What Is TF Card – TF Flashcard

In this era, we completely depend on smart devices like smartphones. As we are getting smarter our needs have increased. To save plenty of data and information our smartphones need more storage. Nowadays our phone has more storage space and there is also an option for external storage. In this external storage space, we can use the micro SD card. Micro SD card has another name called TF card (TransFlash card). In this blog, I will give you a description of the TF card and its features along with its uses.

What Is TF Card

TF card is more related to SD card. This TransFlash and SD card are two different types of most commonly used memory cards. One can use it on several devices like game consoles, digital cameras, and smartphones. This was developed by Motorola and Sandisk in 2004. The size of the TF card is a quarter of that of the SD card and it is the smallest memory card. The size of this card is 11×15×1mm. This is the product of the SD brand and one can use it even in the SD card adapter.

One may think why this has another name micro SD card. It is because of its design which has a similar structure to that of an SD card. So SD association has given the name micro SD card in 2004.

In August 1999 Sandisk along with the Panasonic and Toshiba companies released a small-size TF flashcard. This is the memory device that transmits data at an excellent speed and has amazing characteristics. This is adaptable to new-generation devices.

How Does TF Card Works?

If your device has the TF card reader you can use it directly. Users can also insert it into the SD card device. For this, you need an SD adapter. Make sure about the speed of your TF card before purchasing. Use this to enhance the storage of your mobiles, cameras, and game consoles. It has mostly high ratings and has fast performance.

Difference Between TF Card and SD Card

Most of us only know about the SD card as we still you those SD cards a lot. But now the usage of TF cards is getting increased and most of us may get confused with TF and SD cards. So I am here to clear your doubts on the difference between SD and TF cards. Let me share some points about its difference.

  • SD card is the Secure Digital card and the TF card is the TransFlash card. TF card is also known as T-Flash or Trans Flashcards. The other name is a micro SD card. The name varies but both are developed by SD Association (SDA). SDA has many memory card types and these are mostly used and preferred ones. Other cards are SD and mini SD cards.
  • The technology used is different for SD and TF cards. SD card is based on semiconductor flash and TF is based on NAND and MLC technology. It also adapts the SANDISK’s controller technology. The size varies where SD is normal size memory card where TF is the smallest memory card.
  • The native of origin differs for both SD and TF cards. SD card was launched by Toshiba, Sandisk, and Panasonic while the TF card was released as the next-generation memory card. This was developed by Motorola and Sandisk.

Size, Application, Storage, And Size Difference

  • There is a great difference in the appearance and the size of the cards. This is the smallest card of size 11×15×1mm, whereas the size of the SD card is 24×32×2. The appearance is also totally different.
  • The application of the cards varies. The SD card is mostly preferred in the devices like multimedia players, cameras, and personal digital assistants. The TF card due to its small size and high storage space this can be used in recently developed mobile phones. Recently released mobile phones have the space of only nano-sim and small SD cards. So TF cards can be used in recently released mobiles, flash memory card disks, portable players, GPS devices, etc.
  • One of the major differences between SD and TF cards is TF cards can change into an SD card using the SD card adapter. But the SD is not a convertible one.

Price And Storage of TF and SD Card

  • The most important thing is the price variation. The price of the SD card is higher than that of the TF even with the same brand, speed, and capacity.
  • Both the cards have one similarity. The similarity is both cards have the following storage options: 128G, 64G, 32G, 16G, 8G, 6G, 4G, 1G, 2G, 512M, 256M, and 128M.
  • The cards have different security. This does not have a write protection switch while the SD card has that security. The SD card has the ability to convert into an SD card and can pass through any card sleeve.

How To Recover Removed or Deleted Files From TF Card

This is the most preferable and recommended flash memory card. Many users started using this in their digital cameras, phones, and many music players. Sometimes due to some circumstances, your device may lose data. There will be many reasons for this loss. But no worries I will present you the recovery guidelines. Read the rest to know the solution to recover the deleted files.

Step 1

First, download the Recoverit Data Recovery software. This is one of the reliable recovery software. After downloading run the program by opening it.

Step 2

Next, choose the card from which you need to recover the data. Then click the “Start” button in order to scan it.

Step 3

  • After few minutes you can see your deleted files. Then select the data which you need to restore and to recover it choose the desired location.
  • Next click on the Recover option

Final Words

That all, we are at the end of the blog. The above-mentioned information is the necessary details one should know before start using a TF card. Choose wisely based on the storage, speed, and security of the TF cards. I hope you find this blog useful, if yes, do comment in the comment section below.



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