Why is video poker such a popular game?

December 21, 2021

Video poker has been around for a long time in the casino gambling market. This game has remained popular for decades after it initially appeared in casinos. Of course, video poker’s heyday was in the 1980s and 1990s, when it was welcomed by a large number of gamblers. However, it began to lose favor in the early 2000s.

However, video poker still remains a popular casino option, although not as popular as it was during its prime in the 80s. Gamblers still enjoy playing it as it increases their strategy application and knowledge while also relying on luck. Even if you are a new player, you will easily understand the rules and use them to play different versions of the game. In this article, we will look at some reasons why video poker is still such a popular casino game.

The house edge in most casino games ranges from 1% to 6%. Slot machines at land-based casinos are much worse, as they frequently have a house advantage of between 5% and 12%. Video poker, on the other hand, has a lot of different varieties that provide you with a good opportunity to win.

Even if this game is not accessible, you should be able to play 8/5 Bonus Poker. This version has an RTP of 99.17 percent, with eight coins for a full house and five for a flush. 8/5 Bonus Poker may not even be available in your local casino. Online casinos like Zodiac Casino, on the other hand, provide the same or better options. Microgaming, for example, has an All Aces version with an RTP of up to 99.92 percent. Other suppliers vary in their repayment percentages, ranging from 99.60 percent to 99.90 percent.

  • Plenty of unique variations

Over the years, gaming software providers have created different unique versions of video poker to keep the thrill of the game alive. Additionally, most of these variants feature a high RTP of more than 100%. Examples of popular video poker variations include:

  • Aces and Eights – an RTP of 100.25%
  • Deuces and Wilds – an RTP of 100.76%
  • Double Bonus – an RTP of 100.17%
  • Joker Wild (Kings or Better) – 100.65% RTP
  • Loose Deuces Wild – 100.15% RTP
  • Double Bonus Plus – an RTP of 100.08%

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that you must select the full-price versions of these games. You will not be eligible for the 100.17 percent RTP if you choose a Double Bonus game with a lesser paytable, for example. Before chasing one or more +EV (positive expectation value) video poker games at an online casino like Yukon Gold Casino, you need to get familiar with their paytables.

  • Mental stimulating strategies

Due to their lack of strategy, casino games like craps, baccarat, and online slots may not be extremely engaging. Video poker, on the other hand, is very different in this sense because it offers a lot of strategies. Every decision you make has an influence on the house edge over time (or your advantage in some cases). You have more opportunities to win in the long term if you make better judgments.

For example, 8/5 Bonus Poker pays different sums for various hands than 9/6 Jacks or Better. To increase your chances of winning, you must first master its subtleties. To learn the optimal approach for different variants, you may utilize both charts (available for specific games) and training programs. There are both free and paid training programs available on the internet.

  • Easy to understand gameplay

Video poker may be a difficult game to master. It does, however, provide easy gameplay that allows you to get started right away. At its essence, this game is nothing more than Five-Card Draw Poker. During the draw round, you are handed a five-card hand and must choose which cards to keep and which to discard.

Your hand will be complete once you have chosen these selections, and a payment (if any) will be made appropriately. You may go as in-depth as you want with video poker strategies. Even if you don’t want to learn how to play video poker, you’ll find it quite simple to do so.


From the reasons stated above, you can easily see why video poker is still a popular game. Not only do players have a chance of winning large sums of money but they also have the option to play different variations. Other benefits of playing video poker include excellent comp value and more control.


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