Fix: Dev Error 6068 – Quick and Easy Fix in Simple Steps

October 27, 2021

Recently gamers are searching for solutions to fix “Dev Error 6068” to play hassle-free Modern Warfare and Warzone. Today, I am here to share some information regarding the issue and the solution to fix the problem. This error mostly starts after getting into the and it will automatically shut the program.

On the internet, there are several reports available, that the error disappears on updating the game. But it is not a permanent solution because some users may fix it by updating but few users still face this issue. Let’s move into the discussion about the issue.

What Are The Causes For The Issue Dev Error 6068?

Before looking into the fixes, we have to find the reason behind the issue dev error 6068. The importance of finding the reason is to avoid the issue in the future and to use the right solution. Here is the list of reasons.

  • The issue in the graphic settings may lead to the error.
  • PC does not have enough power to run the game.
  • Error in any optimal settings and game configuration
  • Minimum requirement and minimum configuration for downloading the game
  • Usage of outdated software
  • Corruption in the game files.

We have seen the causes for dev error 6068. Now it’s time to move to the solutions to fix the error. I am presenting the fixes with easy steps.

Reinstall Shaders in the Call of duty game while playing. You have to play the game during the installation process. To avoid the error keep reinstalling which will disable the error temporarily. This error may work for some users. This is one of the temporary solutions. Other please follow the other fixes.

Fix #1: Update the Graphics Driver

If the error shows the DirectX problem then it may be due to the outdated graphics. Sometimes your graphics driver may get broken. To solve this issue you have to check whether the graphics driver is updated.

  • To update the driver, first, download the application Driver Easy by clicking on it.
  • Install the Driver easily and open the application to scan the problems in any of the drivers in the PC.
  • Next, you will get the notification to update all drivers. Click on the update all button which will run automatically and download the necessary driver versions.
  • To automatically download all the necessary drivers at a time then use the Pro version by paying some money.

Fix #2: Run The Program Modern Warfare With Administrator Permission

Running the modern warfare and with administration rights then you can solve the issue dev error 6068.

  • Right-click on the Modern Warfare file.
  • Next, select the option Run as administrator
  • To make this process permanent go to the properties of modern warfare file.
  • Now navigate to the Compatibility option
  • Next click on the checkbox “Run this program as an Administrator
  • Save the changes to run the program as administrator.

Fix #3 To Solve Dev Error 6068 – Enhance the Virtual Memory

For running the huge games you need more memory which you can attain from Virtual memory. This will give you additional memory to clear the crash.

  • First view the advanced system settings and look into the Performance
  • Under that click on the Settings option
  • A Window will pop up and move to the Advanced tab where you can see the Virtual memory
  • Click on the Change option present in the Virtual memory
  • Customize the size for drivers uncheck the option “Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers”.
  • Then fix the virtual memory size by increasing the size 3 times to that of your system memory. So calculate the initial size and maximum size according to your PC memory. After entering the required size click on the Set option.
  • Now click Ok and restart your computer to run the games without any errors.

Fix #4: Tweak The Graphics Setting

  • Open and go to the settings of Call of duty modern warfare.
  • Next, navigate to the graphics section of the game
  • Choose fullscreen borderless available under the display.

This method will help you to solve the dev 6068 error.

Fix #5: Disable Ray Tracing And Crossplay

  • To disable the Ray Tracing & Crossplay first open the application Call of Duty. Then go to the options and move to the Shadow & Lighting.
  • Next change the option to disable Disable DirectX Ray Tracing the ray tracing and under the Account option select the Crossplay to disable it.

Fix #6: To Clear Dev Error 6068 – Change The Game Settings

Set the game Call of Duty and Modern warfare to the top of your priority list. This will help the memory of your PC to run the game with enough resources. To change the settings to priority perform the steps given below.

  • First, click on the ALT +CTRL +Delete option at a time.
  • Now in the new window, select the option “Task Manager”.
  • Look for the process tab under the task manager and find the call of duty
  • Right-click on the call of duty application and move to the “Go to details”
  • Next right click on the application Call of duty and select the Priority option and choose High.
  • Finally, click on Save to clear the issue dev error 6068.

Fix #7: Deactivate Game Overlay Application

Overlay feature leads to the problem dev error codes error. The applications that overly are AMD overlay, Discord overlay, Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, etc. To switch off In-game overlay click on the following options.

  • Go to Task Manager
  • Open the GeForce Experience and click on the General option
  • Find the In-Game Overlay option available under the General tab. Change the position of that option to Off the switch.
  • Try restarting your system and the game.

Final Words

I have provided some easy solutions to fix the dev error with several codes. Follow the easy steps present above to enjoy the warzone games. Even after performing all these solutions, still if you find the error then uninstall the game and install it again. Change RAM to increase the memory of your PC to run the game without any interference. One another most reported option is lowering the FOV to 95. I hope you find this blog useful and by now your error may be rectified.



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