The most popular YouTube channels dedicated to online gambling

September 4, 2021

Every fan of the casino, for example, the same, by itself knows how sometimes, in his most unlucky day, it can be boring for hours to spin slots and lose. Then the user needs a discharge and a change of mind. The only option that will help you smile and at the same time be part of the game are videos on Youtube. They provide the viewer with positivity and a bit of excitement, and many even help to gain new knowledge and develop.

Gaming channels are some of the most popular on YouTube. Recently the Swedish play runner PewDiePie broke all records for the number of subscriptions, gathering on his page more than 13 million viewers. That’s twice as many as Justin Bieber and Britney Spears combined.

However, despite the popularity of this activity, watching someone else play the game for you or spin the slots at and win time after time is questionable fun. So what to watch on YouTube, other than the Yearslotslips, Madison, and Machinima? We’ve compiled the best channels related to online gaming in one piece.

The most popular and interesting online games channels on Youtube

  • Beat Down Boogie

What would happen if Solid Snake and Ghost from the cult game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 were combined, and Mario ended up in Fight Club? The founders of Beat Down Boogie, whose specialty is in original series based on games, will help answer these questions. Only two have been filmed so far – Modern War Gear Solid and Mario Warfare, but both are of very high quality. In addition to the series, you can watch cosplay from numerous shows on the channel.

  • Boogie2988

Not a little guy swearing at everything going on in the gaming industry today and destroying the Xbox 360 with an ax is roughly how you can describe what’s going on on Francis’ channel. Francis is a top gaming blogger in the West, famous for his exuberant temper, lisping voice, and incredible fullness. He hates Sony, Nintendo, Xbox One, and occasionally sings hilariously, managing to deliver surprisingly adequate gaming news analysis in between.

  • CorridorDigital

Some of the best fan films are made from video games on YouTube. CorridorDigital makes not only parodies but also quite serious action movies with quality special effects. Their masterpieces include Assassin’s Creed tribute films, Half-Life, Day Z, Far Cry, Max Payne, and a bunch of other video games.

  • Egoraptor

Pretty famous artist from, who became famous thanks to a series of game parodies. The first and most famous is Metal Gear Awesome. Due to the memorable visual style of the cartoons, Egoraptor has even had copycats.

  • Game Fails

The name of this channel speaks for itself – here you will find game fails, glitches, and funny moments from multiplayer matches. There is a filter for specific games as well as a selection of the best fails for the week, month, and year.

  • lonsiera

A guy named Oleg and his team make funny videos on real-life gaming, and also do a kind of parody on another Russian channel – FPSRussia, where they test weapons from video games. Only at lonsiera do these tests always go wrong.

  • lore

If you just bought the thirteenth sequel to the new game with a crazy confusing plot that you don’t have time to understand, then this is the place to come – lore tells even the most complicated stories in a minute. And, importantly – with beautiful animation.

  • MrProstos

MrProstos, aka Dmitry Borodastov, is a Russian pioneer of “literal”, the musical genre of “what I see, what I sing”. He takes video game trailers, applies original music to them, and accompanies them with the text thoroughly describing everything that happens on the screen. It’s rhythmic and fun.

  • Mega64

Unlike most video game parodies, Mega64 doesn’t even try to look expensive, making their movies for a pittance and probably wasting the rest of the money in the nearest pub. Nevertheless, it turns out great: cheap props only benefit the videos. The authors even invented a backstory for the on-screen madness: according to it, all of them are in virtual reality, created by the most powerful console in history – the Mega64.

  • Alex Gufovski

Gufovsky is almost the Goblin of the video game world. He revoices trailers and clips from presentations, makes unusual reviews in which he manages to link Surgeon Simulator to the problems of Russian medical schools, and simply talks nonsense to gameplay footage. Behind a stream of caustic words, meanwhile, often hides quite insightful analytics.


Today online games are not only gaining popularity as a separate product, but they are also developing other areas of entertainment. Such brilliant examples are Youtube channels that give their audience great content and make them look at the world of online games from a different angle. Now without such a product, we can hardly imagine our life and if this sphere loses its former popularity.


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