15+ Games to Play Over FaceTime and Zoom with Kids/Friends/Girlfriend

August 4, 2021

We all love playing games when we meet friends. It’s a lot of fun and a great pass time. We all bond over games to the next level. But this lockdown has put a stop to everything. In this article, we will tell you about the best games to play over Facetime and zoom.

Best games to play over facetime and zoom

Whenever we get together with family and friends, we usually play different indoor games. We enjoy a lot playing these fun games. But due to this Covid-19 and Lockdown, we can’t meet friends and play with them.

In these stressful times, we must be in contact with friends, and thanks to technology, we can still talk to our friends over zoom and other video conferencing platforms. Here we are discussing games that you can play over Facetime on these apps.

Best Games to Play over Facetime and Zoom

This is a list of all the fun games you can play on zoom or other video conferencing apps over Facetime. Even though you are not physically together with your friend, you can still have fun while playing with them.

Dumb Charades

Dumb Charades play over Zoom and Skype

You all must know about this game, and let me tell you, this game also works on video calls. One person enacts a movie or show’s name, and other people should guess what they are trying to mime.

It’s all left to your creativity and imagination to make this game interesting and funny. You can also choose to enact the names of a place, animal, or a thing. This is one of the best games to play over Facetime on Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc.

Would You Rather?

Would You Rather? Facetime game

It’s a very simple and fun game to play over zoom or Google meet. Here you ask any person hypothetical questions starting with ‘Would You Rather.’ For example, Would you rather choose Invisibility or Time Travel as a superpower?

This can be so much exciting when you are playing with close friends and have a lot of inside jokes. You can look for funny Would You rather Questions on Google. You will find loads of them.


Play Pictionary Game online with friends

Who doesn’t know Pictionary? We all have played this game one or the other time in our life. In this game, you draw pictures, and other people would guess what you have drawn. You can either choose to play individually, or you can also make teams.

The pictures can be drawn on paper and shown to other people on the call. There are some websites and apps that will allow you to play this game with friends. This is a brilliant guessing game to play with friends on Video Conferences.

Two Truths and A Lie

This game is for those who have just become friends and want to know each other better. Very easy game to play on video calls. All you have to do is share three things about yourself, among which only two are true.

Other people have to guess which one was a lie. This game becomes more enjoyable when you share very personal and specific information as guessing becomes difficult.

Truth or Dare

Best Facetime Games Truth or Dare

The dearest game of college students, Truth or Dare, never becomes out of fashion. Randomly choose a person at the conference to choose either ‘Truth’ or ‘Dare.’ If he/she chooses Truth, you ask them a question, probably a secret you want to know about that person.

If they choose ‘Dare,’ if you are together physically, you can give them loads of tasks. But if you are playing games over Facetime on Zoom, you can ask them to send a message to their crush or post something stupid on Instagram, etc.

Never Have I Ever

Again this game is best suited for people who want to get to know better. This game over Facetime requires no resources. Each payer makes a statement starting with ‘Never have I ever’ and finishes with something they haven’t done.

For example, ‘Never have I ever Peed in the Pool.’ Other players drink beer if they have or skip if they haven’t. Things get spicy once everyone starts sharing personal information. This is the best-suited game for online beer party over Facetime or Video Conferences.

Yahtzee | Board Game to Play over Facetime

Cool Game to Play over Facetime Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a board game that you can play on Facetime or over zoom and Google meet. There are online Yahtzee Games that are also available to play. This board game is so much fun to play and the best pass time with friends.


Play Scrabble Game over Facetime and Zoom

Scrabble is a game with lots of fun that also improves your vocabulary. Basically, you have to make words with the letters you have and earn more points. You can play it over Facetime on a scrabble board.

If you are playing it on Zoom or any other online platform, you can find online sites or apps to play Scrabble game.

Read My Lips

Read my lips on Video Calling

Choose a word or a phrase and tell that to your partner. You just have to make the lip movement without saying it aloud. Your partner or teammates have to guess the word or phrase you are trying to tell.


Hangman Play Facetime Game

Hangman is best played between two people. You have to think of a word and draw dashes for all the letters in the word. Another person has to guess a letter if it is there in the word you thought you write them in their position.

If not, you draw a stick man one part, including head, body, hands, and legs each at a time. The person has to guess the word before the stick man picture is completed. You can play this game on Facetime or over Zoom and other online video conference platforms.


Play Bingo game over facetime and Zoom

Bingo was one of the most loved games when we were kids. You can play Bingo over Facetime when there only two players to play the game. Both the player’s numbers from 1 to 25 in a 5*5 grid as per their choice.

Each player has to cross out one number alternatively. One who makes five lines vertically, horizontally, or diagonally wins the game.

Rainbow Race

Rainbow Race Game to Play on Zoom

The rainbow race is a game that you can play over Facetime on Video Conferencing platforms. Here the host tells a color, and all the participants have to bring five items of that color from their home. Whoever brings these items first will win the game.

Alphabet Game | Play over Facetime

Alphabet Game | Facetime and Zoom

The first thing in the Alphabet game is to choose a Category. Let’s say we chose animals. The first person tells an animal name, the second person has to say another animal name from the last letter of that, and it continues.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit Board Game

Trivial Pursuit is yet another board game that can be played over Facetime. Either one person can move everyone else’s pieces, or you can also choose some online Trivial Pursuit sites. 

20 Yes/No Questions

In this game, one player thinks about a person, place, or a movie. Choose the category before you start playing. Opponent player can ask you up to twenty Yes or No questions. For example, ‘Is the movie is a Superhero Movie?’

By the end of 20 questions, if the opponent guesses correctly within three chances, he/she wins. Otherwise, you win. This game is fun to play and builds your knowledge about different things over Facetime on Zomm or Googe meet.

List of Games that you can play over Facetime and Zoom

  1. Complete the Story
  2. Rock Paper Scissors
  3. Complete the Story
  4. Skip the Number
  5. Solve the Riddle
  6. Ludo / Snake and Ladder
  7. Kiss Marry and Kill
  8. Guess the Full Form
  9. What If
  10. This or That
  11. Business

These were some of the games that you can play over Facetime and zoom. Now you have apps and websites for all the board games. You can choose to play any of these games with friends while on the video call.

Last Words:

These were some of the best games you can play over Facetime and zoom with friends and children. It’s tough to stay at home and not meet friends, but we can still talk to them and play these games over Zoom, Google meet, or Skype.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thank You for reading and Please check our website for more articles.


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