Hacks – Cheat Sheet For 2021

Are you getting frustrated after dying every few minutes in Do you want to gain an upper hand against your enemies and dominate the game map? Then you definitely need to read this guide. I will teach you about all the best hacks you can use! I will also give you step-by-step instructions on how you can download and activate these hacks! Hacks - Cheat Sheet For 2021 Title

Strap on your sword and crossbows, because you’re on your way to becoming a master of this game. Let’s begin, shall we?

Introduction To

IO games have become extremely popular nowadays. They’re fun, addictive, and a great way to pass time. But do you know why the word “.io” is used in all these games? It all started with the grand-daddy of .io games called as It became quite popular on the internet, and every game that followed a similar structure started adopting the name “.io” into its title. Today, .io games refer to games that are casual, free to play, multiplayer, and browser-based.

Now we come back to is a popular .io game created by Yendis Entertainment. Your role is to gather resources and build a village. However, that’s not all. You have to defend your village from other players and hostile animals like wolves. You can collect stone, wood, food, and gold to upgrade your weapons, buy traps, and build walls to protect your village. There is even an option to team up with other players to form tribes and build bigger villages together!

The game does not have a specific or end goal. The only time the game will end is if your character dies. Once you die, you’ll have to start from scratch all over again. There is a leader board that tracks the gold earned by all the players in the server. Do you have what it takes to reach the top of the leader boards and hold your spot there from your enemies?

Our Hacks will make sure that you stay on the leaderboards as #1 for as long as you want.

What Are Hacks? Hacks are certain scripts of code that are run to provide your character with special advantages. Players use these hacks to make the game easier and win battles faster. Although they are technically illegal in the game, there’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun every now and then.

Using Hacks

There are many types of hacks and they all serve different purposes. Here are some of the most commonly used Hacks.

1. Auto-healing Hacks

Auto-healing is the most commonly used Hack. Within the game, the player has to click the “Q” button on their keyboard when they want to heal. This can sometimes be difficult when you’re fighting multiple enemies, and you die because you couldn’t fight and heal at the same time. The Auto-Healing hack uses a script to automate the healing process. So even if you don’t click Q, the script will automatically heal you whenever you take even the slightest damage.

2. Drones

Drones are automated computer bots that follow the player and help them attack other players. These drones often come in groups of 4 and are part of the same tribe as the controlling player. Drones can help attack as well as defend. The only drawback is that they can’t level up, so they’ll always be at level 1. They’ll also all face the same direction.

3. Quad Spikes/Traps – Most Fun Hacks

This is a pretty interesting hack and it is a lot of fun to use. The hack allows you to instantly place four Spikes/Traps around yourself. This is extremely useful when an enemy player is directly charging at you for an attack. You can place the spikes as soon as they reach near you, and they’ll run headlong into them and die immediately. Without this hack, you’ll have to manually place the spikes and traps one-by-one, which is time consuming.

4. Insta-Kill (With Polearms/Musket)

This is one of the Hacks that have gained popularity in recent times because of how easy it is to use. The hack script executes a series of actions – First the bull helmet is equipped and the enemy is attacked with the polearm (Bull helmet does 50% extra damage). Then the script immediately switches to Crossbow or Musket and shoots the enemy. The combined damage of the polearm and musket kills the enemy instantly.

How To Download And Use Hacks

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can download and use different types of Hacks.

Step 1: Go to the Tampermonkey page on Google Chrome and add this extension to Chrome. Here is the link-

Tampermonkey is a script manager that will help you to run hacking scripts on your game.

Installing Tampermonkey

Step 2: Go to the official Greasy Fork website. It’s an online repository that contains millions of user scripts. They have the best collection of Hacks and Scripts available on the internet. Here is the link –

Clicking the link will take you directly to the page with scripts.

Greasy Fork

Step 3: Find the script you want and open that link. Spend some time browsing through all the scripts and hacks to find the exact ones you want. This includes Auto-Heal, Insta-Kill, Drones, and some scripts even have all of them together.

Step 4: Once you’ve opened the script page, click the green icon that says “Install this script”. The Tampermonkey extension we installed earlier will automatically activate this script.

Installing Script

You’re all set now! Open and start a game. You’ll see that the script you installed has taken effect. Enjoy pounding your enemies to dust and building the biggest village you can!


That’s all guys! I hope you’ve understood the different types of Hacks and how you can install and activate them. Make sure you use these hacks only rarely because otherwise it ruins the fun for everyone! However, trying them out once or twice never hurts, so enjoy!

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