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October 29, 2021

Are you aware of the automatic clicking application? If so then this article will help you download and use the auto clicker software. OP auto clicker is the most preferable and popular auto clicking software. Many people prefer using this while playing games due to its simple interface. If you are planning to get this software download the latest version 3.0.

Both Windows and Mac users can get this software easily just by following few simple steps. We can use this to play games like Roblox, Minecraft, and much more. This OP auto clicker works in two modes. One is you need to feed the pre-selected location as the memory, and the other one is clicking at the exact spot where you need to click. Make use of this tool by selecting the maximum or an infinite number of clicks.

All About OP Auto Clicker

OP Auto clicker is an easy-to-use and easy to configure the software. This can be easily handled by both beginners and experienced professionals. The persons who get an advantage over this software are gamers, software testers, and programmers. One can use this application to complete their work with less effort and they can save time.


Among various auto clickers, this OP auto clicker is the best one. Here are some interesting features of this application. Have a look at it before downloading it.

  • The major feature everyone loves is you have the option to click on a particular spot automatically or it can click by following your cursor.
  • There is hotkey support while running in the background mode.
  • It just takes less CPU usage.
  • Don’t worry about any threats like corruption, viruses, and malware in this OP auto clicker.
  • The most relaxing feature of this software is ads-free.
  • The last settings will be saved automatically as per the cursor location.
  • One can also click once, double or it can perform triple-clicking too.
  • Custom hotkey as per your requirement and wish
  • It is free software and open-source so anyone can easily install and use it.

Why OP Auto Clicker?

Many of you may think why we need this auto clicking software. And here is the answer to your question. It reduces the tons of burden for PC users with its high performance. If you are the one who needs a high amount of mouse clicks in a short time then you need this software. Mostly gamer wants to click the mouse at high speed to rack the gaming points. So to achieve those targets definitely gamers need assistance. And they cannot hire an assistant to click the mouse in their place. Manual work is not possible to perform it. So to do that OP auto clicker is there which is super easy and can help you in performing repetitive mouse clicks.

How To Download OP Auto Clicker In Your Windows PC?

Configure auto-clicking in your PC using the application OP auto clicker. You can simply follow the steps given below to install it.

  • First search on your browser as OP Auto Clicker for Windows and you will get the official site where you can click on the download button. One can also download this application at this link.
  • Next, click on the downloaded file in your system. Now it will ask for the installation. Follow the on-screen instructions and install them in your Windows.

This application does not need any support as it is a portable app. You can easily open it and give the instructions like click interval, type of click and number of repetitions, etc. You can also choose the option where you can select the repetitive clicks until you command to stop. Play your video games and schedule the clicks to enjoy gaming without any hassles.


Mac users may think about whether they can download this application in their Mac OS. Click on the link to get an OP auto clicker in your Mac. You can try this without purchasing it. This is the overall best tool for both Windows and Mac.

OP Auto Clicker Is Safe

Persons who think about security want to know whether this application is safe or not. And the answer is it is totally safe which is free of any kind of threats like viruses and other malware. If you run an antivirus scan using advanced antivirus software you can find this as the safest application. There will be no issues and spyware which is the best auto clicker software available on the internet. Many alternative auto clickers will be found as a threat while running an antivirus scan.

How To Use OP Auto Clicker Software?

After installing you can easily use this OP auto clicker. Here is the complete guide to using this software.

  • Same as running other software just click on the OP auto clicker and the software window will open.
  • One should start the work by first setting the click interval. One can set the interval from hours to milliseconds.
  • Next, choose the mouse button which needs to be clicked. Select the right, left, or middle button and select single, double, or triple-click. So, it can automatically click as per settings.
  • As the next step one has to choose the number of clicks and number of repetitions. For an infinite number of clicks, you have to choose ‘Repeat until stopped’.
  • You can also choose the pick location to select the location on the screen. To click according to the cursor you have to choose the option ‘current location’.
  • Now finally press the default hotkey (F6) to start the action of the auto clicker. If you wish to change the hotkey there are the settings available for you.
  • If you want to stop in the middle then again press the hotkey.

Final Words

And we reached the end of the blog. I hope you might find this blog useful. By now you should have downloaded this software to reduce your work. After completing the settings just sit back and see how it works. If you find this blog useful please give your feedback in the comment section.


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