150+ Cool And Creative Kickball Team Names

Kickball is a game full of strategies, skills, team play, and also having fun. Your kickass Kickball team isn’t complete without kickass names for it. In this article, you will find the best names for Kickball playing groups.

You might be playing Kickball for fun or participating in the league, your team is recognized by the name. And hence you must have cool and creative names for your Kickball team. It should be funny, unique, and catchy.

Wondering how to come up with a perfect name for your team? No worries. Here you can find more than 200 Kickball team names. All you have to do is read through all of them and select a name you like the most.

Kickball Team Names List and Ideas

If you are part of a Kickball team, you must have a kickass name to it. As the team name represents all its members, it should be relatable to all the players. Kickball group names should be unique and easily remembered by everyone.

Also, the Kickball group names should unite all the players and motivate them to play as one. You can also try adding a fun element to it to make it catchy. People love team creative team names with puns and wordplays.

No matter how well you play, you will be recognized by the Kickball team name you have. Hence it is very important to have the best name possible. And thus for your help, we have listed the best names for Kickball team names.

50 Creative Kickball Club Names

Everybody wants their Kickball team names to be creative, but not all of them come up with one. But we have listed the most innovative names for you.

  1. Kicks and Throws
  2. The Dreamers
  3. Kickheads
  4. The Super Kings
  5. The White Tigers
  6. Kick Busters
  7. Ballistic Balls
  8. Kick and Kill
  9. Kickasses 
  10. Kick Gods
  11. Balling in Love
  12. Deadly Demons
  13. Kickball Warriors
  14. The Ballbarians
  15. Pitch Perfects
  16. Side Kicks
  17. Balls and Dolls
  18. Team Nucleus
  19. Team Hurricane
  20. The Dark Army
  21. Hit and Bounce
  22. Death Eaters
  23. Bloody Pitches
  24. Victory Vikings
  25. Firecrackers
  26. Fireballs
  27. Royal Challengers
  28. The Knight Riders
  29. Kick Fu Pandas
  30. Bone Crushers
  31. Sacred Kicks
  32. Field Hustlers
  33. Rockstars
  34. The Immortals
  35. White Wolves
  36. Masters of Disaster
  37. Kickstarters
  38. Souls and Spirits
  39. Pitches be Crazy
  40. Team Phoenix
  41. Hustlers
  42. The Aurors
  43. Magical Kickers
  44. Ace of Base
  45. Rocket Rangers
  46. Kickball Crashers
  47. Psychopaths
  48. Kickoholics
  49. Kickballmaniacs
  50. The Kick Ball Theory

Funny and Cool Kickball Group Names

When we are having fun while playing Kickball, it will make more sense to have funny team names. Here is the list of funny group names for Kickball players that will make you look cool.

  1. One Ball Down
  2. Kick Busters
  3. It’s Hazardous
  4. Overthrowers
  5. Lunakicks
  6. Ball Busters
  7. Balls Deep
  8. Alcoballics
  9. We Kick Back
  10. Team No Name
  11. Bad Balls
  12. Funny Fools
  13. Kick it or Lick it
  14. Flat Foot Foozies
  15. Funky Donkeys
  16. Ball of Duty
  17. We Kicked!
  18. Kick like a Donkey
  19. Hot Kicks
  20. Toe Jammers

50 Awesome Squad Names for Kickball Players

The below list has the best names for Kickball groups. You can read through all of them and find the best one.

  1. Game Finishers
  2. Kickball Veterans
  3. Taco Balls
  4. Strike like a Boss
  5. The Kickbacks
  6. Through Thick and Throw
  7. The Real Heroes
  8. Breaking Balls
  9. Kick and Kill
  10. Untouchaballs
  11. Kickalicious
  12. Deadly Dragons
  13. Incredible Kickers
  14. Rule Breakers
  15. Overachievers
  16. Kick On!
  17. Drink and Kick
  18. Alpha to Omega
  19. Serial Kickers
  20. The Goblins
  21. Pitches Perfect
  22. Kick of the Time
  23. Kick or Cook
  24. Night Warriors
  25. Kick Captains
  26. Power Kickers
  27. Star Boyz
  28. Royal Rumble
  29. The Hitmen
  30. Terminators
  31. Invincibles
  32. Street Ballers
  33. Glorious Balls
  34. Fast and Furious
  35. Wolf Riders
  36. Happy Kicks
  37. Black Panthers
  38. Team Falcons
  39. The Winners
  40. Kicks and Kings
  41. Super Strikers
  42. The Tsunamis
  43. Go Kickers
  44. Kicking Wonders
  45. Star Ballers
  46. Hot Kicks
  47. Kickball Mafia
  48. Team Illusion
  49. The Evil Heads
  50. Underdogs

50 Best Kickball Women Team Names

If you are a part of the all-women Kickball team, these names will suit you the best. They show the women’s power and attitude and add an extra attraction to your team.

  1. Kick Masters
  2. Ostrich Army
  3. Balls of the Fury
  4. Kickin Crazy
  5. Devil’s Advocates
  6. Hammer Heads
  7. Destined to Win
  8. Trailblazers
  9. Super Heroes
  10. Supernova
  11. Kicking Pandas
  12. Kicking Squad
  13. Pitch Black
  14. The Royal Kings
  15. Kickball Buddies
  16. Go-Getters
  17. Ball Boom
  18. The Winners
  19. Lost n Found
  20. Loose Balls
  21. Ghost Riders
  22. Valiant Wizards
  23. Sons of the Pitches
  24. Game of Throws
  25. Team Revolution
  26. Asskickers
  27. The Conquerors
  28. Kickin Assassins
  29. The Netkicks
  30. Born Kickers
  31. Apocalypse Now
  32. Swift Kick
  33. Kickators
  34. The Eliminators
  35. Ball Busters
  36. Team Tornado
  37. God’s Own Army
  38. Head Hunters
  39. Fearless Freaks
  40. The Avengers
  41. Scared for You
  42. Black Horses
  43. Bigbang
  44. Balls on Fire
  45. Power Boys
  46. Kickers Circle
  47. Unstoppables
  48. Wakanda Forever
  49. Game Changers
  50. Hail Storm


Those were some of the best names for the Kickball team. I hope you liked this article and found a suitable name for your group. You can also try mixing up two or more names to create a new name as per your preferences.

Thanks for reading, and please do visit our website for more articles like this. 


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