7 Types of Digital Marketing Agencies (and What They Do)

February 2, 2022

Your brand needs the perfect marketing strategy to draw the attention and audience it needs. While it’s great to know how to handle marketing personally, it’s often better to leave it to the professionals. With digital marketing, there are hurdles that you can’t just scale through on your own. You need the guidance of professionals. The truth of the matter is that you’re not saving money or resources when you try to carry out your marketing campaigns all by yourself. Frankly speaking, you might end up losing money due to rookie mistakes, among other things. So, at times the best investment is to spend that money on proven professionals to get the job done. But first, what is digital marketing, and why do you need the specialized help of digital marketing agencies?

What is Digital Marketing?

In this digital age, if you haven’t taken your business online, you’re not ready to tap into the global market available online. This is precisely where digital marketing solutions come in. With digital marketing, you engage in marketing campaigns online to reach a global market of at least 7 billion people. Think about all the customers you can get to know about your business and even patronize you. That’s the power of digital marketing. Digital marketing is all about positioning your business online by using digital marketing strategies and channels to market your product or service to customers all across the globe. With just an online presence on the internet, you’re set to draw from a vast pool of customers. Digital marketing channels are primarily the internet and social media spaces and could take the form of video, picture, or text content.

What Are Digital Marketing Agencies and What Do They Do?

To best describe digital marketing agencies and what they do, first imagine that you’re a pretty intelligent parent who’s teaching your child the ABCs. You’re friendly and patient and have made a bit of progress. But then, the progress you’ve made has been at the cost of lack of sleep, nearly clawing your eyes out in frustration. Then comes an actual kids teacher, and in a matter of hours, your little one is already singing and dancing the ABCs. What did the teacher do differently? Well, that’s the difference that makes a pro.

You’re the parent, your kid is your business, and the whole teaching is you trying to market your business digitally. There is aA bit of progress here and there, but a lot of frustration. Then comes a digital marketing agency that makes the stress go away.

Digital marketing agencies specialize in digital marketing. They often have a handful of professional digital marketers who have taken time to learn and master the art of digital marketing. Thanks to their expertise, they’re in the best position to help brands and businesses with digital marketing. Their expertise is what they offer as a service in exchange for profit, and you’re guaranteed excellent marketing conversions that will boost your business image and profit online.

7 Types of Digital Marketing Agencies

With digital marketing, you can engage in driving traffic and conversion to your business with many strategies. Digital marketing firms often streamline their expertise to a specific digital marketing strategy to get you the best results. While some digital marketing agencies offer full digital marketing services across multiple strategies, some are dedicated to one or two digital marketing strategies. But then, it’s not all digital marketing strategies that are perfect for your business. To get started on digital marketing or choosing a digital marketing agency, you need to know your business and what kind of digital marketing you need.

  1. Social Media Marketing Agency

As the name implies, this digital marketing agency uses social media spaces such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all its marketing campaigns. They often provide social media management services alongside marketing.

  1. Inbound Marketing Agency

An inbound marketing agency gives your business more visibility by positioning it in the right places online where customers can see and easily link back to your business site. Usually, this requires generating content with inbound links over a long period to gain trust and authority within the market.

  1. SEO Marketing Agency

Quite a lot goes into search engine optimization. SEO marketing agencies specialize in optimizing both the business website and contents such that the business can easily appear on the first page of a Google search. They specialize in SEO keyword research, assessing metadata, website content, backlinks, and likes. Using various SEO software, this agency expertly gives your business more visibility in any search query.

  1. Digital Ads (PPC) Marketing Agency

The pay-per-click campaign is an excellent route to save your budget on placing digital ads. It’s another form of paid advertising which charges you based on potential clicks on your ads. Generally, it’s best to get the services of a PPC marketing agency to run your digital ads, as there are a few technicalities you might want to leave to the professionals. Digital ads appear almost everywhere online; website banners, social media channels, and even in-app ads. It all boils down to how catchy and keyword embedded your ad is.

  1. PR Marketing Agency

The age of the influencers is here! PR marketing agencies typically have a large following, and they offer your business visibility strictly to their large followers base. Imagine having CR7 marketing your product – that’s easy access to over a million people. Often, PR marketing agencies are run solo, and they take their time to curate content that will draw in the followers. From there, it’s all about promotional content.

  1. Email Marketing Agency

Some services might not require the glitz and glamor of publishing ads on social media spaces. The best way for such services to reach their customers is via email marketing. Email marketing agencies typically specialize in what is known as cold emailing. They curate attractive offers and newsletters to publish to a wide list of emails relevant to your business. Ultimately, it’s a great way to gain visibility.

  1. Web Design Marketing Agency

Web design agencies typically focus on designing and building an optimized website that’s catchy and user-friendly. This way, users who use the site will enjoy it and are bound to return. Often, the perfect website is the one that’s both beautiful and functional. Not too many complicated steps for purchasing online. Web design agencies keep this in mind when developing your business website.

So know you are aware of common types of digital marketing agencies and ready to make the right choice.


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