Crackle App Download For PC, MAC – Latest Version

Crackle is an OTT platform where you can watch movies, TV shows, and Crackle Originals for free. It is a go-to platform for movie lovers. This article is about Crackle App Download for PC and Mac Devices but before we begin, let us see some more about Crackle.

What Is Crackle: Movies And TV?

 Crackle was previously owned by Sony Entertainment Industry. It is a streaming app where you watch uncut tv shows and movies for free with ads. The ads come at the beginning and middle of the TV shows and movies. The shorter the duration of the video you are watching the lesser ads you will be viewing. 


Crackle logo: app download for pc

Chicken Soup for Soul Entertainment currently owns this app. This app has region-based content. Not all content is available for streaming everywhere. The app is currently available only in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and 18 countries in Latin America. You can download crackle on your PC in other countries using VPNs, proxies, etc.

Crackle App Download For PC and MAC

If you are living in the counties listed above, you can even simply view the movies without downloading the app directly from the website. The crackle app is not available for PC and Mac devices. The movies and TV series available for streaming on the website are completely free of cost. Due to this, there are a lot of advertisements in the beginning and in-between videos which disrupts your streaming experience. Though the advertisement duration is tolerable, it still becomes irritating when lots of ads come up and disrupt the video’s flow. crackle download for pc and mac

However, there is a subscription option through which you can go ad-free. In the free version of the crackle, the video quality is decent on a normal computer screen. If you wish to stream videos from crackle on larger desktop or TV screens, then the video quality will be very bad. Also, the videos buffer a lot.

If you still want to download the Crackle app on your PC to stream movies and stuff, then the best option is to install an android emulator and install the app using it. Four simple steps is all it takes to do it.

Step-1: Download Android emulators like BlueStacks, Phoenix OS, and Nox to your PC or Mac.

Step-2:  Install and run the emulator on your PC or Mac device.

Step-3: Then search for the Crackle – Movies and TV app in the search interface.

Step-4: Click on the install button or icon to install the app on your PC or Mac device, just like you do on your android and iOS.

There you go, the crackle app will now be installed on your PC and Mac devices.

Crackle Download For PC In Other Countries

Well, it’s sad news to people living in other countries because it will not be available in your regions and an error message will pop up saying that the app is not currently available in your region. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that the official app will come to all regions soon.

Crackle download for pc region restricted

Till then, here are some ways to unlock Crackle in your region.

  1. VPN: Using a good and trusted VPN is the best choice to unlock crackle in your region. Using a VPN is the safest and reliable method. It hides your system’s IP address and protects your identity and at the same time allows you to use and unblock region-restricted sites.
  2. Smart DNS: Another good way to use Crackle apps outside the mentioned regions is Smart DNS. In this method, your router will be connected to another router in a region that you require. This would enable you to access apps outside the regional restriction as the installations would happen on your device through that router. 
  3. .apk file: You cannot find the app in app stores. So, the next best option is to install the app as a .apk file from trusted third-party software. It is not a completely safe method to install the app this way unless you really trust the source you are installing from.

Now to download the app on a PC or Mac device, you can follow the same steps mentioned above by installing an android emulator on your PC or directly stream from the official website using VPN or Smart DNS.

Crackle App On PC: Worth It?

Now that we know how to install the Crackle on PC in different regions, let us see if the app is worth the install. 

Crackle Originals On PC

You can stream the contents of the app for free. Every month, new movies and episodes are added to the app. You can stream movies and tv series through this app on many devices, and as a bonus, you also get to watch Sony Crackle originals. This app has a lot of good movies and an easy-to-use interface. A wide selection of genres to choose from on its positive side. 

On the downside, the tv series available on crackle is not good and does not have much to select from. It has a lot of advertisements while streaming videos on it which disrupts the experience and the videos buffer a lot. You cannot decide on what to watch since most of the reviews available on the app are positive and will not help you decide anything.

Features Of Crackle: Movies And Tv App

Free: The app is free to install and stream, making it preferable over the ones that need a subscription.

Monthly Refresh: At least 20 new movies and episodes of TV shows are added to the Crackle app every month.

Multiple Genres: Crackle has a lot of genres to browse from. You can search its interface by browsing through the different genres of movies, tv-series, and Sony crackle originals or simply type the keyword in its search interface.

High-Quality Videos: You can stream high-quality videos on Crackle through Wi-Fi or more stable data connections.


On the whole, crackle is a streaming app with its flaws but it’s worth giving it a try. It’s free to install and to stream except in Latin America. You only get the paid version of the website and app for streaming in Latin America. The programs are available mainly in three languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and English. You can set your preferences on the desktop site and app. 

You can expect the app to run more smoothly if you have a more stable internet connection. It is always better to use Wifi over Mobile data.

Crackle has a whole lot more movies and tv series in its library than in some of the paid websites. This makes up for the fact of too many advertisements while streaming. However, you can go ad-free if you pay for its subscription. You will also get some newer titles in both movies and tv shows when you subscribe to Crackle.


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