Which Team Will Win the CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 16?

September 2, 2022

The CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 16 starts on the 31st of August. The season is being held in Malta and will run until the 2nd of September. It will feature a massive $835,000 prize pool and 24 of the world’s best CS:GO, teams. You can stream and bet on all CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 16 matches at gg.bet/en/counter-strike.

Which Teams Compete in the CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 16?

The CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 16 will feature the very best 24 pro-CS:GO teams from all over the globe. Here is a full list of all of the teams that competed:

Evil Geniuses
FaZe Clan
Furia Esports
G2 Esports
Natus Vincere
Ninjas in Pajamas
Team Liquid
Team Vitality
Movistar Riders
Team Spirit
Eternal Fire
Even casual CS:GO fans will recognize the teams on this list. FaZe Clan is the defending champions and will be tough to beat. Natus Vincere is another team who had a very strong performance last season, going 5-0 in the group stage before running into FaZe Clan in the playoffs. You also have to look out for Ence, who came 2nd and only lost 1 game the whole tournament.

Which Teams did Will Make It to the Playoffs?

The CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 16 will feature 24 teams from all over the globe. The teams will be evenly divided into four groups. The teams within each group will play each other once, and then the top three teams from each group will progress to the playoffs.

Group A will feature some heavy hitters like Natus Vincere, Fnatic, Ninjas in Pajamas, Team Spirit, Endpoint, and Team Vitality. We expect Natus Vincere to earn the top seed in this group. The Ukrainian team has been a top CS:GO squad for years and last season went a perfect 5-0 in the group stage. You can’t go wrong betting on Natus Vincere to make the playoffs.

The other playoff positions in Group A are up for grabs. Fnatic only scraped into the playoffs last season with a 3-2 record, and this season they are in a tougher group. Team Vitality missed out on the playoffs last season with a 2-3 record, while Ninjas in Pajamas won their group with a 4-1 record. Team Spirit and Endpoint are wild cards, as they didn’t compete in season 15. We predict Fnatic and Ninjas in Pajamas will make the playoffs, but it will be close!

Group B is not as tough as Group A. However, it does contain defending champions FaZe Clan. We expect to FaZe to easily win Group B. Outsiders, and G2 Esports will likely join FaZe Clan in the playoffs, but it will be a hard-fought battle. Outsiders and G2 Esports had a 2-3 record last season and did not look particularly strong. They will have to improve their performance if they want to clinch a playoff berth.

Group C has some very talented teams! It will feature Ence, Heroic, Astralis, Mouz, Complexity, and Heet. Ence is the strong favorite in this group. They were fantastic last season and managed to make it all the way to the grand finals. They only lost 1 group match and looked dominant throughout the competition.

The other playoff spots are far from guaranteed! We expect Heroic and Astralis to make the cut but don’t be surprised if Mouz or Heet managed to slide their way into the playoffs.

Group D is a wide-open group. It is filled with evenly matched teams, and everyone will have to play at their best if they want to make it to the playoffs. We are excited about the battle between Furia Esports and Movistar Riders. We expect both of these teams to make it to the playoffs. The other spot is hard to predict but we are backing Team Liquid to get it done!

What Will Happen in the CS:GO ESL Pro League Playoffs?

With so many talented teams, the playoffs for CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 16 will be incredibly exciting. You can stream and bet on all matches live at gg.bet/en/esports. To help you make a winning bet, let’s explore which teams are most likely to make it to the finals and win.

As the group matches haven’t even started yet, we don’t know what the playoff brackets will look like. The playoff brackets can really affect the outcome of the tournament because two of the favorites could end up on the same side of the bracket. But anyway, the three clear favorites to win the CS:Go ESL Pro League Playoffs are Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, and Ence. We are picking Natus Vincere to win. They were so dominant in the group stage, and we believe they just had a bad day against FaZe Clan. Natus Vincere will be keen to get revenge on FaZe which should serve as some extra motivation.

To increase your chances of correctly predicting the winner of the CS:GO ESL Pro League Playoffs, we recommend betting 60% of your money on Natus Vincere, 20% on FaZe, and 20% on Ence. There is a strong possibility that at least one of these teams will win the competition. Tune into the competition on the 31st of August and watch the first group matches!


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