file could potentially continue to play even if you have not downloaded the complete file. Also, you can access the crdownload file through a suitable program and software like Crdownload Viewer.

Crdownload Viewer

Crdownload Viewer is a tool used to unlock the incomplete download file from the Google Chrome web browser. It digs up the form of the file and is efficient to copy the obtainable URL of the file. It supports Windows OS up to Windows 10 version. Here you can restart and open the download file easily. This tool also aids you to read the crdownload files plus helps to copy the URL of the original downloading file.

This software is user friendly, reliable, fast and secure to open any category of partially Google Chrome download file, including all details like created date and time, target file path and target file name. 

This software is a file viewer and able to read more than 300 various file extensions. It simply supports all kinds of file formats such as archive file, image, text, data and email regardless of size. Go and look for the crucial information that exists in the downloading file.

Steps To Open Google Chrome Crdownload File

Step:1– Open the Crdownload viewer software and choose the file which you want to open.

Step:2– View the Crdownload file along with the crucial information.

Step:3– After that, copy the URL.

Step:4– Then resume and restart the download process.

Step:5 Further, tap on the file content to preview the downloaded file in raw format.

Final Take

Google Chrome is a faster, secure, and friendly interface web browser widely used by people undoubtedly. If you are using this browser, then you might come across the Crdownload extension file. It suggests the incomplete downloading file in the history manager. 

If you want to open it, use Crdownload Viewer software to view the Crdownload file by following the previously mentioned step. Or, directly delete the Crdownload extension file and download it once again. However, go for any option which is convenient for you.

I hope this article was helpful and knowledgeable for you. If you have any suggestions or queries, then leave your message in the comment section below.


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