15+ Free Movie Apps for Firestick

August 5, 2021

Amazon Firestick Tv allows you to download and install apps and makes your life so much simpler. You can finally say goodbye to your cable and enjoy movies and shows on different apps. Here are the best Movie Apps to install on Firestick for free.

Firestick TV best Movie Apps

Home TV entertainment has reached new levels with new Smart TVs in the market. Amazon, being one of the key players, has launched Firestick TV that will allow you to download apps just like your mobile.

You can enjoy shows and movies on various streaming platforms on a big screen with Amazon Firestick. Firestick allows you to watch movies from Amazon prime video and other OTT platforms and apps. 

You can easily download apps on your Firestick TV by simple steps and enjoy content from different apps for free. 

Best Free Movie Apps for Firestick

We have given a list of movie apps for FireStick TV with the best content and safe for your TV.


Showbox Watch movies for free

Showbox is an app that offers the best video content without any cost. It has a massive collection of shows, movies, documentaries and music. New content is also added from time to time. You can watch all these things at an absolute Zero cost.

You will get access to unlimited movies in HD quality, and you don’t even have to log in. It provides an ad-free experience, and you have a filter option to find the movies or shows of your taste quickly. You can download the movies and watch them whenever you want.

Showbox is the best free movies app for Firestick and provides a great user experience with its excellent content, user-friendly interface, and fantastic features.

Tubi TV

Free movies and Tv on Tubi Tv app

Tubi Tv app is available on Amazon Appstore and has top-rated movies and shows by creators worldwide. You can access movies across genres from kids, romance, thriller, Sci-fi etc., for free. 

If you download this free movie app on Firestick, you can enjoy legal content. Keep yourself entertained by watching HD quality videos on Tubi at zero cost.


Vudu Movies and Tv for ree on Firestick

Vudu is an app where you can find fantastic HD quality movies streaming for free. It has a user-friendly interface and offers movies varying from comedy, thriller, action, romance and various other genres. 

You can register on Vudu for free and enjoy watching more than 2000 movies and shows. Download this app right now on Firestick TV and enjoy watching movies.

Kodi App: Watch Movies on Firestick for Free

Kodi: Watch Movies and Shows for Free

Kodi is an open-source platform that lets you access movies and shows from different OTT platforms. Once you install the Kodi app on Firestick, you can enjoy the best web series, movies, short films and TV shows in the world for free.

Kodi app is one big repository of video content. It brings all the shows from different apps and makes it available on one platform. Thus you can easily access movies of your choice and have fun watching them.

Cinema APK

Cinema Apk Find Movies for Free

Cinema apk is the go-to platform for all movie lovers. If you are a person who loves watching movies and web shows, then you must have a Cinema apk on your Firestick TV. It has movies, series, comedy shows, kids’ shows, anime everything.

You will get the latest series and movies on Cinema apk from various OTT platforms. You can download these videos or watch them online with wase because of its user-friendly interface.

Coto Movies

Coto Movies : Free App for Firestick

Coto Movies is another excellent movie app that you must have on your Firestick for free. You get to watch movies, shows, web series by various creators in HD quality. You can download movies and watch them later.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Tv App

Popcorn Time has a massive collection of great movies and TV shows. You can search for a film that you want to watch and stream in on your Firestick. With its vast storage of torrent files, you will find anything and everything on the internet, and you can watch movies of your choice and enjoy.

Live Net TV

Live Net TV : Watch Live Channels on Firestick

Other apps in this article have a collection of movies and shows, but Live Net Tv is different. With this app on your Firestick, you can watch movies, Tv shows, sports, kids shows, everything live.

Live Net Tv streams more than 800 live channels for free. It is an excellent app for all viewers as the channels include sports, entertainment, information, kids, movies and many other genres.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle Free movies and Shows

Crackle is a free streaming service by Sony, which has amazing shows and movies from all over the world. You can watch all the movies and shows for free, but you have to bear ads in between. It has the best films in HD quality that you can enjoy watching.

Typhoon TV: Free Movie App for Firestick

Typhoon Tv

Typhoon Tv fetches you the best movies and shows created around the world. It’s free to use a movie app downloaded on Firestick and has HD quality videos to watch and enjoy. The app is very simple to use and provides various options like a filter, search etc., to make the user experience great.

Freeflix HQ

Movies and Shows for free on Freeflix

Freeflix app must have a position in the list of free movie apps for Firestick TV. It has thousands of movies, TV shows, web series. You can also watch Live TV Channels on Freeflix, a unique feature compared to other apps.

Freeflix also has Anime shows and is best suitable for anime lovers. You can also find Sports channels in this app.

Tea TV

Firestick Tea TV App Free Movies and Shows

Tea TV is a great app that has a massive library of movies and shows. You will get the latest movies and series without any delay in the Tea TV app. With its pleasant design and excellent content, it gives a fantastic user experience. 

You can download movies and watch later, pause and resume, maintain a favourite list and find video streaming in the best quality all in one place. Download Tea Tv free app on Firestick and enjoy movies and shows.

Youtube TV

Toutube for TV

We all know Youtube is a massive collection of videos. These videos include movies, web shows, documentaries, tutorials, comedy videos, sports, game streaming, live TV etc. You can watch all this content for free by downloading the Youtube Tv app on Firestick.

Undoubtedly Youtube is a go-to place for all of us if we are looking for anything to watch and relax. So you can install Youtube on your Tv and enjoy the fantastic videos and movies it has.


Catmouse Apps for free Movie on Firestick

Catmouse is free to use apps that streams movies and shows. It doesn’t have content of its own. It lets you access movies and series from various other platforms for free. You can watch the movies in HD quality on Firestick and enjoy them for free.

TV Tap

Live Tv on Firestick : TV Tap

TV Tap is another app that does live streaming of over 900 channels across the world. You can download the TV Tap app on Firestick for free and watch movies, sports, shows and news. It also provides a pleasant user experience.

There are a lot of other free apps like Cyberflix, UnlockMyTV, Bee TV, Titanium TV to watch movies and shows on Firestick. You must have all these apps on your Tv if you want to enjoy watching movies and shows.

How to install Free Movie Apps on Firestick?

Most of the apps mentioned in this article aren’t available on Amazon Appstore. You have to install them using a different procedure. Read the instructions given here.

Step 1: Press the ‘Menu‘ button on the remote and navigate MyFireTv > Developer Options.

Firestick Tv Developer Options

Step 2: Toggle ON the Apps From Unknown Sources option.

Install Free Movie Apps on Firestick TV

Step 3: Head to Amazon Appstore, download and install the Downloader App.

App Downloader for Firestick TV

Step 4: Launch Downloader and copy-paste the link for the app that you wish to download.

Downloading Movie Apps on Firestick for free

Step 5: Select the suitable version of the apps to download for your Firestick Tv and download.

Step 6: Once the app is downloaded, install the app and allow access permissions.

Now any free movie app is ready to use on Firestick TV. 


Now you know the best movie apps for Firestick to watch content for free. Download these apps as per the given instructions and have fun. We recommend you to have any anti-malware application on your TV for protection and security purposes.

Also, it is good to make use of a VPN while downloading all these apps. I hope you found this article valuable. Thank you for reading.


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