Your Complete Guide to Aura Photography

February 16, 2022

An electromagnetic field surrounds every human being. Some people refer to this as an aura. Many ancient cultures believed that this electrical field can be broken down into multiple layers that help control the different aspects, including the spiritual, physical, and emotional planes.

It is believed that the interaction between these layers of energy can influence your overall health and well-being. While science has yet to be able to measure the precise breakdown of these electrical fields, there is no denying that they exist.

Millions of people are constantly searching for a better and deeper understanding of themselves and their world. While self-reflection and meditation can be helpful in unraveling the mysteries of the psyche, being able to read your own aura could be a new way to interpret your health.

For those interested in learning to see their own aura, some metaphysical teachers can guide you. If you are interested in physically viewing your aura, you may want to explore Aura photography. You can even use this unique and mystical portrait on your social media accounts. You can find out where to buy an aura camera or visit a specialty business that caters to aura portraits. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at aura photography and the science of the body.

What Is Aura Photography?

Aura portraiture has exploded in the past few years making it one of the most requested spiritual services by interested customers.

Aura photography had its beginnings nearly a century ago. In 1939, Semyon and Valentina Kirlian discovered a technique called Coronal Discharge Photography. This form of photography works to capture electrical discharges on film. The process was eventually named Kirlian Photography after the founders.

Flash forward to the 1970s, when there was a culturally heightened awareness of personal spirituality and you will find the next step in the development of Kirlian Photography. A photographer named Guy Coggins created a camera specifically to photograph the aura called the AuraCam 6000. This unique piece of equipment is still in use today.

The Aura Cam 6000 is a unique measurement mechanism that transports the electrical field surrounding the body into a portrait. The Aura Cam 6000 works by having a subject place their hands on two plates that are fitted with biofeedback centers. The camera then opens up for a long double exposure shot. This technique creates a headshot that is overlaid by an image of the electrical field surrounding the body.

What Are Aura Readings?

When you have your aura photo taken, it’s common to have the opportunity for your portrait to be interpreted by an aura expert. These experienced technicians will be able to tell you what the look and colors of your aura mean. A skilled reader will be able to tell you about your future direction, your current condition, and your past experience.

Your aura photo can be broken down for interpretation by segmenting it into different sections. To your right will show the energy of your recent past. For example, if you were frustrated or angry a few hours before your portrait, your aura may still show colors of that mood. The left side of your image will show your near future by displaying the colors of the energy that you are creating for yourself. The center of the aura, often directly above the head will show the colors of your current aura.

Aura Color Meanings

Red: Positive, brave, passionate

Pink: Passionate, caring, charitable

Magenta: Eccentric, open, cheerful

Orange: Adventurous, inventive, free-spirited

Tan: Business-like, organized, logical

Yellow: Buoyant, joyful, lighthearted

Green: Resourceful, growth-oriented, caring

Light blue: Serene, inventive, nurturing

Dark blue: Loyal, undoubting, connected

Indigo: Honest, easy, creative

Violet: Intuitive, ambitious, creative

White: Spiritual, emotional, nurturing

The Aura Examined

Most of the time, your aura will exhibit one or more dominant colors. The most vibrant colors display what you are currently experiencing. Your colors can reflect your energy in transit from one mood to another.

Every aura is a different size in the sense of how vibrant it is and how far away from the body it radiates. People with big auras tend to be larger than life people. Those that can’t be ignored in a crowd and just seem to glow with energy likely have a large aura. If your aura extends out from your portrait, you are likely to have a dynamic personality and good health.

Auras that are smaller or do not radiate out from the body too far are referred to as closed-in auras. Those that have slighter auras can often be characterized for their quietness, shyness, and introvertedness.

Your aura changes with the experiences in your life. As you grow and change from era to era, so will your aura. Aura’s are especially sensitive to mood and health, so your aura can change rapidly depending on the situation.

Occasionally, a person’s aura will be photographed as a rainbow of different colors. This reflects an incredible spiritual awareness and health as each layer of the aura is in alignment. Those who have a bright rainbow aura are often regular meditation practitioners. For those that have a rainbow of colors in their aura but are softer pastel colors, it’s an indication of peace and spiritual serenity.

Many people fear seeing a black aura when they have a portrait session. Black auras are simply the lack of energy. This means that your energy levels may be depleted from illness, depression, or fatigue. If you see a floating orb of white light in your aura photograph, this is believed to be the presence of a guiding spirit or the angel of a passed loved one.

Where Can You Get Your Aura Photographed?

Most large cities have specialists that offer aura photography. You can also go to #AuraPhotography on Twitter or Instagram to find out if you have a dealer somewhere close to where you live.

Your aura is constantly changing with the different experiences in your life. A great way to track your spiritual and emotional development is to have an aura portrait done annually. Whether you believe in auras on a spiritual or physical level, aura photography is a beautiful way to embrace your inner self.


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