100+ Cool Fitness Team Names To Boost Up The Team Spirit

Fitness, as we all know, is a very necessary aspect of our life. However, we are mostly lazy to be fit. So what we do is to make fitness groups so that we can motivate each other. In this article, we have listed the best names for such Fitness Teams and also a few Crossfit Team Names.

Cool and Creative Workout Group Names


Fitness groups also participate in fitness challenges, competitions. So it would be great to have a cool, catchy, and inspirational Fitness team name. Because it helps to motivate you and keep all the team members united.

Fitness Team Names Ideas – Crossfit Team Names

As we all agree, Fitness is very much essential for us to be healthy. If you are one of those people who go to the gym to keep yourself fit, you must have met like-minded people and formed a fitness group. If you are looking for names for your Fitness team/ group, then you are at the right place.

Here we have listed out the best Fitness team names. These Crossfit Team Names are cool, catchy, funny, and inspirational. These Workout group names can be used for Fitness challenges and competitions as well.

Cool and Funny Crossfit  Names

The Fitness Group names given here are very cool and funny and make you stand out from other teams.

Funny and Cathy Fitness Group names

  1. Fatloose
  2. Deadlifters
  3. Never Give Up
  4. Fat to Fit
  5. Swim and Slim
  6. Fat Squad
  7. Fitness Freaks
  8. Born to Lose weight
  9. Junk Eaters
  10. We will Fit
  11. Ketto 
  12. Zumba Mumba
  13. Over Achievers
  14. Fitness Warriors
  15. We Lift
  16. Treadmillers
  17. Pizza & Burger
  18. Monster Workout
  19. Drop your Fat
  20. Golden Eagle

Inspirational Fitness Team Names – Latest Updated List 2021

Here are some of the Workout group names that will inspire you to do more workouts and be fit. These names are very well suited for Crossfit teams and people who are very much interested in working out.

Crossfit and Workout Team names

  1. Stronger Together
  2. Less Calories
  3. Muscle Gainers
  4. Health Warriors
  5. No U-Turn
  6. Carbs Cutters
  7. Team Phoenix
  8. Workout Warriors
  9. Workin Work-out

Attractive and Inspirational Fitness team names

  1. Fitness Rebels
  2. Lean and Mean
  3. Super Fit
  4. Bear Bulls
  5. No Gain
  6. Carb Blockers
  7. Body Sculptors
  8. Body Builders
  9. Belly Bailout
  10. Gladiators
  11. Slimpossible
  12. Low Fat High Energy

Group Names for Fitness Freaks

Below are the Crossfit Team names for the people who love working out. These names are inspiring and unique and are very well suited for people who are into fitness and fitness challenges.

Best Group names for Fitness Freaks

  1. Lose More Fam
  2. iWork iFit
  3. FitBit Band
  4. Fitmen
  5. Metabolics
  6. Squatting Squad
  7. Record Beaters
  8. Workoutholics
  9. Body Trimmers
  10. Sexy Slims

Workout Team names

  1. Treadmill Runners
  2. Lost Boys
  3. Exercising Energies
  4. Energetic Boys
  5. Powerful Monsters
  6. Workout Wonderers
  7. Gym Masters
  8. Fitness Fools
  9. Working Out Wickeds
  10. Protein Poppers

Cathay and Attractive Fitness Group Names

Fitness Groups exist for a reason. The members of these groups workout together and achieve something as a team. The team names for Fitness lovers are given below. These Fitness names are catchy and grab the attention of other people.

Crossfit and Workout Team names

  1. Dashing Divas
  2. Daring Diets
  3. Gods with Bods
  4. Hot Boddies
  5. Belly Dumpers
  6. Flexy Fitness
  7. Kill the Kilos
  8. Hustle and Muscle
  9. Goodbye Belly
  10. Hit Fit
  11. Gym Borns
  12. Flab-u-less
  13. Black Mambas
  14. Fitness Pirates
  15. Workout Vikings
  16. No Junk Monkeys
  17. Core Fit
  18. Team Flexible
  19. Fitness Flow
  20. Fight for Fitness

Powerful Team Names for Workout Lovers

Here is the best collection of funny, cool, and powerful names for your Fitness Teams. These names enhance the popularity of your Workout and Crossfit groups.

Fitness Gym names for teams

  1. FlipFlap
  2. Hardcore Fitness
  3. Macho Men
  4. Size Zero
  5. Carbs No Entry! 
  6. Lot at Steak
  7. Gym Heroes
  8. Starving Six
  9. Skinny Buns
  10. Waist Managers

Names for Workout Groups

  1. Too Fit to Quit
  2. Just Two More
  3. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
  4. The Slim Pack
  5. Pain Killers
  6. Fitness Collective
  7. We Burn Carbs
  8. Beautiful Beasts
  9. Deadlifters
  10. Fat Bottom Girls
  11. Blood and Sweat


All of us want to be fit but fail to get the motivation to work out. But if you have a group of people with you to hit the gym every day, you will also workout regularly. In this article, we gave you some of the best names for such workout groups.

I hope you found a good name for your fitness team. Thank you for reading and our article and don’t forget to check our website.


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