November 17, 2021

Car games are a staple when it comes to online games. We’ve all got a soft spot for car games, it has been ages since we’ve been playing games like those and it will be like that for ages. In general, car games are the most fun things to invest your time in when playing browser games. However, there’s a huge population of those games and it’s hard to choose which ones you want to invest your time into. This is why we’ve come up with a full-fledged list of the ten best browser car games that you can play right now!


Zombie Show is one of the most unique and fun games on the browser. It’s available to play on Pacogames, and it revolves around driving your car over zombies for the most part. This is a fully 3D game, with some excellent graphics and some weirdly interesting art designs. There’s a decent selection of cars to choose from and a huge variety of modifications that you can add to them.


The one thing that I would describe Smash Karts as is absolute carnage. This game is an absolute beauty, it’s a wonderfully designed game that has a cutesy art style that will lure all sorts of players in. However, once it kicks into gears this turns into one of the most hardcore games you’ll ever play! Smash Karts has one gameplay loop, and it’s all about destroying the life out of your opponents. Each player will be getting a ton of different options when it comes to ripping their opponents to shreds. You can blow them up, chop them up, mine them, cut them and straight up ram them! The choice is all yours, just hop in and start destroying things!


Extreme Asphalt Car Racing is by far the closest that the web browsers have to an authentic Asphalt experience. This game looks drop-dead gorgeous, with some of the best graphics you can find off of games made in Unity. It revolves entirely around collecting a whole bunch of different cars, and making the right amount of space for them so that you can just drive them around in races. The first few hours are painful, but then the game gets a whole lot of fun!


This is a simple but effective game that doesn’t ask you to do much, yet does give you a lot of satisfaction the longer you play it. Drag Racer V3 is a game that makes timing your shifts its main priority. You’re supposed to shift your gears at the right time, to gain momentum and push yourself further towards the winning spot. The game has a super fun arcade mode which will have you investing a ton of time into it, other than that it also features an extensive career mode where you can build up your car and a name for yourself. It’s a fantastic blend of managing simulators, as well as fun gameplay!


Now, this is a game with a super quirky art style! Parking Fury 3: Beach City is one of the most uniquely made parking games on the internet. The game is set on a weird version of a beach city, and it revolves entirely around parking cars. You can steal cars, you can ram them into things to cause destruction, you can make cops chase you and you can even run around driving for no reason for hours. However, the goal will always be to park cars!

  1. EARN TO DIE 2

Earn to Die 2 is a simple game. You’re a natural-born killer, out on the hunt to absolutely destroy all forms of bad guys you can find. They’re going to shoot at you, attack you in dubious ways and try to completely take you down but it’s all up to you to survive. Doing so requires you to go through some tricky difficult levels that will test your will!


Valet Parking 3D is a simple, tried and tested yet super effective and extremely fun game! It’s a game that revolves around parking cars, and that is something that I’m sure everyone once appreciates. We all love a good parking game every once in a while, and that is what makes Valet Parking 3D so much fun! It’s got pure unfiltered parking action, with no filler content to bog you down or bore you out. You’re just meant to have fun, and that’s all that matters!


Death Driver is a game about being fearless. This is a browser game that rewards not having a care in the day about high scores and fear of losing your streak. You’re supposed to quite simply just run through the map, and destroy things in your path while surviving as well. It’s very easy to ram stuff when you’ve got a battering ram of a truck. It’s an incredibly fun game that will keep you hooked for a while!


This is the most different game on this list, it’s almost a bit too unique. This browser car game does not have any racing in it, nor does it even involve even a tad bit of driving. It’s quite literally all about designing your dream car. You’re not supposed to be driving it, because the game just allows you to create a living dream! The game’s quite simple, you select a specific car, and then you select any of the modifications you want to do on it. Whether it’s the rims, the spoilers, bumpers, or even the hood and wheels, you’ve got all the freedom. In general, the game is just gorgeous to look at too, because it is that beautiful.


Beat that takes the number one spot on this list due to just sheer creativity, passion, and absolute fun that this game brings out in everyone. The game is a mixture of multiple different art styles that you can switch between depending on the level. Afterward, you are supposed to win races, do arcade runs, do multiplayer races on the course of your choice too! It’s got a huge collection of cars, and an art style that has so much creativity that you could be fooled into thinking that this is a literal buyable game! In general, this is one of the most creative games you can find on the internet, and that is what makes it one of the most fun to play games on the browser. This isn’t just a fun car game; this is a fun game overall!


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