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Have you ever visited Togo’s? Togo is the best Sub Sandwich served restaurant. The casual dining restaurant is famous in America. You don’t worry about Togo’s Prices because its also in your budget. So just have a look towards Togo’s Menu Prices.

You will find Togo’s Menu daily Specials, Togo’s Sandwiches, Togo’s Soups, Togo’s Sweets Menu with the perfect Togo’s Nutrition Chart will help you to get information about the food they served.

If you arrange for any function or occasion and you want to order in the group best cater I suggest Togo’s catering. Yes, it is the perfect cater to the best set up and wraps well. 

So don’t wait and find out Togo’s near to you. I make it easy for you to open up the below link and you will get Togo’s Locations.

 Let’s start with Togo’s Menu Price List 2020 Chart below.

 Togo’s Menu With Prices

Togo’s Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly July 2020

Togo’s Kid’s Meal Menu and Prices 2020

Kid’s Meal – Albacore Tuna (Dolphin Safe)$2.84
Kid’s Meal – Cheese$2.84
Kid’s Meal – Turkey & Cheese$2.84
Kid’s Meal – Ham & Cheese$2.84

Togo’s Soups & Sweets Menu and Prices 2020

Chocolate Chunk Brownie$1.95
Togo’s Chili$3.75Regular
Garden Vegetable$3.75Regular
Broccoli Cheddar Soup$3.75Regular

Togo’s Cold Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2020

Chicken Salad (Contains Almonds)$6.596′ Regular
Egg Salad & Cheese$7.299′ Large
California Club$8.999′ Large
Chicken Salad (Contains Almonds)$4.00Mini
Turkey Bacon Club$8.999′ Large
Ham & Cheese$8.299′ Large
Turkey, Ham & Cheese$8.689′ Large
The Italian$6.586′ Regular
Chicken Salad (Contains Almonds)$7.999′ Large
Roast Beef (Cold)$9.899′ Large
Turkey Bacon Club$4.00Mini
Ham & Cheese$4.00Mini
Salami & Cheese$4.00Mini
Hummus$7.459′ Large
Roast Beef (Cold)$7.196′ Regular
Turkey, Ham & Cheese$6.686′ Regular
Avocado & Cheese$7.689′ Large
Turkey & Avocado$6.786′ Regular
Turkey & Cheese$8.489′ Large
Turkey, Roast Beef & Cheese$4.00Mini
Turkey & Avocado$8.999′ Large
Egg Salad & Cheese$5.596′ Regular
Turkey & Avocado$4.00Mini
Cheese$7.599′ Large
Egg Salad & Cheese$4.00Mini
Turkey, Roast Beef & Cheese$8.699′ Large
Ham & Cheese$6.686′ Regular
Turkey & Cheese$6.696′ Regular
Turkey & Cheese$4.00Mini
Turkey & Cranberry$6.696′ Regular
Hummus$5.956′ Regular
Roast Beef (Cold)$4.00Mini
Turkey, Roast Beef & Cheese$7.196′ Regular
Turkey Bacon Club$6.996′ Regular
Viva Veggie Sandwich$8.959′ Large
Albacore Tuna (Dolphin Safe)$8.299′ Large
Turkey & Cranberry$8.699′ Large
Viva Veggie Sandwich$4.00Mini
Salami & Cheese$6.296′ Regular
Cheese$5.596′ Regular
California Club$4.00Mini
Avocado & Cheese$4.00Mini
The Italian$4.00Mini
The Italian$8.449′ Large
California Club$6.996′ Regular
Albacore Tuna (Dolphin Safe)$4.00Mini
Salami & Cheese$8.299′ Large
Avocado & Cheese$6.686′ Regular
Albacore Tuna (Dolphin Safe)$6.496′ Regular
Turkey & Cranberry$4.00Mini
Turkey, Ham & Cheese$4.00Mini
Viva Veggie Sandwich$6.956′ Regular

Togo’s Pick Two Menu and Prices 2020

Half Sandwich & Regular Soup$7.25
Half Sandwich & Half Salad$7.25
Half Salad & Regular Soup$7.25

Togo’s Toasted & Signature Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2020

Viva Veggie Toasted Wrap$6.37
BBQ Ranch Chicken$8.999′ Large
Pastrami Reuben$7.596′ Regular
Boom Boom Pastrami Toasted$10.259′ Large
Kickin’ Chipotle Roast Beef$6.996′ Regular
Toasted Triple Dip$12.999′ Large
Pepper Jack Pastrami Toasted$9.899′ Large
BBQ Pulled Pork & Cheddar$4.00Mini
Smokehouse BBQ Pulled Pork$7.506′ Regular
Kickin’ Chipotle Roast Beef$8.999′ Large
Pastrami Reuben$9.499′ Large
Toasted Cuban$7.296′ Regular
Pepper Jack Pastrami Toasted$7.496′ Regular
Toasted Triple Dip$9.996′ Regular
The Clubhouse Toasted$8.959′ Large
BBQ Ranch Chicken$6.996′ Regular
Toasted Cuban$9.399′ Large
Boom Boom Pastrami Toasted$7.756′ Regular
The Clubhouse Toasted$7.296′ Regular
BBQ Pulled Pork & Cheddar$9.959′ Large
BBQ Pulled Pork & Cheddar$7.506′ Regular
Smokehouse BBQ Pulled Pork$9.509′ Large
Boom Boom Chicken Toasted$10.259′ Large
Boom Boom Chicken Toasted$7.756′ Regular

Togo’s Salads & Salad Wraps Menu and Prices 2020

Asian Chicken Salad$7.35
Chicken Caesar Salad$7.35
Viva Veggie Toasted Wrap$6.37
Farmer’s Market Salad$6.95
Santa Fe Chicken Salad$7.35
Asian Chicken, Chicken Caesar, Farmer’s Market or Santa Fe Chicken Salad Wrap$5.00

Togo’s Drinks Menu and Prices 2020

Carbonated Soda$1.95Large 32 oz.
Carbonated Soda$1.75Regular 20 oz.
Non-Carbonated Soda$1.75Regular 20 oz.
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Gatorade$2.35Bottle
Bottled Water$2.25
Non-Carbonated Soda$1.95Large 32 oz.

Togo’s Hot Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2020

Pastrami Reuben$9.499′ Large
Meatball$8.999′ Large
Signature Pastrami$6.996′ Regular
Smokehouse BBQ Pulled Pork$9.509′ Large
Meatball$6.996′ Regular
Smokehouse BBQ Pulled Pork$7.506′ Regular
All Natural Chicken (Hot)$4.25Mini
All Natural Chicken (Hot)$8.389′ Large
BBQ Ranch Chicken$8.999′ Large
Kickin’ Chipotle Roast Beef$6.996′ Regular
Roast Beef (Hot)$9.899′ Large
Kickin’ Chipotle Roast Beef$8.999′ Large
BBQ Ranch Chicken$6.996′ Regular
Pastrami Reuben$7.596′ Regular
Signature Pastrami$9.299′ Large
All Natural Chicken (Hot)$6.996′ Regular
Signature Pastrami$4.00Mini
Roast Beef (Hot)$4.00Mini
Roast Beef (Hot)$7.196′ Regular

Check out the below guideline which is useful for Tago’s Restaurant

  • Tago’s History
  • Tago’s Locations
  • Tago’s Gift Card
  • Tago’s Rewards
  • Tago’s Catering

Togo’s History

Since 1967 was founded in Sae Jose, California. The restaurant had great success and open up 350 locations and still continues to expand. If you like sub sandwiches with the different flavors you will see in the above chart.

togo's catering menu prices
Togo’s Catering Menu Prices

Togo’s Menu Prices are similar to the other restaurants so it can be paid by all people. It would not be surprised by anyone.

Togo’s Locations

Have you ever visit @ Togo’s? So you don’t need to wait for more. Whenever you want to go or make an online order you can find it easily. Following a few steps and get the perfect address.

  • Open up the below link and enter the required information like Your City name, State name, or Zipcode.
  • The map will show you the stated nearest Togo’s Locations.
  • So you can take a visit and enjoy your food @ Togo’s.


Togo’s Gift Cards

Don’t you think Togo’s Gift Cards are the best for giving on any occasion? On the birthday, Holidays, Graduation, or if any further. It is surprisingly amazed to give someone on his special day.

  • First, registered your card in your nearest Togo store. After registration, your Gift Card activated you can enjoy by using the services.
  • You need to give the name of the person, email id, and the amount you wanted to give a gift to them.
  • The actual amount will redeem from your Gift Card balance and Browse it in the below link and get registered today.

Gift Cards

Togo’s Rewards

Do you want to take an amazing reward to get benefits in your next purchase?

Then, download Togo’s Application from your play store. Sign up with your Google account and in your first sign up get $ 3 as Rewards and enjoy it in your next purchases.

You can earn the points in every purchase and get the rewards on it. If you earn 50 points you will take $5 as Rewards. Check out in the below link about the Rewards.


Togo’s Catering

You will find the Sandwich Trays, Boxed Lunches, Custom Platters, Group Salads, Fruit and Veggie Trays, Sweets. Yes, It is the considered dishes in Togo’s Catering.

So you have to decide which one would like to order in the perfect number of the person. You need to order before 24 hours.

Because they planned and well set up in your place at the right time. So browse the perfect catering here in this below link & also order it.


Togo’s Feedback

Is it possible to get the Success without the Reviews about Food & Services? Profits are shown the success but the best achievements are people would be happy & satisfied with Togo’s Service they provided to them.

So we are just incomplete without taking your reviews about your last visit @ Togo’s. Or if you think we need to change something please free feel to share with us we love to hear from you. What is going in your mind please share with us we work on it if we need to. 

visit the Official Site or click the below link and share your Reviews with us.

Contact Us

I am thankful to you visit my page and read the full information I providing about Togo’s Menu Prices and Locations with the best of my knowledge. We make this article from taking so many Reference sites and we Comprised it in the important thing would like to share with you.

So tell us about your response to this article on our web page. Write down the comment on our page mymenuprice.


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