20 Best PS2 Emulators For Android 2022

PS2 is one of the best and loved video gaming consoles by gamers all around the world. It is true that playing on the console has a great gaming experience and to add to it a lot of PS2 emulators have been emerging on playstore to enjoy those gaming experiences on androids anywhere at any time. 

Not all PS2 emulators give the same experience and have some drawbacks to them. Every emulator gives a different experience and has slight differences to the other PS2 emulators. You can use these emulators to enjoy your favourite PS2 game on your android device. Google PlayStore offers the best PS2 emulators for androids. The best part… Well, the best part is that you can install these emulators for free or for very low prices. They support almost all the PS2 games on your smartphone. These emulators have excellent graphics though some of them are fast and some of them are slow.

Best PS2 Emulators for Android

Here are some of the best PS2 emulators for your android device. The list is not based on ranking. All of the emulators have their pros and cons. Install whatever suits your device and needs. 


best ps2 emulator - play

Play! is one of the best PS2 emulators available for android. It is also available for windows, macOS, UNIX and iOS platforms. It provides compatibility to a lot of 128-bit games on your android. It works at 10-15 fps (frames per second). It is open source and is not being supported by any big companies. It does not have any recent updates and was last updated in the year 2017, so the software is glitchy. However, the emulator provides excellent graphics and has a lot of popular games.


  • Has excellent graphics
  • It does not need a BIOS file to run the emulator


  •  Glitchy
  •  Long Loading Time.

Damon PS2

Damon PS 2 was created by the Chinese DamonPlay Technology Company. This emulator has been specifically designed for android users, unlike Play! Which is a multi-platform emulator. Similar to other emulators this emulator has its flaws too. It has many ads when you try to use the free version. Though you can go ad-free using its pro version. The pro version also gives you a lot more additional features like additional space, widescreen play, and additional slots. It doesn’t offer you as many games as Play! though it still offers you a good range of 720 games to play.


  • Fast and Reliable
  • Pro-version offers widescreen gameplay and provides more memory slots.
  • Specifically designed for androids so has the best compatibility 


  •  It has lots of ads in its free version
  • It offers very few games and it has 90% game compatibility out of which only 20% works without any flaw. 

Golden PS2

Golden PS2 is another one of the popular PS2 emulators. It was created by FAS developers. It has excellent Graphics and does not need a BIOS file to run the emulator. 

So what sets it different from the other emulators?

You can play the best games on both PSP and PS2. It is a very reliable emulator and does not have many drawbacks. It has glitches in older models however it works efficiently in newer models. It is the fastest PS2 emulator available on playstore. It is easy and free to use.


This emulator offers excellent performance. It provides an experience similar to the one you get while playing on a PSP console. It has a great user interface. It has a very huge customer base and provides almost all the games on PS2. 

KODE game PS2

 This Emulator works well. The main drawback of this emulator is that it is not available in english. Apart from that, this emulator also has a lot of bugs. However, it has a lot of features to emulate your PS2 games and works well as an emulator.


 It has two different versions available for emulating PS2 on android. Both the versions have different user interfaces. One is fast but lags and is buggy, the other version is slower but has a more stable interface. The drawback of this emulator is that you need to have the proper BIOS file to run it. This emulator is not available on PlayStore and has to be downloaded as an .apk from the official website.


It is a pro-version of the PPSSPP emulator. It has a lot of extra features like high-definition graphics. It gives a very fast performance. You can use this emulator to play both PS1 and PS2 games. I recommend beginners to use this emulator with its cheat codes, easy configuration and fast emulations. However this emulator does not have  pre-installed games.


    This emulator is mainly used for emulating PSP and PSX games on your android. However, it also emulates some of the PS1 and PS2 games. This emulator has scored an honorary mention on our list because of its multiplayer mode. It has a great gaming experience because of its HD image and excellent sound quality.

Pro PlayStation

It emulates all the sony playstation games on your android. There are some bugs and some titles may not work properly because of the emulation. Some of its prominent features are enhanced GPU rendering, On screen controller and mapping, saves your game progress automatically and has excellent game compatibility.

PS2 emulator games: platinum edition

This emulator provides more than 90% of the available PS2 games allowing you to choose from a wide variety of games.

It has great features and can easily save your games and the loading time is very quick. It has easy controls and enables the game to adapt to your device. Additionally it does not require a BIOS file to run on android. It is available to download on Google PlayStore, however, this does not have pre-installed games with it.

Some more PS2 emulators for your Android

  1. Pro PPSS2
  2. NDS Emulator
  3. Free Pro PS2 Emulator
  4. Pro PPSS2 golden(Pro version Golden PS2 emulator)
  5. Free PS2 Emulator 2019
  6. Free HD PS2 emulator
  7. New PS2 emulator
  8. Damon PS2 Pro


So it is pretty surprising that there are not many PS2 emulators available in the market and not that surprising considering how hard it is to emulate PS2 games on android. These are the best emulators available in the market. All these emulators have their bugs and drawbacks but try to help you relive the PS2 games again on your android. There have been no official PS2 emulators available yet. Choose whatever you feel is the best emulator to install according to your wish.


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