The Awesome New Games We Can Expect in 2022

December 27, 2021

Gaming in 2021 has been different than gaming in any era before; and that trend started in late 2019, with games such as Death Stranding. The next generation of the next generation is here, but before we can even get our teeth sunk into it, there’s a new iteration of gaming advancement to contend with.

MMORPGs led to MOBA options, but smartphones, IoT, and cloud computing have fundamentally changed things as well. Even more interesting is the transition to VR and AR games. Remember in 2016 when Pokemon Go had everybody out looking for Pokemon in the real world, not just their Nintendo device?

Well, VR is actually here now, and that’s fundamentally changing how things work—just think about how terrifying Resident Evil 8 is in the first person. This is true in the sense that some games are going to ultimately be more immersive than others, and in the sense that ethical means of playing games is totally different than it’s ever been. Here, we’re going to explore a few games that are percolating at the fringes of society in 2022.

If you’re going to get the best experience, you need to know why some games are better than others and what will be the best games to play in 2022. We’ll more closely go into a few specific options you want to think about as AR, VR, decentralization, cloud computing, and IoT combine to make modern gaming a fundamental part of today’s modern world.

Grand Theft Auto Online: The Bridge to GTA 6

So 2021 saw the birth of GTA: Online, which is a sort of perfection of this sandbox game. Here’s the thing: 2022 is going to see GTA: Online become the best version of itself possible. See, this series of games has never really been about the associated “missions” involved.

With GTA 3, a “shift” in “state” or “phase” developed where the fun became more related to exploring the “sandbox” environment and coming up with creative ways to cause varying levels of mischief. Online, that sort of mischief is going to take on a whole new flavor that results in varying online “groups” running campaigns through the endless sandbox of the game.

You’ll get actual “gangs” of individuals involved in real “heists”, and it’s going to be very cool. Imagine all the fun of an MMORPG like WoW, but without the turn-based combat and the RPG element. Have you seen the movie Free Guy yet? It’s a Ryan Reynolds vehicle that was designed to make a “Disney Princess” of a female programmer—to a degree.

It’s also a surprisingly fun film despite a few mildly out-of-place cultural nods. In any event, the “city” in that film is essentially the “experience” of GTA: Online. That’s going to become very apparent in 2022.

The MOBA Component

League of Legends has become the world’s most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA game. Now, LoL isn’t a mobile game, but League of Legends Wild Rift is. So also is Vainglory, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Arena of Valor, Heroes of Order and Chaos, Onmyoji Arena, Marvel Super War, Heroes Arena, Brawl Stars, and Battle Bay.

While LoL is becoming a legitimate eSport, it’s only a matter of time before other games begin to take that mantle. Accordingly, in order to have fun at all, you may well have to learn a few creative ways to “hack” into a given set of games. That’s definitely going to be the case as AR and varying phone developers begin to influence how and what you can play.

This will also be the case with online experiences like the GTA: Online option. Whether you’re going with a mobile MOBA or a non-mobile online experience, maximizing your fun is going to involve doing things that games may not necessarily have been designed to do. To that end, The Guided Hacking site can help you find ways of maximizing your enjoyment overall.

Quantum Shifts in Survival Horror

Survival horror became popular through Resident Evil in the nineties, and now there are endless knockoffs and even a few “homage” games such as Daymare: 1998, a game which specifically seeks to recreate the experience of Resident Evil, but on modern gaming platforms. Well, 2022 is set to be a fine year for survival horror.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is set to revitalize the zombie genre specifically with more scares and a much larger city to explore. If harder science fiction is more your angle, The Callisto Protocol is set on one of Jupiter’s moons. If you prefer to play with friends, The Outlast Trials is designed to be a co-op game to keep everyone entertained.

Also on the multiplayer angle will be Level Zero, which takes up where Alien: Isolation left off. Once Upon a Time in Roswell is more of a slow burn where a detective has to figure out what’s going on. Sons of the Forest is a sequel to The Forest which will feature creepy caves and monsters galore.

If you’re looking for a change that’s familiar, Resident Evil: ReVerse will put you and your other favorite characters in a deathmatch arena. CAPCOM has always excelled at games like that, so the mixture of arena battle and survival horror is a delightful prospect. Finally, there’s Scorn, which was meant to be released in 2021 but will hit this next year.

Finding the Games You Love in 2022

So there’s a lot to think about in 2022. The nature of gaming has changed, and many of the games listed here can actually be experienced in VR or AR formats. Survival horror is replete with old classics and new excitement. The MOBA era is here, and it’s going to likely be a total iterative game-changer as regards traditional gaming.

Online gaming is in a very interesting place right now, and it’s very likely that the changes we’re presently seeing are going to be definitive in the near future. Altogether, if you’re a gamer into 2022, there’s a lot to look forward to, and it’s conceivable that these shifts could represent the foundation of future gaming.


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