Fix: AdBlock Not Working On Twitch

October 25, 2021

Imagine you’re watching a live-stream of your favorite Twitch streamer. They’re about to make the play of a lifetime, and you’re holding your breath, waiting to see what happens. And then all of a sudden, an advertisement starts playing! But you have your Adblocker extension running, so how can this happen? Why is the AdBlock not working on Twitch? How can you fix it? These are the questions I will answer today for you in this guide.

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Let’s begin, shall we?

Why Is AdBlock Not Working On Twitch?

Adblockers work differently on Twitch than they do for other websites. This is because Twitch ads are designed in such a way that they are directly inserted into the video stream.

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Adblockers have to race Twitch servers so that ads can be blocked before your browser downloads them along with the video stream. This makes it extremely difficult for Twitch ads to be intercepted and blocked. However, there are other reasons also that can cause the issue of AdBlock Not Working On Twitch. I have mentioned some of them here.

  • AdBlock is not updated to the latest version.
  • AdBlock settings not configured properly.
  • Other browser extensions interfering with how AdBlock works.
  • You’ve not set the required advanced settings in your AdBlock.

In the next section, I will take you through the different fixes you can apply to resolve this error.

How To Fix AdBlock Not Working On Twitch

Here are some of the most common fixes you can use to resolve the error of AdBlock not working on Twitch. Depending on what the issue is, you might have to try one or more of the solutions given below before you can get your adblocker to work normally again.

1. Update Your AdBlock Extension

AdBlock extensions often get new updates frequently. If you’re using an outdated version of your Adblocker, it may not work as well as expected. I will show you the steps you can follow to update your Adblocker to the newest version.

Step 1: Open Chrome browser. Type this in the address bar – ‘chrome://extensions/’.

Step 2: This will open up the Chrome Extensions screen. You’ll see an option called ‘Developer Mode’ on the top right corner. Toggle it on.

Developer Mode

Step 3: Once Developer Mode is toggled on, you’ll see a few new options show up. Click on the option for ‘Update’


This will update all your extensions, including your Adblocker. You can now restart your browser, open Twitch, and check to see whether the ads are being blocked correctly.

2. Disable Other Extensions That Could Interfere With AdBlock

When multiple extensions are working simultaneously, it can cause errors since they can interfere with one another. This is especially true for AdBlock extensions. If you’re noticing that your AdBlock is not working as expected, another extension might be the culprit.

Turn Off Extensions

Go to your Chrome address bar and type in ‘chrome://extensions/’ to open the extensions page. Disable all the other extensions except for the AdBlock. This is only temporary, so that we can identify if this is the issue. Once all the other extensions are disabled, open Twitch, and check to see whether AdBlock works properly.

If you notice that AdBlock is now working well, you should go back to the extensions page and manually turn on and turn off each extension one by one so that you can identify which specific extension is causing AdBlock to fail. Once that extension is identified, you can remove it.

3. Change AdBlock Settings – Easy Fix For AdBlock Not Working On Twitch

There are certain settings in AdBlock that can cause it to stop working for streaming websites such as Twitch. You’ll have to tweak around with these settings for a bit before you can find the one that works best. I’ve noticed that disabling a certain option called ‘Allow Acceptable Ads’ can help to make AdBlock work more effectively for Twitch.

Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Open Chrome Browser. Find the icon for AdBlock next to your address bar and click on it.

Step 2: You’ll see a gear icon that is for Settings. Tap on it.

Step 3: Under the sub option ‘General’ you’ll notice a setting called ‘Allow Acceptable Ads’. Turn this off.

Now you can restart your browser and check to see whether Twitch ads are being blocked or not.

4. Change Browser Settings

Sometimes, Chrome Network Services can cause issues with AdBlock working properly. Let me show you how you can resolve this.

Step 1: Open Chrome and type ‘chrome://flags/‘ in the address bar. This will open up the Experiment Features for Chrome.

Experimental Features - Fix AdBlock Not Working On Twitch

Step 2: Search for ‘Network Services’. You’ll see two options called ‘Data reduction proxy with network service’ and ‘Runs network service in-process’. Disable both of them.

Step 3: Save your settings.

Now restart the browser and check if you’re still facing the issue of AdBlock Not Working On Twitch.

5. Use Advanced Features On AdBlock

AdBlock has a feature called as whitelisting and blacklisting. These are very useful to filter out ads that you don’t want. You can add Twitch to AdBlock’s blacklist so that Twitch ads will be blocked on high priority. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Click the AdBlock icon next to your address bar.

Step 2: Now tap on the cog-wheel icon to open Settings. Scroll down and click on the ‘My Filer’ section.

Step 3: Add the following command codes, one on each line.


You can now save the settings and restart your browser. AdBlock will now easily block all Twitch ads, giving you a perfectly uninterrupted streaming experience.


I have discussed all the common solutions you can use for AdBlock Not Working On Twitch. Many users have reported that these methods have fixed the problem for them, and that Twitch now plays ad-free.

If you have any doubts or queries, reach out to us through the comments below and we’ll help you out! We’ll be updating this page whenever we find more solutions, so make sure you bookmark this page!


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