100+ Cool And Catchy Running Team Names

August 2, 2021

Running is one of the best types of exercise. There are a lot of benefits of running, and people run for various reasons. Some run for fitness; few run for a cause and few others in competitions. If you are one of them and looking for cool running team names, you are in the right place.

These days we find a lot of running clubs. These clubs train people for running races and marathons. Some running teams run for a cause to create awareness about various social issues and also to raise funds for the needy.

Running is such a healthy exercise and keeps you fit. Whatever the reason might be running is an excellent habit. If you are into running and part of a club, you must have special and creative names for your team.

Running Team Names List and Ideas 

Every team or club is first recognized by its name, so it must have a cool and innovative team name. Your running team names should be unique and easily remembered by people and have to be creative.

If your running club runs for a cause, it must have meaningful names. For your running team to stand out among a thousand others, it must have catchy, attractive, and funny names. It’s also good to use a few word plays and puns.

If you are scratching your head to find out a suitable name, including all these points, don’t worry. In this article, we have listed the best running team names. These running club names are cool, creative, funny, and meaningful. You can choose any of them as per your preferences.

  1. Furious Feet
  2. Team Velocity
  3. Lords of the Runs
  4. Spring Legs
  5. Slow and Steady
  6. Fatties Parade
  7. Black Panthers
  8. The Tramplers
  9. Speed Up
  10. The Energetics
  11. Iron Legs
  12. Heat Wave
  13. Broken Feet
  14. Lost in Pace
  15. Just Another Lap
  16. Sweet Sweat
  17. Accelerators
  18. Mad Men
  19. Hustlers
  20. Team Tornado
  21. Roaring Runners
  22. Running Army
  23. Racing Rebels
  24. Sole Mates
  25. The White Tigers
  26. Team Fire
  27. Always on Track
  28. Team Phoenix
  29. Sweat is the Blood
  30. Drive to Run
  31. Running Wizards
  32. The Run Squad
  33. Speedos
  34. Real Runners
  35. Move Ya Soles
  36. Rhythmic Feet
  37. Go Runners
  38. The Sprinters
  39. Barriers Breakers
  40. Run and Burn
  41. Lets Run Now
  42. No Limits
  43. The Hailstorm
  44. We Will Run!
  45. Fury Squad
  46. Road Quest
  47. Max Speed
  48. Breathe
  49. Born to Run
  50. Missile

Cool Running Team Names

A name should be cool to catch the attention of the people, no matter what it is representing. In the list below, you can find the cool names for your running team.

  1. Overachievers
  2. Beyond Limits
  3. Track Runners
  4. Momentum
  5. The Invaders
  6. Fabulous Runners
  7. Sacred Runners
  8. Lords of the Roads
  9. Hit the Road
  10. The Sneakers
  11. Journey
  12. Running Wheels
  13. Unstoppables
  14. Fast Feet
  15. Chasing Dreams
  16. Hungry Horses
  17. Tsunami
  18. Slow Runners
  19. The Survivors
  20. The Aurors
  21. Cheetahs
  22. Firecrackers
  23. Intense Feet
  24. Heart n Sole
  25. Wolf Runners
  26. Sweaty Soles
  27. The Dominators
  28. The Great Escape
  29. Run for Life
  30. Teriffic Toes
  31. Wild Runners
  32. The Right Runners
  33. Record Breakers
  34. Running Beasts
  35. Runoholics
  36. Running Specialists
  37. Team Infinity
  38. Run Maniacs
  39. Marathonists
  40. Run to Win

30+ Funny Names for Running Squad

A bit of fun element to the Running Team name will attract everyone towards your club. Here are some of the funniest running club names.

  1. Barefoot Bros
  2. Holy Shit!
  3. Feet of Fury
  4. Not Fast Just furious
  5. Faster than Snails
  6. Scrambled Legs
  7. Mind over Miles
  8. Run Therapy
  9. Lazy Bastards
  10. Hell on the Heels
  11. The Runbow
  12. Sacred Shoes
  13. The Running Dead
  14. The Joint Squad
  15. Speedy Needy
  16. Quick and the Dead
  17. Miserable Legs
  18. Holy Fit
  19. Rolling Down
  20. The Joggernauts
  21. Fats and Furious
  22. Pace Makers
  23. Lazy Buggers
  24. Dreadmill Runners
  25. Call Me a Cab
  26. Run for Fun
  27. The Tortoise
  28. Zig Zaggers
  29. Distance Matters
  30. A Running Joke
  31. Misfits Only
  32. Lost in Pace

50 Catchy and Creative Running Club Names

Creative Running Team names are listed below with word plays and puns. I’m sure everyone who notices the name will appreciate your creativity and intelligence.

  1. Go Go Getters
  2. The Edge
  3. Rising Runners
  4. The Chasers
  5. Do or Die
  6. Pacers
  7. The Ravenclaws
  8. We lost Track
  9. Team Hurricane
  10. Flying Colors
  11. Team Storm
  12. Breathe out Loud
  13. The Flash
  14. The Jaguars
  15. Marathon Maniacs
  16. Pursuit of Fitness
  17. Loops and Laps
  18. Invincibles
  19. Footwork
  20. Game On
  21. Happy Feet
  22. Golden Moves
  23. Muddy Run
  24. Run Pirates
  25. Kings of the Track
  26. Team Revolution
  27. The Titans
  28. Charged Up
  29. Fire Bolt
  30. Run after Run
  31. Freaking Feets
  32. Lightning Speed
  33. Road Rashers
  34. The Powe Train
  35. Furious Toes
  36. Team Xtreme
  37. Team Fusion
  38. Miles to Go
  39. Breathless
  40. The Comrades
  41. Can’t Be Still
  42. Pushing Limits
  43. Golden Boots
  44. Rowdy Racers
  45. Road Runners
  46. The Vikings
  47. Rogues
  48. The Rockstars
  49. Touch Down
  50. Soles on Fire

40+ Women Running Group Names

Women are never behind men, and they have proved it over the years. In this list, there are some of the best Running team names that are well suited for women-only clubs.

  1. Firey Queens
  2. Heels over Wheels
  3. Fast Women Fraternity
  4. Silly Squids
  5. Girl Runners
  6. Girls with Guts
  7. Run Queens
  8. Sole Sisters
  9. The Sweathearts
  10. Shadow Women
  11. Dash Dools
  12. Rule the World
  13. Super Girls
  14. Wonder Women
  15. Hot Shots
  16. Fiesty Flyers
  17. Ballistic Babes
  18. Cute Boots
  19. Lady Birds
  20. Crazy Chicks
  21. The Blazers
  22. Fancy Legs
  23. Running Beauties
  24. Cheetah Girls
  25. Queens of the Street
  26. Badass Beauties
  27. Fit and Fine
  28. Foot Slammers
  29. Chic Crushers
  30. Fast and Fabulous
  31. Blister Sisters
  32. Marvelous Misses
  33. Speed Sisters
  34. Pokemoms
  35. The Slay Queens
  36. Speedilicious
  37. Barefoot Bitches
  38. Sassy Sprinters
  39. Babes on Feet
  40. All Heels
  41. Sweat n Swift
  42. Women Warriors
  43. The Running Witches
  44. Mothers of Race
  45. Power Puff Girls


Those were some of the best Running Team names. I hope you liked them and found a creative and catchy name for your Running Club. If you didn’t find a proper name, just try mixing up two or more names.

You can also come up with a new name inspired by these names. Since you have so many examples given in this article, creating a new Running club name wouldn’t be difficult. Make sure that it is unique, relatable, and represents its members as one entity.

Thanks for reading this article. Please keep checking our website for similar articles.


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