Top 10 Destiny 2 Weapons to Use Deepsight Harmonizer On

September 30, 2023

Crafting weapons is one of the best features in Destiny 2 that allows you to make the weapon in your image – with the perfect rolls you need and the option to get the Enhanced Traits. On the other hand, getting to the point of crafting your favorite weapon is a whole different story. Sometimes, to unlock the pattern, you must farm the Red Border versions for god knows how long, depending on the source of their drop and rarity. Such complicated cases include raid weapons or retired weapons from the previous seasons that you can’t optimally farm anymore and are occasionally available through the rotator playlists or randomly sold by in-game vendors.

With the introduction of the Deepsight Harmonizer rare exotic currency, one can speed up acquiring the most rare gun patterns, using the the currency to turn any copy of the craftable weapon into the red border.

How to get Deepsight Harmonizer in D2?

There is always a catch with such powerful items. In the case of the Deepsight Harmonizer, the stumbling block is that the currency is available only from the Season Pass, and you can get a maximum of 6 Harmonizers per Season. Beware that you can carry only one of them in the inventory, and make sure not to waste it on the weapon you won’t use – it does not unlock the crafting pattern right away but merely gives a progress step towards acquiring it – most weapons require five deepsight extractions to unlock the pattern.

Best Weapons to Unlock Crafting Patterns

The more complicated the weapon is to acquire, the more appealing the option to use the Deepsight Harmonizer. Try to save copies of those weapons in your Vault and use them in the future to get the red border versions. Some of these weapons can be acquired only in the pre-made fireteam activities, such as Raids or Dungeons – team up with fellow Guardians via LFG Discords, Bungie Fireteam Finder, or the Destiny 2 boosting services if you need it done as fast as possible.


Each iteration of this SMG was the best option in their times, and that has not changed with the third coming of IKELOS weaponry. This ARC SMG is super easy to use and comes with the Voltshot perk capable of clearing entire rooms of ads and even melt champions. Hands down, one of the best choices of weapons to craft in the current sandbox, especially paired with Arc builds. It can be sold by Xur or randomly looted from the «Operation: Seraph’s Shield» mission.

Retrofit Escapade

The Retrofit is the best 900 RPM LMG in the game and is currently one of the best heavy slot options, with powerful damage perks such as Target Lock and Fourth Time’s the Charm. Pair it with the Void build to give it Volatile Rounds and let the DPS numbers do the talking. Keep an eye out for when the Banshee sells this weapon at the Tower or farm the «Operation: Seraph’s Shield» when it’s on a weekly rotation.

Hollow Denial

This is a must-have option for anyone who loves to play around with the Trace Rifles – this void beauty comes with excellent perks and vast ammo reserves, so even if you’re somewhat decent with the ammo economy, you can use this weapon as a primary one, even while running the double-special build. The rifle has terrific synergy with Void builds, so make sure to give it a go! This one can pop up in the Xur inventory on weekends or drop from the Presage mission.

Tarnished Mettle

Introduced back in the Season of Plunder, this lightweight scout quickly became one of the most popular primary options with access to powerful perks such as Voltshot, Demolitionist, and Rapid Hit. It’s a perfect option for Endgame PvE, where keeping your distance from enemies is essential to survival. Bring one to the GM Nightfall with the Arc Surge active! Don’t miss when Xur sells it, as now it’s the only way to get a copy of this weapon.


This is a legendary 140 PvP Hand Cannon and one of the Opulent weapons. Crafted with Eye of the Storm and Rangefinder, this weapon has everything you need to bring it in the Crucible – lots of stability, excellent range, and the right weapon frame for the current state of the sandbox. If you want a reliable and accurate weapon that feels good to use, search no more. From time to time, Banshee will have it in stock; other times, you can farm it in the Presage mission.

Piece of Mind

This Kinetic Pulse Rifle is one of the best Pulse Rifles for the PvP – with the amount of stability perks and great control, this one is a consistent headshot machine. If you missed your chance to complete the pattern in Season of the Risen, now is the time to jump on the Vox Obscura mission and get a few of these. While you wait for the mission to come around on the rotation, keep an eye out for the Xur or Banshee to sell it.

CALUS Mini-Tool

Another great SMG on the list is the go-to choice for any Solar builds with the Incandescent perk and is a great weapon to use and demolish enemies in close range with fiery explosions. This SMG can be acquired only in the Presage mission.

Drang (Baroque)

Even if you are not a big fan of the Sidearms in Destiny 2, I urge you to give this a chance, and it may just surprise you. This is the best sidearm in the game and works wonders with the Solar 3.0 – don’t make the small appearance fool you; it punches like a truck and feels great to use. Get one from Banshee if you see it in stock, or farm the Presage.


This Opulent Weapon is one of the best Snipers in Destiny and an absolute standout in PvP with the Moving Target and Snapshot perks, packed with the clean scope for some nasty headshots. If you do lots of PvP, this one will carry you through the long-range engagements all day long. If you get one from Presage, keep it in the Vault and turn it into the Red Border.

The Other Half

Regarding the swords in both PvP and PvE, this one is a fun and powerful option in both categories. Get one with the Enhanced Eager Edge and surprise opponents in Crucible with deadly charges, or zoom across the raids and dungeons in PvE, whether doing speed runs or casual completions. It’s a relatively rare drop from the Dares of Eternity, and using the Harmonizer can save you from the brink of insanity after hours and days of farming for the red border.


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