Turn off Outlook Calendar reminders and notifications Windows 10

April 9, 2018

Microsoft has updated all its apps with the release of new Windows 10 OS. Also, Microsoft has changed Outlook UI as it is one of the best email App for Windows. The program isn’t exactly user friendly due to the huge quantity of features that it provides. If have updated your Windows OS and using the newest version of Outlook, there are chances you are facing some issues which may be hard to rectify from your viewpoint. Here in this article, we are going to share how to Turn off Outlook Calendar reminders.

Microsoft has also updated its new Calendar app with Outlook, but sometimes, this new Calendar can be annoying, particularly if the birthdays of all your Facebook contacts are connected. So many Windows users have reported Calendar crashing issue or not Syncing problem after installing a new update.

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Turn off Outlook Calendar reminders and notifications

To help you remember important events, Microsoft has launched calendar using which, you can set event reminders. The reminders appear on your display before the event is scheduled to happen. So that you can start its preparations. But sometimes these notifications are annoying, and also these calender app notifications are irritating. So we have to stop them. Here in this article, we are going to share how to Turn off Outlook Calendar reminders and popup notifications.

The simplest way to fix this issue is to stop the warnings; you have to disable the reminders of Outlook app and also Calendar App. But keep in mind that after turning off Outlook Calendar reminders and popup notifications, you won’t receive any notifications or warnings.

If you’re receiving too many reminder mails about your Calendar events in Outlook, then you may want to disable those Calendar Email Notifications from Outlook on your Windows PC. Just like Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft has launched redesigned Reminder app to remind you regarding important events with different popup notifications. Outlook offers desktop notifications. It is possible to disable those notices quickly.

Turn off Outlook Calendar reminders

  • Launch the Outlook program > click on Calendars.

  • Click on File > Options > Calendar > Calendar options. Find Default reminders along with a drop-down box beside it.
  • Simply uncheck the box, click OK.

  • You won’t receive any notifications again.

Remove Calendar popup notifications

  • Go to Advanced > find Reminders > select from the tick box on whether or not you prefer to show reminders. You can also turn off reminder sounds > choose a tone from the default one.

Keep in mind that if you are using updated Calendar App in Windows 10 then there is no way to remove notifications and reminders. We hope Microsoft will add this feature in future updates.

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