What the future holds for mobile games

February 23

In the early 1990s, the first mobile phones with an internet connection appeared, which caused a revolution in communications. However, with 1G technology, these devices had many problems in terms of permanent, secure, and reliable internet connection. The second generation and the upgrade to 2G networks revealed mobile devices’ capabilities, and the demand for devices with internet connectivity had increased dramatically. In the eyes of online casino entrepreneurs, this has translated into another important market that online casinos should immediately take advantage of. They created mobile-friendly games like slots and blackjack when the golden age of smartphones began.

In 2007 the iPhone was released by Apple, and a year later, Android devices with support from Google appeared. So, online casinos had in their hands all the tools they needed to offer players first-class services. The new technology’s safety, speed, and reliability also left no room for doubt, even for the most conservative. The mobile casinos had come to stay.

The latest technological achievements of Apple, Samsung, LG, etc. They have brought spectacular results. Never before has mobile devices’ performance been so impressive, while their capabilities will be imagined in the eyes of the elderly as science fiction. Simultaneously, never before have mobile phones been as popular as 80% of adults in the Western world now own a smartphone. Mobile casinos, in turn, are excellent. Beautiful graphics, reliability, and speeds corresponding and, in many cases, superior to computers leave no more doubts. According to statistics, mobile gambling is the future of the industry!

Almost everyone in the modern world has a smartphone and uses it most of the day. Some people can’t even imagine their life without it—many games to play, many apps to download that can make your life easier and more fun. Smartphones have become our entertainment, our newspaper, our book, our calendar, our banking service, our trainer, and our connection to all over the world through the internet.

Betting on esports

The 2020 pandemic has created a vacuum in sports markets. With all the traditional games having been temporarily suspended, players have moved online to esports. After the global pandemic, we can expect conventional sports to regain their place at the forefront. This does not mean that esports will decline. League of Legends, Mobile Legends, and Free Fire are already featured in select sportsbooks, so we only expect growth. Once advertisers learn about contests, esports will continue to grow. Partnerships such as those between FAW-Audi and Top Esports, Invictus Gaming and Chevrolet, FunPlus Phoenix and BMW, and Royal Never Give-Up and Mercedes are some of the critical partnerships that have already been established. Seeing sports grow, we can have a big idea of the future for this industry.

What comes next?

Social sites like Facebook have registered users that exceed 15% of the total population of the earth. The number gives an idea of ​​the market available on these sites. The world has loved many games such as Farmville or Candy Crush, and although they do not include real money, they have been used by online casino game developers for this purpose. But the real market is on Facebook, and games are expected to change dramatically over the next few years.

According to relevant research, games of skill are also very popular on social media, and mobile gamers prefer them. In this case, the market is full of new opportunities, and the public is already there, ready to accept the new challenges when they arise.

Every game played on the internet has all the program or application data stored in the “cloud.” This is a fantastic feature and is suitable for the average online casino. It lets them offer as many options as possible to the mobile player without being limited by the smart device’s space constraints. Other technologies on the market, such as facial recognition and biometrics, will soon be removing the usual password requirements. The capabilities of smartphones to accommodate these innovations offer the opportunity to create a new level of security. It will be a useful feature in normal internet transactions like iGaming deposits and payments. While we cannot guarantee that this will be in full swing by 2022, we know that the sectors concerned are rapidly moving in this direction.

Live dealers and mobile casinos

The big gamble of mobile casinos has always been whether online casinos could compete for land-based ones. In this case, the challenge was to create an environment that, although represented on a much smaller scale, would have the same characteristics and would not cause a significant loss of online casino atmosphere. The Live Casino then made its appearance on both desktops and mobile phones. The services offered by the casinos are truly magical and are expected to improve further soon. Live chat with the dealer and also with other players was revolutionized and loved by the public. At the same time, companies are making great efforts to optimize the mobile experience of the players. However, more and more players worldwide have realized all the benefits of playing online than playing in a land-based casino, especially now that we live in a pandemic. So, it seems that the online gaming industry will grow more and moreover the years living behind all the traditional industry. The players who are already part of this change will spread the word and they will bring even more players online.


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