25+ Best Offline Android Games of 2021

August 7, 2021

Travelling might be enjoyable for a lot of people but for me, it is quite exasperating. And the question arises that what to do when you are travelling for long hours. In such situations using the internet can drain battery life and without using the phone you will feel like screaming. There is where some of the Best Offline Android Games available on the app store come in use.

How are Offline Android games advantageous to us?

Offline android games are easy to download. It is hard to ignore the fact that these games work offline with little to no use of the internet. This makes the phone last longer and does stellar work of killing your time. Oh and one more thing that these games are good for people who are bad at socializing. Some of the games are so addictive that you might play them all day and night and that is why such apps are advantageous to us.

10 Fantastic Offline Games Android

A piece of happy news for both men and children is that this article has a list of my favourite games that can be played online. These games are absolutely addictive and I assure you it’s all the good type of addiction.

1. Sand Balls


Oh, this game is absolutely wonderful. Sand Balls game has a way of calming your mind and help you forget the bad day you had. All you have to do is download this game, install it, and start playing it. This game is all about making way with your finger in the sand and collecting as many balls as you can to fill up the truck. You’ll level up quickly and trust me it is a delight.

  1. 4.2 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 50 MB
  4. 100 M+ downloads

2. Ludo King


Ludo was a board game that I grew up playing all my life. This game is practically the best when it comes to relieving our day’s stress and now this classic game is now in the form of an app. Ludo King app is the perfect getaway from a tiring day and it is the best way of getting connected with your friends. Play in different themes that can be easily downloaded like the nature theme, disco/night theme, Egypt theme, Candy theme, etc. Download this game to enjoy all its benefits.

  1. 4.2 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 39 MB
  4. 100 M+ downloads

3. Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Game

Cover Fire - Offline Game for Android


Cheers to one of the best offline games available on the app store The Cover Fire app is the perfect game for people who love gruesome scenes and shooting things. There is a zombie event hit to keep you entertained. All you got to do is lead the battle and become the best sniper. This modern combat is fun, addictive and challenging to boot. HD Graphics, various weapons, and many more such assets await you in this game.

  1. 4.5 Ratings
  2. Rated for 18+
  3. 46 MB
  4. 50 M+ downloads

4. Candy Crush Saga

Offline games for Android - candy crush saga


Candy Crush games do not need any introduction. Its legacy has spread far and wide and has made many people relieve their boredom. Candy Crush Saga is one of the best games on the play store. This offline game is easy to play and has over a trillion level that can be unlocked and played to the heart’s content. There are many ways to win awards and the app has constant updates which bring many more exciting challenges as well.

  1. 4.6 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. varies with device
  4. 500 M+ downloads

5. Aveyond 3-1: Lord of Twilight


Aveyond 3-1 game is the first series of the lord of Twilight series. This game will remind you of the PC games you played while you were little. A little notice for you peeps who are interested in this app, you need to buy this game for Rs. 420. This app will take you on a journey in which you will live the life of the protagonist, complete various tasks to get a level up and win the game.

  1. 4.8 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. Varies with device
  4. 50 + downloads

6. Subway Surfers

Subway surfers - offline Android game


Dash and run as fast as you can to escape the law in the game Subway Surfer game. This game has an innovative way of keeping you addicted to it. the faster you run the more you level up and more are the perks that you receive when you don’t stop to play. This game is perfect for literally every age group and I bet you would not want to stay away from it.

  1. 4.5 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 95 MB
  4. 1 B+ downloads

7. Bingo – Offline Free Bingo Game


Now Bingo game is not just bound to Las Vegas but now you can also play Bingo using the Bingo game available on the play store. This game does not require internet or Wifi to work and has a wide variety of detailed card designs for you to choose from. Play Solitaire, Backgammon, Gin Rummy, etc. and all of this for absolutely no price.

  1. 3.8 Ratings
  2. Rated for 12+
  3. varies with device
  4. 100 K+ downloads

8. Angry Birds 2

Offline Android Games - Angry birds 2


The Angry Bird 2 game is easy to play and will not disappoint you in the least. Same as the movie this game is also a huge hit among youngsters these days. Choose a bird from your stash and put it on the slingshot to defeat the pigs. Run daily challenges and win prizes on this fabulous app. Join a clan to make further use of this app.

  1. 4.6 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 64 MB
  4. 100 M+ downloads

9. Chess Free – Play Chess Offline 2019

Offline Android Games - Chess Free


Chess Free game is developed solely for the purpose of playing chess offline. Play this game with either friend or with the real-time blitz. Improve your concentration skills by playing chess daily and improve your chess ranking by using this offline chess game.

  1. 4.1 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 16 MB
  4. 100 K+ downloads

10. Word Game – Offline Games


Improve your vocabulary with the popular Word Game app. Play this game from any time and anywhere in the world. This game is an absolute delight for all the people who wish to learn new words and play while they’re at it. This game is available in French, Spanish, English, and German. Download this game to have a gala time.

  1. 4.2 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 32 MB
  4. 500 K+ downloads

The above-mentioned games are all my favourites I hope you find some that are worthy of your attention.

25+ Fantastic Offline Games for Android

I know I gave you peeps a little choice in the games that I mentioned above but worry not because I have a lot more for you. Listed below are some more offline games which I am sure will make your boredom go away.

  1. Ramboat 2
  2. Farm Day Village Farm
  3. Quiz
  4. Spades
  5. Temple Run
  6. Juicy Fruit
  7. Solitaire
  8. Throne Offline
  9. Aveyond – Rhen’s Quest
  10. City Island 5
  11. Incredible Jack
  12. Memory Games
  13. Mad Zombies
  14. Candy Craze 2019
  15. Dead Trigger
  16. Sudoku
  17. Swag Shooter
  18. Free Bubbles
  19. Arcane Quest Legacy
  20. Run Forest Run
  21. Balloon Popping Games
  22. Bubble Wings
  23. Super Balls
  24. Cross Word Puzzle
  25. Word Find
  26. Bingo Cute
  27. Word Search Puzzle


Now with the list of all the offline games for android, you are not going to be bored anytime soon. These games will give you a release from all your boredom and relief from your hectic life.



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