Tips & Strategies How to Win the Pokies Jackpot

December 17, 2021

Online casinos are becoming more and more popular among gambling fans, and it is especially true about online slot games. The thing is that pokies have some of the most impressive jackpots in casinos, so many players come up with strategies to win it. Are you a jackpot hunter yourself? Well, then we have made an interesting read for you.

How Do Pokies Work?

The first thing to understand about pokies is how the gaming machine determines the winners. Slots are powered by a random number generator that determines the chance and amount of winning. It calculates the game result in a second. But the user is shown a whole performance and the winnings are supposedly calculated only afterward.

Each slot has an RTP (return to player), which is the deposit percentage of return to players. The RTP size is outlined in the help section of the game. As a rule, the RTP coefficient is 95 and 96%, which is rather good for a player.

The random number generator is made in such a way that a casino has an irresistible mathematical advantage over the player who plays for a long time on the same machine. This does not mean that you cannot stay on the winning side in the long run, but it certainly doesn’t improve those odds.

To see how the pokies work exactly, we recommend trying them. For this, it is better to find the right casino where to make a deposit. Read out the detailed Casino Rocket review that will give you an idea of how to win a pokies jackpot at an online casino with only $5 deposit. Also, you can find out about the most effective strategies, tips, and other information about top casinos at Casinority, which is one of the most popular reviewers used by gamblers in Australia.

Tips on How to Win When Playing Pokies

To win at pokies, you need to stick to some basic principles. It should be noted that the key principle of system operation is based on a combo of random numbers. Many players are convinced that the flow of the game is simple, but this is not 100% true since winning in the game requires strategic thinking.

You cannot be absolutely sure that the winnings come quickly and easily since you need to lose a considerable amount of funds to get it. As a result of each spin, a random combo appears on the screen. The sequence of symbols is fixed and cannot be changed, so each spin provides a similar chance of winning. There are still some things that impact the likelihood of winning:

  • The amount of the bet;
  • The return percentage that characterizes the device;
  • The balance on the gaming account;
  • The availability or absence of a jackpot and risk game;
  • Personal user limit;
  • The total number of lines with bets.

It often happens that one user has “filled up” the slot machine with money and left it without waiting for the victory. And then another player approaches a gaming emulator and almost immediately lands a prize. Such luck in web- and land-based gambling clubs is rather a common thing but it’s not the best way to play pokies. However, it is still recommended to keep in mind well-known tactics and strategies.

Winning Strategies in Pokies

There are many strategies for betting on pokies; the player’s task is to choose the optimal solution that works best for the one. Each slot machine requires a personalized approach, but there are general schemes that will allow you to get as close as possible to winning.

One Game

Within its framework, one bet is applied throughout the day in the case of a progressive jackpot. The final result does not matter. Adhering to this approach, you can save money and not go into the red by playing many times and hoping to win.

Standard Deviations

In this case, it is assumed that a progressive equation is used to determine the best probabilities of winning on a particular gaming machine. All the player needs to do is to acquire patience and concentrate on winning. In this scenario, a high return is guaranteed. The role is played by following the basic instructions:

  • Search for a slot characterized by “equal payments,” that is, a game that provides an amount that is a multiple of the number of coins wagered on a specific line;
  • Determine the standard number of spins between winning combinations by pressing the button of the slot machine until the grand prize is obtained;
  • Calculate the average number of spins between wins.

This strategy is classic and universal, so many players who want to win money without losing their own funds adhere to it.

Fixed Maximum Payouts

A number of slots have a fixed mark, while some pokies offer progressive jackpots and prize pool that increase the total value without paying out prizes. The more people take part in the game, the higher the final winnings will be. These games have a high impact and are popular with gamblers. But they are related, so there is little final chance of winning.

Games with Lowest Jackpots

To increase the likelihood of winning within a short period of time, it is worth paying attention to the games that come with the minimum jackpots. The less their size is, the easier they are to win. The formation of large values requires a serious investment of time, so the probability of being a winner is minimal. You can check $5 deposit casinos for Australian players to make sure that this chance is even lower on modern slots. But if you actually use a bonus, then you can definitely stay in the game as long as you want and boost your winning odds to the max.


In the conclusion of this article, it should be added that the chance to win depends on the probability of winning and the same symbols falling out in a row vertically and horizontally, diagonally, and in a different sequence. Each casino provides for the number of specific symbols that must appear in order for the player to count on receiving money. So get your hand trained, and you will definitely avail of it.


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