Free PSN Codes 2021 – Complete List of PSN Codes Generator 2021

August 7, 2021

People who love Play Station are always looking for PSN codes to make purchases and upgrade their gaming. Here are a few tricks that you can try to get PSN codes for free.

PlayStation Network Codes

Millions of people play Playstation, and people who are very much into gaming like to update their game from time to time. If you are one of them and want to buy items from the Playstation Store, PSN codes and gift cards will help you.

Why Do You Need PSN Codes?

Playstation Network Codes are the PSN gift cards. You can redeem these codes while purchasing anything on the Sony Playstation store. 

PSN Gift Card

You can make a payment to upgrade your game or buy any tools using your credit card or debit card. But at times they are too expensive, or you don’t want to spend so much money. In such times PSN gift cards come to your rescue.

You can redeem items for free or avail of discounts with the help of PSN codes. Thus you can improve your gaming for free or at less price and have fun.

Get Free PSN Codes In 2021

In this article, we have explained a number of methods that will help you get free Playstation codes. Try out these methods personally and continue with the best way suited for you. All these methods avail you of guaranteed results.

#1 PlayStation 14 Day trial

If you are looking for PSN codes to buy Play Station for the first time, you can try using this method. Sony gives a 14-day free trial when you sign up for Playstation Plus. You will get to access all the premium features of Playstation for free.

Playstation Plus Trial

Go to the PlayStation official page and signup with your email address, and create a new password. Fill in all the details and head towards the payment section. Choose a preferred payment method for you and fill in the credit/debit card details.

You can now enjoy your Playstation 14-day free trial. Don’t worry; no amount will immediately be deducted from your account. But remember to cancel the PSN plus subscription before completing the trial; else, the money will be debited.

#2 PSN Gift Cards on Online Survey Sites

Did you know that you can earn money by filling online surveys? Yes, there are many sites you can find that will pay you for performing simple tasks. You can also make PSN codes and gift cards from these sites.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie to earn PSN Gift Cards

Survey Junkie is a very popular online survey website that will let you earn money. All you have to do is to take surveys and watch video advertisements. You will get points added to your balance after every task you finish. 

Once there are enough points collected in your account, you can buy PSN codes. You can also credit the money into your bank account via Paypal and then purchase items on Playstation. 

Swagbucks for Free PSN Codes

Swagbucks Online Survey

Swagbucks is the most well-known online survey site. You can earn Playstation Gift cards by completing the tasks like watching online video advertisements, filling in surveys, signing up for newsletters, and downloading and using apps.

It will allow you to get PSN cards from the points you have collected. You can also transfer these points as money to the bank account through a Paypal account. You will also earn iTunes, Amazon, and many other gift cards by performing tasks on Swagbucks.


Mypoints is yet another online survey site to earn money online. Fill in the surveys and watch the video in your free time, and you can earn PSN gift cards and cash. It is straightforward to redeem the PSN codes you get on Mypoints, and you can also credit the money to your bank account.

Many other sites like PointsPrizes, Life Points, and Vindale Research will give you PSN codes and let you earn money to perform simple tasks. You will also get a chance to win Amazon, iTunes, and many other gift cards that will help you avail of discounts while purchasing.

Sites like Ibotta and Rakuten will let you earn money and Gift cards for shopping online through their sites. Here you can shop at a discounted price and avail of cashback as well. You can try these sites to earn money and buy PSN Gift cards.

These are two of the best methods to earn money online without much effort and buy items on Playstation.

#3 Free PSN Codes list that work in 2021

You can find a list of PSN codes for gift cards for free here. Try these codes to redeem your reward on your Playstation account, and if you get lucky, you can purchase items of your requirement.

List of Free PSN Codes

#4 Exchange other Gift Cards for PSN codes for free in 2021

There are times when you own gift cards from Amazon or any other site, but you can’t use them. You might even have PSN codes that you don’t want. You can exchange these gift cards for Playstation codes.

Exchane Free Gift Cards for PSN Codes

Online platforms like CardCash and Raise offer these kinds of services. You can get a PSN code for free in exchange for some other gift card that isn’t necessary for you. Thus both the parties can be benefited.

You can create a community on these sites that will help you to earn gift cards from time to time. Try this method on social platforms, especially on Reddit. You can ask people for free PSN codes in exchange for an Xbox or Amazon card.

#5 Participate in Giveaway Challenges

Follow Sony Playstation’s official pages on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They will announce updates on giveaways and discounts on different occasions. You can grab those opportunities to win PSN Codes for free.

Platstation Card Giveaway

Many famous gamers and gaming related pages also let you earn PSN Gift cards for free by participating in Giveaway challenges. Keep an eye on such pages on Instagram and Twitter. And follow Gaming Streams on Youtube.

Reddit is another best place to look for PlayStation codes. You can borrow gift cards or exchange them for other codes. Many gamers have their pages on Reddit and giveaway free PSN Codes. Don’t forget to check those.

Are Free PSN Codes Generators Genuine?

PSN code generators that you find when you search on Google are a big scam. They will make you download apps and fill surveys and don’t give you anything in return. Even if you get some codes, they won’t work for you to redeem anything.

PSN Free Code Generator

Please beware of such sites because they can steal sensitive information. Also, your device can be harmed by Malwares when you download random apps. Never fall for any of these scams.


PSN codes are essential to buy necessary upgrades to enhance your gaming experience. I hope after reading this article, you got to know how to get PSB Gift cards for free without much effort.

Try these methods and let us know in the comment section whether these tricks worked for you or not. I hope this article was helpful. Thank You for reading, and keep checking our articles.


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