The Best Tips 2021 On How to Make Money on Spotify

Most of us are aware that Spotify is among the leading music streaming platforms. However, do you know that you can even earn money from Spotify? Yes, that’s right!

If you are looking for information on how to do this, read through this article. Here we have discussed many tips and tricks that can help you know about making money by gaining real followers through your own efforts or using a professional Spotify growth service.

Who can earn money on Spotify?

One way to earn money from Spotify is as an artist. If you are an artist, you can get featured in Spotify’s playlists and try to get popular.

The more people will listen to your track, the more can you earn. So, we can say that Spotify is a platform where new artists can showcase their talent.

The other way to make money on Spotify is to make a playlist and promote it so that more and more Spotify users can listen to your playlist, and you get a chance to make money.

Why is Spotify popular with artists?

There are 300 million music fans the world over, and Spotify is a brilliant platform to gain a fan base. It also helps artists market their new releases.

Other than that, it also helps to increase social media followers. So, if you are an artist searching for the latest platform where you can promote your art, this is going to be a perfect option. Check out Spotify for Artists app for iOS and Android.

What are different playlists on Spotify?

It is important to mention that Spotify Playlists are of 3 types:

  • Algorithmic Playlists that are auto-generated by Spotify when an end-user specifies his choice, etc.
  • User/listener playlists are made by Spotify users like you and me for personal listening needs. You can choose to monetize it by promoting it. We will delve deeper into this later in this article.
  • Editorial Playlists are made by Spotify employees i.e. Their Editorial team for the convenience of Spotify users.

How to earn money on Spotify as an artist? 

Setup your verified artist profile

  • Have a “verified artist” account on Spotify and an updated profile. Your profile is most important as it helps to create an impression about you. It is similar to a Home Page.
  • Make your profile an attractive one. Don’t forget to add images, Bio and Artists Pick.

Write an attractive BIO

  • Make sure to write your Bio carefully and make it sound catchy and attractive.
  • It must be 1500 characters.
  • Provide sufficient information about yourself.
  • Write a clear description of the type of songs you will share with your audience.
  • Do us @tags for linking your profile to other artists and playlists, etc. on Spotify
  • Add links to your social media pages.

Get included in Spotify’s Editor’s Playlist 

If your song gets featured in Editor’s Playlist at Spotify, your chances of gaining new followers will multiply manifold. Explore the “pitch a song” option on top of the Home tab to do so. Pitch your unreleased song. Before you pitch, check the Spotify-playlist submission guidelines to ensure you don’t go wrong.

Make an effort to increase your followers

The more popular you are on Spotify, the better will be your chances to get featured in Editorial or Algorithmic Playlists. Look for tips on how to do so yourself, or you can hire a growth service. Also, you need to enhance your relationship with your followers so that you will be able to get a fan base of yours. You can promote your new releases on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and others.

Try to build a mutually beneficial association with popular artists

To earn money from your Spotify account, it would be great if you collaborate with other popular artists. By partnering or associating with another artist, you get a chance to expose yourself to the other artist’s fan base. It is a win-win for both and a great strategy. Both artists can decide to feature on each other’s playlists or promote each other on their social media pages or any other way that suits both.

How to become a Spotify playlist curator and earn money?

Working as a playlist curator is another popular way to make money from Spotify. All you need to do is use your creativity and make interesting playlists for various situations and various listener categories and submit your playlists to Spotify. Be unique to be in the spotlight. Don’t follow what other playlist makers are doing. Focus on popular artists; promote music you would love to listen to. Here are some more useful tips.

  • Make sure that you are known for creating some great playlists. In other words, focus on the quality of songs you include in your playlist if you want to earn money consistently.
  • Never spam your playlist with too many advertisements. Try to avoid even one ad and if you want to include a promotion, then include not more than one ad.
  • On the other hand, you can also seek payment from the artist for the reviews or to include their song in your playlist. But for this, you need to have a good number of followers and your playlists must be popular.
  • Once your playlist gets popular with the listeners, you will gain more followers and make more money. So, promote your playlists on personal social media networks, promote on social media channels where your target audience is active.
  • Become part of the Spotify Community and submit your playlist to the Spotify Playlist Exchange along with a crisp description explaining the music genre and aim of the playlist. Add tags using related music niche tags to be found by those who are interested.
  • Rating playlists that other curators have submitted is another way to gain popularity.
  • Post comment on other curators’ threads; while doing so, attach your playlist.
  • Try to contact the artists whose songs feature on your playlists, to promote the playlist among their fan base.
  • Since a singer can gain millions of listeners through a popular playlist, they are willing to pay to popular Spotify Playlist Curators.
  • There are other platforms as well that allow you to monetize your Spotify playlists like PlaylistPush, Submithub, Sound Plate and, DailyPlaylister, and Playlister premium.
  • You can also become a professional playlist curator with some music company and or artist.


With the information discussed above on How to Make Money on Spotify in 2021, you can surely start a new income stream. You can also check the technicalities and guidelines on the Spotify website. Happy playlist curating!


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