500+ Cool Fortnite Names For You

August 6, 2021

If you are a Fortnite player, you would want to have a cool and attractive username. It’s natural to wish for a great name on Fortnite so that the other players talk about it. Here you can find more than 500 Funny and cool Fortnite names.

What’s Fortnite?

Fortnite is Battle Royale Video Game that has different gaming modes. There are millions of players who play Fortnite, and it is a viral game all over the world.

Fortnite Online Gaming Platform

It has Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite: Battle Royale modes, and a number of seasons inside these games. As you level up, the game becomes more and more exciting, and you want to spend more time playing Fortnite.

Every Fortnite Player has a name within the game, and it’s very obvious that everyone wants it to be unique. So here we have listed the coolest and most unique Fortnite names.

Cool Fortine Names for Fortnite Users

Gaming is not only about how we play but also we want the other players to recognize us. The first thing that catches the attention of people is your username. Below you can find the cool Fortnite names that you can use.

Cool and Funny Fortnite Usernames

1. Soul Sniper

2. Little Miss Misery

3. Potter Head

4. KristyHoney

5. What’s In A Name

6. The Conquerer

7. Shadow gamer

8. The Skull Eater

9. Commando

10. KillerKing

11. God of Hunters

12. World Destroyer

13. The Saviour

14. The Godzilla

15. Dragon Hunter

16. Noobker

17. Boomer

18. AK47

19. PUBG Striker

20. Super Striker

22. Champion of Sea

23. Game Gangster

24. Mild Monster

25. Shadow Spider

26. Samurai7

27. King Of Good Times

28. Silent Killer

29. Messy Guy

30. I’m Immortal

31. Invincible

Best Fortnite Names for Girls

Even Girls are not behind in computer and online gaming but still, people feel they aren’t good gamers. But it’s not true. So to make your first impression count its important to have a cool and sassy username. You can find a Fortnite name for you in the list given below.

Fortnite Names for Girls and Women

1. The Slay Queen

2. Flying Angel

3. Beauty and the Beast

4. Fairy Queen

5. Girl Boss

5. Mermaid of the Sea

6. The Bad Bitch

7. Papa Ki Pari

8. Killing Queen

9. Junglee Sherni

10. Bomb Gal

11. Brutal Barbie

12. Gold Digger

13. Evil Queen

14. Miss Universe

15. Female Flash

16. Bloody mary

17. That Cute Chick

18. Queen of the World

19. Mein Chudail Hoon

20. Winning Chick

21. Fierce Fighter

22. Cinderella

23. Firey Queen 

Unique Character Names for Fortnite Gaming

The Fortnite Names given here are very unique and cool in their own way. They will catch the attention of other users immediately and you will be recognized. Try any of these names yourself and see the result.

Fortnite Usernames for Boys and Girls

1. Do Or Die

2. I’m Killing It

3. Death Machine

4. God of Death

5. Evil dead

6. Laughing Ghost

7. Mad Max

8. Bruce Lee

9. Deadly Doraemon

10. Sab Ka Katega

11. Sweet Demon

12. Dumbass Duo

13. Gambit Queen

14. Fantastic Finder

15. Wise Veteran

18. Funny Superhero

19. Joker the Killer

20. Agent Vinod

21. ThreateningTycoon

22. Weak Heart

23. Stay Away

24. Read Head

25. I Kill You

26. Scary Santa

27. Dead Dealer

28. Vampire Queen

29. The Dark Spirit

30. Pirate Pro

31. Winning Wiking

32. Parasitic Killer

33. Lunatic Lmao

34. Giant Demon

35. Puzzle Face

36. Big Head

37. Monster Martyr

38. Hungry Wolf

39. White Tiger

40. Roaring Lion

41. Real Roadie

42. Its My Skull

Fortnite Funny and Cool Usernames for Gamers

These Fortnite Names are Cool and Sassy. These are very new and other players will adore you for the unique username you have.

Funny and Sassy names for Fortnite Users

1. Kill or Kiss

2. Lady Leader

3. Cool Dude 69

4. Death Note

5. Ninja Head

6. God Blast You

7. Wolf Rider

8. Psychopath

9. Dashing Dudley

10. Dynamite Drool

11. Mafia King/Queen

12. Master of Battles

13. Irresistible Slayer

14. Stupid Murderer

15. White Wolf

16. Hungry For Blood

17. Evil Dead

18. Terminator

19. Furious Fighter

20. Doughnut Bag

21. Sweet Sixteen

22. Broom Boom

23. Criminal Mind

24. Fear Butcher

25. Abnormally Normal

28. Common Man

29. Faulty Devil

30. Warrior King

31. Sunken Pirate

32. Secret Superstar

33. The Big Loser

34. King Pin

35. Boss of Bosses

36. Mr. World

37. Dark Thunder

38. Sugar Daddy

39. Mental Man

40. Oxymoron

41. Captain Crook

42. Doctor Familiar

43. Havoc Dude

44. Pac Man

45. Ultimate Winner

46. Marvellous Mario 

47. Money Man

48. Knight Angel

49. Darknight

50. Sharp Shooter

51. CowBoy

Best Names for Boys for Fortnite Game

The Names for male Fortnite users are given below. These are weird and killer names and catch others’ attention at the sight of it, Look at all of them and select the one you like the most.

Best Fortnite Usernames for Boys

1. Immortal Brat

2. Brook Man

3. Gorilla Hunter

4. Treasure Hunter

5. Seaway Surfer

6. The Jungle King

7. Flawless Queen

8. Fearless Man

9. Crooked Brain

10. Call Me Dead

11. Brainless Bimbo

12. Failed Mission

13. Cloaked Shadow

14. Invisible Bitch

15. The Untouchable

16. Ghost Rider

17. Mickey Mouse

18. Savage Sailor

19. Crime King

20. Seeker

21. Revenge Taker

22. Cute Killer

23. Scary Sniper

24. Spy And Die

25. Maniac Muffin

26. The Red Blood

27. Alive Zombie 

28. Panda Assasin

29. Meat Eater

30. Brave Fart

31. Pissed Pistol

32. Happy To Hurt

33. Shitty Pants

34. Sneak and Win

35. Fortnite Phobiac

36. Knight of the Fort

37. Unbeatable Rook

38. Evil Executioner

39. Powerful Rider

40. Gorilla Hunter

41. Deluxe Dealer

42. Dead Defender

43. Snake Charmer

44. Holly Hunter

45. Demon Diva

46. Edge Liver

47. Power Ranger

48. Vibrant Sniper

49. Power Seeker

50. Bad Boy

Amazing and Unique Usernames for Fortnite Players

Every good gamer must have a good username. That’s how people will recognize you first. Here are the most attractive Fortnite Names you can use as a username.

Amazing Usenames for Fortnite Players

1. Undercover Agent

2. Imposter

3. One Among Us

4. Evil Agent

5. Black Panther

6. Backstabber

7. Mr. Cargo

8. Advocate of the dead

9. Battlefield Ruler

10. Screaming Shull

11. Rifle Man

12. Shake and Bake

13. Killer Looks

14. Funky Monkey

15. Breaking Bad

16. Terrific Traitor

17. Slipped Disc

18. Sparking Mark

19. Bacardi

20. Beauty Bomb

21. Captain Fortnite

22. Deamon

23. Daredevil

24. Titan 

25. Flying Penguin

26. Phoenix

27. Green Ghost

28. Hammer Head

30. Hell Owner

31. Iron Heart

32. Lightning God

33. Mad Maniac

34. Eagle Eye

35. Night Terror

36. Pearl Heart

37. Pocket Rocket

38. Spirited Soul

39. Dead Deal

40. Karate King

41. Annihilator

42. Jack the Ripper

43. Hercules

44. Ball Blaster

45. Killer Romeo

Fortnite Username Criteria and Rules:

  • The word ‘Epic’ cannot be used in the username.
  • You can only have letters, numbers and spaces in the Fortnite Names.
  • The name should contain a minimum of 5 Characters and Maximum of 32 Characters.
  • You can make use both lower case and uppercase letters.
  • I allow you to make use of any font style.

Keep all these things in mind before choosing or creating a Fortnite name for you.

Best Website to generate cool Fortnite Names:

Here are a few websites that will help you to generate a witty username for you. With the cool name, you can catch the attention of other users.


Nickfinder.com is a vast collection of gaming names for hardcore gamers. The usernames you find here are weird, witty, cool and amazing. You can choose an already existing username or create a new one for you.

You can combine two or more catchy words and make a new Fortnite name for you. This site will provide you with everything to get a cool name for your Fortnite Account.

2. Name Generator

It is another website to generate cool nicknames for gamers. Name Generator will ask you a few questions, and you need to answer them. Based on your answers, it will generate a cool Fortnite name for you.

You can choose that name or even can make changes if you want. It suggests the adjectives for you to create a cool and catchy username. With its suggestions, you will get a Fortnite username as per your wish.

How to Change your Fortnite Name?

These are the steps you need to follow to change your name on Fortnite.

Step 1: Go to the Fortnite Official Website and log in to your account.

Step 2: Now, go to your Account section and click on My Account icon.

Step 3: Change the name of your Fortnite account.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Save Changes‘ option at the bottom.

Your Fortnite name is now successfully changed.

Note: Choose your Fortnite name cautiously because Fortnite allows you to change the name only once in six months. So if you change the name, it remains the same for the next six months.


Those were the cool and funny names for your Fortnite Games. I hope you found the best name for you and using it as your username on Fortnite. 

Thanks for reading this article. Please do visit our Website for more articles.



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