Why Games Help Strengthen Campaign Relationships and Atmospheres, Implementation Methods and Types of Games

October 25, 2023

Company spirit is a very subtle and almost immeasurable parameter that can be created and pumped through games and activities that will appeal to all team members and will lead to the strengthening of trust in working hours and outside the office.

Games are implemented differently depending on the wishes of the company and employees – some hold game tournaments similar to e-sports to raise team spirit; others, on the contrary, go to MMO RPGs like World of Warcraft and create their own guild in which most employees play and buy wow gold for themselves and others.

There are different ways, and everything works individually, but let’s do it in order.

What games can you play and invite employees

  • Sessional
  • Strategies
  • Races
  • GTA V


An excellent format for relaxation and joint efforts after work.

MMO RPG is a social project in which players have to choose their races and classes and unite among themselves in guilds to face other players and many monsters in order to constantly progress in levels and get better equipment and armor.

In guilds, responsibilities are often distributed, so there is work for everyone.

You can distribute the roles of a recruiter, crafter, group leader, healer, buffer, cook, and other positions that play a big role in the life of the guild.

Good examples of MMO projects are WoW, Destiny 2, Final Fantasy 14, Tarisland.


Session games are about playing in a team, or if there are 10 players, then fighting among themselves.

You can play projects like CS:GO, where 5 players is a great opportunity to start your journey from silver to the global elite in the team.

The second option and a good example is a similar project from Valve, Dota 2.

Many companies that consist mainly of gamers often hold tournaments from among their employees, where the winners receive a symbolic or real prize.

The tournament, which will be similar to the International, will add a competitive spirit to the company and the motivation to fight for the best prizes, which are better thought out in advance.


It can be a good idea to play strategy games with employees if there are fans of this kind of game among them.

The principle is as follows – a map is created for the maximum number of players, everyone chooses their countries and begins to develop and fight among themselves at their discretion.

The most technological nation wins, or the one that has captured all of its neighbors.

You can choose hit games like Edge of Empire, Rise of Nations, Cossacks, Starcraft 2 and so on at your discretion.


Racing is an interesting competitive project in which you can not only compete in speed with each other, but also have fun if you play projects that have an element of battles and fights.

A good example of such a game is the famous Carmagedon, and massive projects with a large number of mechanics can also be called GTA V.


The GTA series has become one of the most popular racing and crime games in the history of the gaming industry. Players will find branded humor and satire in the dialogues, several characters, and, most importantly, a strong multiplayer component with robberies in the style of Ocean’s 11 friends, building their own business and dismantling gangs.

GTA always has an active and lively world – people live, drive around the city, and communicate with each other and the player, which often leads to comical situations.

When playing online, you can gather all the employees to carry out preparatory tasks for a major robbery and go to work or participate in a variety of races between players.

All of these games help the team to form and have fun and get used to each other and make friends through shared emotions, victories, and defeats and get used to working in a team, which will significantly improve the quality of teamwork and is a more interactive team building format.

Why games bring people together

In fact, people are not united by the games themselves, but by spending time together, in which people get to know each other, begin to respect and strive to get to know each other better.

The game is just a way or rather pleasant, bright, and dynamic format in which people experience joint bright emotions from raid zones, massive battles, general grind, or just relaxing by the fire while mana is regenerated.

Of course, many large companies still prefer live and corporate meetings, which allow employees to get to know each other better and communicate live, and not just remotely.

But just the era of covid and the gradual change of hobbies led to the fact that games have become an integral part of not only leisure but also company interaction.

Companies that hold tournaments and cooperatives rally their employees and at the same time do not force them to see each other live if the employees do not want to visit the office or it is not there.

How to Organize a Tournament for Everyone to Enjoy

You need to collect enough participants so that there are at least 4 teams, and ideally more.

You need to choose a spectacular game with a good lobby and opportunities for viewing from the side.

Dota 2 or CS GO will do, you can take the League of Legends – they are quite popular and you will definitely have teams of players who actively play or have played these session formats before.

Further, everything is simple – the teams play BO1 to take off among themselves.

The winner needs to be given a prize – it can be a cash incentive, a bonus, a vacation, or some personalized items that can be ordered separately, or bought in a special shop dedicated to the game.

Don’t forget to record all the games especially the final, and ideally organize a commentary team of those who have already dropped out of the game and management and spend time commenting on the final and all other matches, which will then be a memory for many participants and the company as a whole.


Games are great for bringing people together if you choose the right format that will make people share emotions and get out of trouble that will establish a level of trust between people in real life, which will have a good effect on the working atmosphere and productivity in the performance of their duties.

Games are a great analog of corporate activities that can be held at any time in any place – the only important factor will be the availability of free time and space with the Internet to start a gaming session.

Think over events and remember that now more than 50% of the world’s population play games, and your task is to create a cool tournament that will be remembered by its participants.


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