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October 26, 2021

A friend of mine owns an iPhone device, and recently he came across this error ‘Message Blocking Is Active iPhone’ while he was trying to send me a text message. He immediately called me up and asked whether it was an issue on my end, but I was able to send messages to him! I looked it up online, and it seems to be a common issue among iPhone users.

Solve Message Blocking Is Active iPhone Title

I shared some of the fixes I found online with him and he was able to solve it within seconds! Hence, I decided to make this guide to help other iPhone users out there who might be facing the same issue. Here, I discuss some pretty easy solutions you can use to make sure your iPhone’s text messaging function works smoothly.

What Is ‘Message Blocking Is Active’ iPhone Error?

 As the title says, ‘Message Blocking Is Active’ iPhone Error is an error that occurs when your text messages do not go through to the intended recipient. It could be an issue with your carrier service (your SIM company) or it could be an issue with an iPhone feature that’s interfering with the text message function. I have listed out some of the most common reasons here below.

Solve Message Blocking Is Active iPhone Example

1. Inactive SIM Card

If your carrier network is not active, and instead has a status such as ‘Suspended’ or ‘Still Porting’, it means that you will not be able to send any text messages until it is normal.

2. Incorrect Recipient Number Entered

Recheck the number to make sure the text is to an active mobile number.

3. Poor Coverage – Common Reason For ‘Message Blocking Is Active’ iPhone Error

If you live in an area where you have poor network coverage or the coverage fluctuates, you will face issues while sending text messages.

4. Incorrect Country Code

This is applicable only for international text messages. Always re-check the country code.

5. Premium Messaging Feature Not Active

To send text messages to certain premium numbers, you will have to activate the feature for Premium Messaging through your device. Unless this is activated, the text will fail to send.

How To Solve ‘Message Blocking Is Active’ iPhone Error

 I will now take you through the different solutions you can use to fix the ‘Message Blocking Is Active’ iPhone error. Even if you have little technical experience, you will be able to follow these steps and fix the error in no time.

1. Resetting Network Settings

The first thing we have to do is verify whether the issue is with iMessage or with normal text messaging. Once this is done, we’ll reset the network to remove any errors. Let me show you how to do this.

Step 1: Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Find the option for ‘Messages’. Now turn iMessage off.

Step 3: Try sending a message.

If you see that the message is sent without any error, it means that iMessage was the culprit. iMessage will only work well if you have a good data pack, so if you don’t have one, turn off iMessage temporarily. However, if you do have a good internet connection, let’s go ahead and reset the network.

Network Reset

You can do this by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Once this is done, Restart your device > Turn on iMessage > Try to send a message. Your message should now go through without any issue.

2. Re-check Contact Information And Blocked Status Of Recipient

Go to your contact details (for the receiver) and verify whether their phone number and email address is correctly entered. You can also try deleting the contact completely, and then re-entering it as a new contact with the correct phone number and area code.

It is also important to check whether they might have accidentally got added to your Blocked List. To do this, go to Settings > Messages > Blocked. Here you can find a list of all the blocked numbers in your contact. If your recipient’s number is on here, remove them from the Blocked List, and try sending them another text message.

Blocked Contacts

3. Update Your Device Software

An outdated OS can cause a lot of errors, including the ‘Message Blocking Is Active’ iPhone error. Go to Settings > General > Software Updates, and check to see if there’s any new iOS update available. If you notice that an update is available, immediately download it and make sure it is installed. Reinstall your device afterwards and try sending a text message to check if it worked.

4. Contact Customer Care – Best Fix For ‘Message Blocking Is Active’ iPhone Error

If you’ve tried all the methods mentioned here and you’re still getting the Message Blocked error, it means that the issue might be with your network carrier or device account. Immediately contact the customer care for your network carrier and inform them that you’re unable to send text messages from your iPhone.

They’ll do remote troubleshooting on your device and find out what exactly is the issue. They’ll also make sure that the error is resolved on the call itself. Once this is done, you can go ahead and send your message.

If they inform you that you do not have a mobile package that supports SMS facility, you can apply for a package that gives you access to the messaging feature to ensure you do not face this error in the future.


I hope this guide helps you to resolve the ‘Message Blocking Is Active’ iPhone error that you’re facing. If a certain fix does not work for you, don’t be disheartened. Make sure you try all the methods I have listed one by one, and I’m sure that one of them will resolve the problem.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other issues with your iPhone that you would like assistance for, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to check out our website for more helpful guides!


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