What You Should Know About Live Streaming

January 20, 2023

If you have a production company and you are thinking about improving your streaming service or are a fan of this kind of product, and you want to know more about it, then this article will help you.

Some years ago, streaming became popular among young people and adults around the world. Why? Because besides being an innovative method, it was able to connect millions of people around the world and allow live experiences that were unthinkable before.

First, we would like to remind our readers what we are talking about when we mention 3D streaming cameras since it is not the same as mentioning VR.CAM 01 – The First Live Video Stream 3D Experience as another type of device. All cameras have different tools and are designed to record from other angles and with higher or lower quality.

In this device, very low latency allows for reducing the delay produced in the broadcast from its capture until the viewers receive it. How does it help? In that, the interaction with the community is faster since the Streamer can respond more quickly in the chat.

In addition, it has a VP8 or VP9 Win 10/11 Codec and an optical geometry of FOV 130° in its field of view. A fixed focal length of 1.7mm, fisheye lenses, and filters. It allows for producing 5MP with sub-second latency, which makes it very suitable for broadcasting concerts, recitals, meetings, plays, and everything you can imagine. 

Why is virtual reality important in this era?

Virtual reality in streaming is the ability given to the user to be able to witness a live event far from the place where he/she is. That is to say that the person can watch it from home but be able to see the place of the filming in 360 degrees, with virtual reality glasses that will allow him to live an integral experience.

Virtual reality, called VR, is a set of scenes and objects that allow you to live a real experience. This is generated through advanced technology that, although it seems that it was created yesterday, has already had years of development and improvement.

If we go into any live broadcast of massive events, the experience is incredible, and not only the sounds and images are sharpened, but some companies allow the senses to get to work. If we go to a very simple and everyday example, movie theaters have started to broadcast movies where sensory activity is activated from vision to touch, and consumers have been blown away.

Streaming cameras are a fundamental element in carrying out any event with an important level of massiveness. Since being live, the margin of error is expected to be as small as possible. For this to be possible, the materials must be of high quality since they will not only capture the image to transmit it to the Internet but must also allow it to be viewed through different platforms. 

What types of streaming are there?

There are many types of streaming, a variety so that anyone who is interested can enjoy the experience itself. The most consumed are musicals. This makes sense because music products are among the most consumed around the world, and several platforms reach all countries, so a shared experience is generated.

Other recognized platforms are those that offer programs, movies, and series to consume at any time without the need to do it live. These are called streaming audiovisual or video content.

There is also video game streaming platforms, where several players connect synchronously and show their experience through the screens. This generates interaction between the team and the users.

Finally, there is live streaming. Many choose to do it with 3D cameras, which allows the experience to be comprehensive. It has a special load of sound engineers, illuminators, technicians, and several professionals who must make it come out in the best way. This type of streaming is the most consumed in the world because it allows us to live the moment and take it as a memory.

To learn more, you can look for different streaming cameras and become a professional in the material. Videos and audiovisual content are what have been capturing the internet in recent years, and it is important to learn how to do it.


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