The Cycle Frontier: Biggest Mistake to Avoid

June 19, 2022

The Cycle: Frontier is the new game on the block, and the way it is going, one could easily say it has been a massive success. One look at the game, and you might assume it to be pretty much every other FPS shooter game out there. You would be making a colossal mistake with such an assumption. The beauty of this is that while many of the elements of the game are along the same lines as some of the other popular games, one cannot actually classify this game in one specific genre. The Cycle: Frontier has elements from FPS games, open-world games, survival games, and even raiding games. And this is what makes this game so unique to gamers.

Sure, there is a lot of running, shooting, and looting in the game, but unlike other games, you simply cannot plugin a Cycle Frontier aimbot hack and expect an easy victory. What you need is a basic understanding of things to do in the game, but more importantly, the things you should avoid doing. Luckily, we have come up with a list that can significantly help you.

Forgetting about your stamina

The Cycle: Frontier is a survival game first and an FPS game second. That is why many players would find it surprising to see a stamina bar in the game. The stamina bar is an essential part of the gameplay and would severely impact the players who do not manage it properly. Being on lower stamina could impede one’s movement, especially when they are in a battle against AI-powered creatures or fellow human players.

Luckily this is a problem that can be easily rectified by one simply not running in the game unless it is absolutely necessary. You would significantly improve your chances of returning to your base by managing your stamina well.

Selling items without giving them much thought

Selling your loot is a vital part of the purpose. In fact, it is the whole point of the game as you have to land on the abandoned planet of Fortuna III, gather resources, and then sell them at the station. But that does not mean you should sell everything you come across. It is possible that you could get legendary and rare items in your loot, so selling your entire inventory without giving much thought is simply foolish. It is best to itemize your inventory and then sell the loot at a later time when you have categorized everything properly.

Forgetting to repair items

Many players of the game are still not aware of the fact that you are allowed to repair your items at the space station. This can prove to be highly crucial as, after a couple of rounds, you would find your armor taking some heavy toll. So, head to the workbench immediately and repair your armor without any delay. Having top-class armor with you in the round can be the difference-maker, protecting you from penetration damage.

Not being content with smaller loots.

Players being greedy, spending more time than they should, and collecting loots are not unheard of. But doing so in a game like A Cycle: Frontier, where every player is for themselves, is simply stupid. The longer you stay on the Fortuna III, the lesser your chances of you surviving the raid.

A common strategy employed by more experienced players is simply to hide at the evac spots and wait for players with large loot hauls to come and then take them out. It would save them from doing all the work and also getting a massive return. So, the sooner you are out of the planet, the better it would be for you.

Trusting other members of the team

Treachery at every turn would be an excellent way for one to describe the gameplay of The Cycle: Frontier. If you have already played a couple of rounds, then you would already understand how this game takes the phrase every man for himself literally. Trusting other players in your team is the major blunder that you should avoid making. Be on your guard always, especially when returning to your evacuation spot. It would not be surprising if someone took a chance at you and the valuable loot you have in your possession.

If you are trying your hands on The Cycle Frontier, you should avoid the mistakes mentioned above. This will be proven to help you improve your gameplay.


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