We’re Waiting: Games That Need Sequels Yesterday

April 12, 2022

It seems that every successful movie, book, or game leaves a wake of people shouting for a sequel, and oftentimes those prayers are answered. However, sometimes a piece of media comes out that blows people away and a follow-up never comes. There’s no word from the developers, directors, or studios and the fans are left wanting something they feel might never come.

We wanted to take the time to shed some light on some gems that desperately need a sequel. In this article we’ll be sticking to video and online games, so save your movie and book wishes for now.

Chaos Legion

If you loved this PS2 classic, you’ve most likely been asking for a sequel for a while now, but we think one is long overdue for this entry. While the main storyline did come to an end, another spin on this tale could be attempted. If nothing else, they should change up the setting and characters but leave the gameplay the same. In this, they could expand upon the legion system from the previous game.

If Capcom threw in five-six new units and different ways to attack with your army, this could completely revamp an already winning formula. What could really be interesting is making a VR sequel to the game. Resident Evil 4 already had a successful virtual reality title, a modified VR-compatible Chaos Legion might be exactly what we need right now.

King Brian’s Gold” by arbyreed is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is a title we can’t get enough of. Similar to Chaos Legion, the gameplay is immersive and captivating, but unlike the PS2 classic, we want more from the story. It would be great to see a sequel that retains the iconic setting and characters but provides more character development and perhaps even a loose narrative structure.

Other slot games on the market have adopted depth and benefitted from this: for example, there’s the popular slot game series Rich Wilde, which follows explorer Rich Wilde on his adventures to bag the treasure across multiple countries. Each title offers a new piece of Rich’s backstory, so a similar approach to Rainbow Riches could prove to be beneficial. We can take this traveling concept and apply it to Rainbow Riches and have a new fantasy world explored in each new title, encouraging fans of the franchise to follow familiar characters and themes, but in new and unfamiliar settings.

Anthropomorphic Animal Carvings (Walrus Man), in the Folklore section” by Curious Expeditions is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.


Folklore, also known as Folk’s Souls in Japan, had everything a gamer could want. The storyline was gripping but never dragged. The gameplay had you collecting monsters to help you battle in real-time and the setting fittingly took place in a mysterious, real Irish town called Doolin. As the player progressed through the story, the monsters they caught became stronger, and different monster types were strong against different enemies, so there was an element of strategy to keep players invested.

However, when the story wrapped up and the credits ended, we wanted more. It always felt like telling a similar story in another setting that had strong ties to folklore would have been a great way to continue the series. The sequel could even take place in Japan ad explore some of the Kami and Oni that Japan is already famous for.

Although the game could make its way onto television, similar to something like the series also named Folklore, we feel a game always captured the monster collection facet just right.

We sincerely hope one of these game sequels sees the light of day. With a possible media takeover in the form of virtual reality, who knows what will be released in the coming years? All we know for sure is that a strong fan base and avid interest are two solid reasons to consider creating sequels and spin-offs.


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