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January 8, 2022 is the hottest new IO game on the internet right now. With 42 servers across the world, new players are flocking towards this fun, exciting, and thoroughly entertaining game. However, there are a lot of pro players on these servers that make it extremely difficult for the newbies to survive even for five minutes. That’s why we’ve create this guide to the Best Hacks to give you an edge in the cut-throat competition.

Best Hacks Title

Are you ready to stake your claim to the world of and reign as the supreme champion on the leader boards? Let’s begin.

What Is is an online multiplayer survival game that is exclusively playable on browser. It was created by a French coder-duo who refer to themselves as ‘LapaMauve’. The aim of the game is simple – Survive.

Best Hacks GameScreen

You control a human-like avatar and you are thrown into a large map with all manner of environmental hazards and lurking dangers. You should try to survive for as long as possible and find yourself equipment to become stronger. The longer you survive, the more points you accumulate, and the higher you rank on the leader boards. You can even get points by collecting resources, killings mobs and other players, and completing quests.

Although there are other survival IO games out there, none of them can come close to in terms of innovation and gameplay.

How To Play

It’s very easy to get started on Simply go to this link –, enter a nickname for your character, select the server you want, and click on ‘Play’.

You’ll spawn onto a map with resources, enemy mobs, and other players. You’ll have four bars – warmth, food, hydration, and health. If any of these bars decrease to zero, your health will slowly start dropping as well. Once it reaches 0, your character will die. To survive, you have to find food, heat sources, water, and other resources. You can also upgrade your weapons to fight off stronger enemy mobs and players.


Movement is by using the WASD keys or arrow keys. You can even control the character with the mouse once the option is enabled.

The game features a day-night cycle. Daytime and night-time each last for 4 minutes. Another interesting feature to consider is that at night time, the cold bar will drop much faster and your mini-map will get harder to see. So, make sure you find enough shelter and make it through to the next day!

List Of The Best Hacks

Here are some of the best Hacks available online.

1. Auto-Click Hacks

Auto-Click Hack is a script that works by allowing your character to keep using the click button indefinitely without having to manually press any button on your keyboard. This is extremely useful when you want to collect food, wood, or other resources. With this hack, you can just set your character to automatically click on the resource and accumulate it while you go out, have a snack, and come back!

2. Auto-healing

Auto-healing is another popular hack to use in Once you enable this hack, your character will automatically heal their health bar whenever you’re attacked by mobs or enemy players. Since you don’t have to press any button to heal, you’re free to put your full focus into attacking back or running away. Your opponent on the other hand will have to stop to heal, and it will give you the perfect opportunity to attack back.

3. Unlock All Skins

This hack is more of an aesthetic benefit. Activating this hack will unlock all the exclusive skins that are available on Even while trying to survive, you can look your absolute best and make the other players stop and admire.

4. Better Minimap

I personally think this is one of the most useful hacks of them all. Using this hack will give you an omniscient minimap that will track all the other players and mobs on your map. This is very useful when you want to plan a surprise attack, or even sneak past enemies without notice.

How To Activate Hacks

To activate hacks, you will have to run a script manager to load and run the hack scripts. We’ll be using Tampermonkey for this.

Step 1: Go to the Tampermonkey page on Google Chrome. Add this extension to Google Chrome.

Note – Tampermonkey is one of the best script managers for .io games that will help you to run any kinds of hacking scripts. Including the ones for

Step 2: Go to the Greasy Fork website. Here is the link –

Here you can find all the scripts you need for There are quite literally hundreds of scripts and hacks that have been submitted by users within the community.

Step 3: Find the script you want and open that link. You will find scripts for Auto-Click, Auto Heal, Anti-lag, Aimbot, and more. Some scripts have a combination of many hacks, so try to find such scripts.

Greasy Fork

Step 4: Once you’ve opened the script page, click the green icon that says “Install this script”. The Tampermonkey extension we installed earlier will automatically activate this script.

Install Script

You’re all done! Open and begin a new game. The scripts you installed will be activated automatically and you can start destroying anything and anyone that stands in your way!


In this guide, I’ve discussed everything you need to know about and Hacks. I’ve shown you how to play the game, which hacks are the best, and how you can install and use these scripts. Open right away and show everyone that sometimes it’s not just survival of the fittest; it’s also about survival of the smartest!

I hope you have a really fun time with the game and the different hacks. Let me know in the comments if you have any other queries regarding and I’ll be more than happy to answer you! Happy Hunting!


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