What are Telegram Bots | 20 Best Telegram Bots of 2022 | Most Popular Bots List

Telegram bots are the bots that work on a similar mechanism every other bot works on. It interacts and helps in getting work effectively. Many industries are moving towards automation. Automation has become the trend of the modern world. Every company wants to develop its own bot. Whenever you visit any website you have noticed that a message along with the chat window pops up. This is nothing but a chatbot. Bots can make multiple decisions by using AI technology and give answers to some specific user queries based on some of the pre-made input instruction sets. 

In this article, we will provide you with complete information on telegram bots. Also, 20 Best Telegram bots you can use. Go through the complete article to get insights into the best telegram bots.

How To Make Best Use Of Telegram? 

Telegram is a famous message app that uses a secured cloud-based messaging service. Users can send and receive text messages, images, videos, and other media files using Telegram. The data is being stored and maintained at the cloud level which allows secured access and that too in a portable manner. 

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Telegram is somewhat similar to the messaging app Whatsapp. It has additional features such as – 

  1. Fast Messaging Services. 
  2. No bar or limit on the File sharing size.
  3. Cloud-based secure operation.
  4. Telegram bots and channels are included.
  5. It can be accessed on the web even without a direct connection to mobile. 

What Are Telegram Bots? 

Telegram bots are similar to any other bot which uses some coded programs in the backend for the automation purpose. It interacts and gets the work done effectively. 

How To Join The Best Telegram Bots? 

Follow the steps below to join the best telegram bot:

  • To interact with Telegram bots, first, you have to search for it by using its username.
  • A bot will appear on the search result of your app. Every bot has its unique username.
  • Choose the bot you want to interact with and tap on the start button to start interacting with the bot. You can get various automated responses by finding various music, media files, and many more. 

 20 Best Telegram Bots Of 2021 | Most Popular Telergram Bots Of 2021

There are so many Telegram bots present in the market. We have selected 20 Best Telegram Bots. Let’s have a look at them:  

1. GameBot – Best Telegram Bot of 2021

telegram bots

One can easily find the GameBot by searching the username @gamebot inside the Telegram search. This amazing bot will let you play games with your friends while chatting. Start the bot by tapping the start option and then choose the option “Play with Friends”.It will then ask you to choose your friends with whom you want to play. Select your friend and start playing. Currently, you can only play 3 types of games i.e. Math Games, Corsairs, Lumberjack using this bot. 

To access this bot click here: GameBot 

2. Skeddy – Best Telegram Reminder Bot 2021

telegram bots

 Skeddy is a bot similar to a reminder. By using this bot you can create reminders by just sending messages to this bot. Isn’t that amazing? Whenever you send a message to this bot it will take note of that message and remind you about that using Telegram message. When you start the bot it will ask for your timezone to remind you perfectly. You can then send a text with the time attached to it for creating automated reminders using this amazing bot.

Click here for Skeddy  

3. File to Bot

telegram bots

File to a bot is another best telegram bot that can be used to store files on the cloud with unlimited storage. Whenever you will send files to this bot, it will categorize those and store them. You can check and download those files any time you wish in the future. You can even create links for specific files that can be shared with others as well.

Click here for File to Bot

4. Get Media Bot – Get The Latest Media Bots In 2021

telegram bots

 If you are a music lover then you will surely gonna love this telegram bot. By using this bot you can get any type of media files from the internet. Just send a text to the bot and it’s done. You can download music, videos, lyrics, Instagram story, or any other direct download media. Direct download media can be of any type like media files from Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Soundcloud. 

Click here for Get Media Bot

5. Feed Reader Bot

telegram bot

 This unique blog will let you subscribe to RSS feeds of your favorite blogs or websites in no time. When you will subscribe to them you will get notified about those blogs and websites directly into your Telegram app. You can also subscribe to any YouTube Channel or follow any Instagram or Twitter account by using this cool telegram bot. 

Click here for Feed Reader Bot 

6. FB Video Downloader Bot

telegram bots

 As you can already guess the use of this bot from its name, this bot can be used to download Facebook videos. You just have to paste the link while sending a text to this bot and it will download that video for you in your Telegram inbox. 

Click here for FB Video Downloader Bot 

7. Sticker Download Bot

telegram bots

 Telegram offers various stickers and by using this amazing bot you can download those stickers as a JPEG, PNG, or WEBP format, which can be later used in other messaging apps like Whatsapp. 

Click here for Sticker Download Bot

8. Tweet it Bot

telegram bots

By using this super cool bot you can tweet any photos, videos, stickers, and GIF images very easily from your Telegram app. In the beginning, you just have to sign in to your Twitter account for using this bot. 

Click here for Tweet it Bot 

9. Poster Bot

telegram bots


 Poster bots will let you send posts like media or text messages from various social media networks to your channel. The initial setup may take some time and you may follow the on-screen instructions for doing the initial setup and for making it usable.

Click here for Poster Bot 

10. Movies Tracker

telegram bots

Movie Tracker bot is another super cool blog and it can be a gem for all the movie lovers out there. It can give you info about any movie from IMDB to right into your Telegram inbox. Just send the name of any movie to this bot and it will give you all information like cast, plot, reviews, and many more. 

Click here for Movies Tracker

11. NewsBot

telegram bots

As the name suggests this bot can give the information about any news from all over the world to right into your telegram inbox. You can select which type of news you want to follow or which type of news you want to get and when you will tap on the start button of the bot it will give you the latest news about that category. 

Click here for NewsBot

12. App Follow Bot

telegram bots

You may sometimes get confused about the apps when you can’t decide which one you should download and which one is better. This bot can easily solve this concern. By using this unique bot you can easily get information about top applications for a particular category, trending searches, app suggestions, application details, and many more. 

Click here for App Follow Bot 

13. GitHub Release Bot

telegram bots

We love GitHub for getting various codes and functionalities. This bot can easily get notification about the latest GitHub Releases directly into your Telegram Inbox. 

Click here for GitHub Release Bot

14. Babelgram Bot

telegram bots

 One of the most essential bots everyone needs. By using this super cool bot, you can easily translate your text message into a different language while you type your message. It can be very beneficial for communicating with people who don’t know your language. You can select any language. The bot will automatically translate that into your preferred language.  

Click here for Babelgram Bot

15. Dr. Web Bot

telegram bots

Dr. Web Bot can act like a super cool antivirus scanner. By using which you can easily scan all the incoming files and links of your Telegram account. Just send the file to the bot and it will scan the file and send you the result.

Click here for Dr. Web Bot 

16. URL Shortener Bot

telegram bots

 We use various external websites for shortening a long URL. But you don’t have to go to any other site to shorten your URL anymore. By using this bot you can easily send any URL. After that, it will send you the short link by converting it from an external site like Bitly, TinyURL, etc.

Click here for URL Shortener Bot  

17. Meme Auto Bot

telegram bots

 This cool bot can be used to create memes in no time. Send the text and image to the bot and suggest the positions of the text. This bot will automatically create a meme for you. Isn’t that super cool? And the best part is that it only takes 10-20 sec to create a meme. 

Click here for Meme Auto Bot

18. File Converter Bot

telegram bots

 Whenever we have to change the extension of any file we get clueless. Yes, there are many websites where you can do the same, but some of them are not free. By using this bot you can convert any file from one extension to another easily. 

Click here for File Converter Bot

19. URL2IMG Bot

telegram bots

 Whenever you have to send a screenshot of a website you don’t have to use any tool from now on. As this bot can easily create screenshots of any website you send it a link to a website. If the screenshot is not clear you can request a picture file. And it will send you a PNG file which will be much more clear. 

Click here for URL2IMG Bot 

20. Drop Mail Bot


telegram bots

By using this bot you can create an unlimited temporary email for signing up for any service. Sometimes you may not feel like sharing your original email ID for that matter; you can create unlimited temporary mail ID and then you can use those instead. 

Click here for Drop Mail Bot


These are the 20 Best Telegram Bots according to us. Thanks for reading the article. Do let us know if you want information on such topics. Drop your queries in the comment section below. We would love to answer all your queries. 


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