15+ Websites To Watch Cartoons Online For Free | August 2021

July 30, 2021

Cartoons are always fun to watch. No matter how old are you, all of us love watching cartoons which makes the child within us stay alive. Here we have listed the best websites to watch cartoons online in 2021.

All of these are free to use Cartoon sites, and you can watch your favourite cartoons anytime you want. It’s a great advantage that way because TV is not always accessible.

Best Cartoon Websites To Watch In 2021 : Watch Cartoons Online

Below listed websites are best because of the collection they have and the quality of the experience they give. You can make use of these sites and watch the cartoons you love at zero cost.

1. CartoonsOn

CartoonsOn Online cartoon Website

Cartoons On is one of the very popular online cartoon websites streaming videos in HD quality. It has a massive collection of cartoons that you will never finish watching. Whichever cartoon show you look for CartoonsOn has it all.

This website has a user-friendly interface and can be accessed both on PC and smartphones. The users love Cartoons On because of the filter options, which makes it very easy to find the cartoon we are looking for.

You can search for the cartoon by its name or studio or the channel; you will find your choice. CartoonsOn is by far the best cartoon website for free.

2. Youtube

Youtube Kids: Cartoons for Children

Youtube is one massive collection of videos. Movies, tutorials, dance, music, tech videos, Youtube has it all. You can also find the cartoons you love on YouTube. Just search for the name of the cartoon, and you will be presented with hundreds of related videos.

Youtube Kids is another app by YouTube, which is solely made for children. It has Cartoons and Videos that are helpful for the children. YouTube has a vast database, and you will find every single cartoon you look for.

Youtube is the go-to website to look for cartoons online for free. If you are looking for cartoons and kids videos for your children, then you must try Youtube Kids.

3. Toonjet

Toonjet Cartoon Website

Toonjet is another online cartoon website that has a great library of Cartoons. It has all the classic cartoons of all times including Tom and Jerry and Mickey mouse. You also get to watch action cartoons like Benten and Pokemon.

To use Toonjet, you have to register once and sign in every time you want to watch cartoons. It’s necessary because it maintains the history of what you have watched and you can continue from there. If you don’t want this feature, you don’t have to register.

It’s absolutely free to use the Online Cartoon website that has legendary cartoons, and you will never get tired of them.

4. WatchCartoonOnline

Watch Cartoon Online: Free Website

WatchCartoonOnline is a website where you find every single cartoon you search for. It has an attractive and simple user interface making it pleasant for you to find and watch your favourite cartoon.

The Cartoons are systematically categorized into genres, languages and studios, making it easy to locate. WatchCartoonOnline is free to use, but you might have to use a VPN because of the ban on this website in some countries.

5. KissCartoon

Kiss Cartoon

One of the top-rated cartoon websites KissCartoon has almost everything you look for. It streams all the cartoon shows and movies for free, and you can watch them at any time. It also has an anime website called KissAnime, where you can find the best anime shows and movies.

6. Cartoonito

Cartoonito Watch Cartoon Online

Cartoonito is a fantastic Cartoon website for kids. It makes learning fun for the children with cartoons involved. You get educational videos on this site that are animated with cartoons.

It has Cartoon Videos, Songs, Games, etc. what help your children to learn different things. You can watch all these cartoons online for free, and it’s a must-use site to make studying fun.

7. Disney Junior

Disney Junior Cartoons Online

Who doesn’t love the legendary cartoon Mickey Mouse? Disney Junior has some unique cartoons and shows for children produced by Disney. You can filter the cartoon collection and find the one you are looking for very quickly.

A few countries have blocked the Disney Junior Website. So if you can’t access the website, we suggest you to use a VPN to watch cartoons for free.

8. Nick Toons

NickToons Online Cartoon Website

Nick has an excellent collection of famous cartoons. It has a very attractive user interface with colours and cartoon characters that catches the kids mind immediately. You can find all the Nickelodeon owned cartoons for free in High Quality.

There are also some radio stations you can listen to and some games you can play with Nick Cartoons. You don’t have to signup, and the service is absolutely free.

9. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Shows

No doubt at all Cartoon Network was our favourite channel when we were kids, and we still enjoy watching those cartoons. Tom and Jerry, Oggy and Cockroaches, Bugs Bunny, were so funny to watch and of course, it had very popular Benten, Pokemon, etc.

Now Cartoon Network has a website where you can watch all their shows and Cartoons for free. There is an option to play games with the characters you love. It is a free website to watch cartoons online.

10. Cartoon Movies HQ

Cartoons Movies HQ: Watch Online

Cartoon Movies HQ as the name suggests is the headquarters for most of the cartoon shows and movies. You can find Anime, Batman, Benten, Spiderman, Tom and Jerry everything in one place.

There is a new feature of playing games with anime characters that is even more attractive about this site. Visit Cartoon Movies HQ and watch shows for free and even play games.

11. Anime Toon

Anime Toon Website

Anime Toon has all the best Anime Cartoons in the World. There are Anime movies also available. You can also watch adult cartoons across genres like Romance, Action, Drama, Crime, Comedy, Adventure, etc.

12. AnimeFlavour

Anime Flavour has a massive library of Anime Cartoons Shows and Movies that you can watch without spending money. You can search for new movies and find the one you would love to watch very quickly because of its user-friendly interface. 

13. Cartoon Crazy

Cartoon Crazy Online Website

Cartoon Crazy has a vast collection of over 40000 episodes and movies of hundreds of Cartoons. You will also find Anime on this website. And the good news is you can watch all of these cartoons online for free. 

It gives you an excellent experience with its features and options it has. CartoonCrazy is a must-visit site for all the Cartoon lovers.

14. Go Go Anime

Go Go Anime: Online Website

Go Go Anime is the go-to site for Anime Lovers. This site has almost all Anime in the English language and is available in all countries. You can watch Anime and cartoons online for free.

15. Super Cartoons

Watch Super Cartoons Online

SuperCartoons has a classic collection of cartoons that we all loved watching in our childhood. You can watch the very famous Mr. Bean, Pink Panther, Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse and so much more. 

It brings back so much of our childhood and gives a nostalgic ride down the memory lane. You can watch all these cartoons for free online.

Other Online Websites to Watch Cartoon for Free



Anime Center



Those were a few sites that stream amazing cartoons for free. Gone were the days when people used to think that Cartoons are only for kids. Anybody can watch cartoons, and they are so refreshing and keeps us happy.

You can use the websites mentioned in this article to watch cartoons online for free. I hope this article was helpful. Thank You for reading. Visit our website for similar articles.


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