What Multiplayer Games Can You Play With Casual Gamers?

December 20, 2023

Going multiplayer brings a whole new level of fun to a video game, hence the rise in multiplayer experiences both online and on console. But what if the friends and relatives you want to share that enjoyment with have never picked up a console? While the ruthless environment of competitive online gaming is intimidating enough to scare away many traditional gamers, the complexity of handling a gaming controller is equally daunting for non-gamers. Thankfully, many video games offer easy gateways to the gaming medium. So, let’s look at some multiplayer games that will get you and your non-gamer mates together.

Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo’s mustachioed Italian plumber is one of the most recognizable pop-culture figures ever. According to an infamous survey cited on https://www.washingtonpost.com/ in the wake of the Super Mario Bros. Movie release, Mario was more popular among American children in the 90s than Disney’s own Mickey Mouse. Any Mario installment is a good entry point for newcomers, but Super Mario Odyssey is particularly fit for two-player fun.

Although this classic platformer adventure was meant to be a single-player experience, it allows two players to switch between Mario and his Bonneter companion from the Cap Kingdom. The aptly named Cappy can be thrown in various directions and used as a bouncing mechanism to assist Mario in defeating Bowser goons from a distance. The fact that this cap-like character cannot die is the icing on the cake for clumsy or unskilled players. Minigames also run parallel to the main storyline, adding an extra layer of enjoyment for co-op players seeking some light-hearted fun.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With its straightforward gameplay mechanics complemented by an incredibly laid-back atmosphere, Animal Crossing has conquered the hearts of casual players across the globe. This chill franchise appeals to broader demographics than any other. An 87-year-old grandma even made headlines worldwide in 2020 as Nintendo named a character in New Horizons after that hardcore fan of the series, who clocked in an impressive 3,500+ hours of playtime on New Leaf.

True to the series’ spirit, there is no objective in Animal Crossing: New Horizons other than developing your island and befriending its adorable inhabitants. You may do so in couch co-op alongside up to three other players, who can all customize their shared island, expand its museum, and decorate their homes. Online multiplayer also allows residents to fly to friendly islands or invite playmates over.


Chaos is afoot in the kitchen in this couch co-op cooking game that requires up to four players to cooperate. Available on the Nintendo eShop and on https://store.steampowered.com/, Overcooked is all about cooking and serving up various orders to perfection – unless you want customers to storm off your place disgruntled.

Set in the faraway Onion Kingdom, this culinary journey takes you through a string of unusual kitchens to conquer, as the challenge of working as a team gets increasingly difficult every step of the way. This hilarious multiplayer game with endearing graphics manages to be both demanding and accessible to inexperienced players. Overcooked 2 returned with a brand-new helping of messy cooking action, this time compatible with online multiplayer.

Stardew Valley

Multiple players can share their dream country life in Stardew Valley – except on mobile unless using a specific mod. In this casual management sim, farmers join forces to expand their rural estate or enjoy the simpler pleasures of life, such as preparing meals out of freshly harvested crops for nearby residents of Pelican Town or tending to animals. Additionally, adventurous players may embark on tropical island fishing excursions or defeat dangerous creatures lurking around the local mines. Different challenges also unlock hidden locations, including a desert casino.

The slot machines of the Calico Casino can feel slightly repetitive over time, though. If so, players can visit websites like https://www.vegasslotsonline.com/ to enjoy many more inventive pokies. Funnily enough, farming is one of the most popular themes for software developers. From Dragoon Soft’s Farm Family to Pragmatic Play’s Country Farming, countless free slots conjure that sweet countryside feel. And there are thousands more games to explore on mobile and desktop computers alike – not to mention quite a few bonuses to grab to keep the fun going.

The options above are solid introductions to the exciting and diverse world of gaming for non-gamers. Apart from the ones already listed, you may also try suggesting approachable party games like Super Mario Party or Among Us for your next game night.


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