Social Livestream App Yubo Launches New AI-Powered Audio Moderation Technology

December 4, 2022

With so many social media platforms competing for your attention, Yubo, the live social discovery app geared for Generation Z, remains at the forefront of expansion and enhancing its safety technology. Partnering with Hive, Yubo has reached four of its largest markets – the U.S., UK, Australia, and Canada – by broadening its audio moderation technology for livestreams, thus becoming the “first major social media platform in the world to tackle the challenges of real-time audio analysis.”

Yubo states, “Although still in its infancy, the technology has proven to be particularly effective at detecting potential real-world risks, such as violence to others or self-harm.” The partnership is a true disruption in the way social media sites handle the scourge of online harassment through audio interaction.

How Yubo’s New Tech Works — And How It Helps

Hive’s website explains how it uses its technology to unlock insights into “visual, audio, and text content with human-level accuracy and machine-level efficiency.” Its artificial intelligence scans audio from livestreams for any malicious content or phrases that violate its Community Guidelines. Once the comments are flagged for review, Yubo’s safety specialists investigate the situation. The safety team that monitors the process and the algorithms that power this AI technology helps to make the app a safer space for its users.

The “expansion of audio moderation technology is not only a key element of Yubo’s ever-evolving safety product road map,” explains Marc-Antoine Durand, the company’s COO, “but a critical development in expanding the parameters of online safety industrywide.” Yubo is the first company to launch “audio moderation with Hive and helping make this tool more reliable and effective through this trial.”

Yubo Battles Hate-Based Harassment

The Anti-Defamation League reports that nearly half of people who’ve claimed to have been harassed online were in online gaming and targeted by voice. The ADL found, “Hate-based harassment, which targets people because of their membership in a marginalized or minoritized identity group, remains high: Such harassment among marginalized groups held steady at 65%, the same figure as the previous year. And 58% of marginalized people reported hate-based harassment in the past 12 months, comparable to 58% in 2021.” The activist organization noted that attacks on Asian Americans are on the rise, LGBTQ+ individuals are the most likely group to be subjected to harassment, and women are victims more often than men.

But Yubo users can be confident that the app is innovating to do what it can to prevent online ugliness. Armed with those alarming statistics, and in an effort to detect potential real-world risk, Yubo has since expanded the trial phase technology to help users feel more comfortable online and avoid violence to others or self-harm.

“Effective content moderation is a responsibility that we know firsthand is of the utmost importance to Yubo. We are excited to be powering its ecosystem with our technology and learning together how to make online communities safer through continuous innovation,” said Hive Chief Executive Officer Kevin Guo. And since safety is a cornerstone of Yubo’s platform, it was the first social app in the world to introduce “comprehensive user-age verification tools and real-time video and audio moderation for livestreams.”

Yubo Empowers A Generation of Voices

But for the extensive dedication to creating as safe an environment as possible, at its heart, Yubo – which was founded in France in 2015 and is now in more than 140 countries and widely used by over 60 million people – is an entertaining space where Gen Z members can connect and interact with others from all over the world. Its mission is to be a place “where anyone can belong” and “to empower a new generation to find out about the world and themselves.”

Gen Z people can safely and securely use the app to connect with friends or meet new ones around the world. With no “like” button or “follow” feature, Yubo users can connect with others in a more authentic and natural way, as they would face-to-face. Their website offers several blogs and interviews for users to read if they feel lost or hesitant about where to begin.

In one article focusing on community building, two Yubo users explain in detail how they used the app to create their own community and make real friendships, pointing out that Yubo gives them the freedom to be themselves and “just have fun.” In fact, brothers Derrick and Darnel admit they actually “found Yubo completely by accident,” but ever since, they’ve been using it to “be creative, make friends, and have fun.”

Says the website, “Yubo gives users the freedom to be themselves and just have fun in their lives. Derrick and Darnel are perfect examples that being yourself and having fun talking to people is all it takes to build an amazing community on Yubo.”

In comparison to other apps like YouTube or Instagram, the influencers explain the difference between being a “fan” and a “friend.” Yubo allows people on the livestream to interact with you, while people on other apps have no connection but can simply make comments. And in those “meaningful interactions,” the pair stated that they found their squad on Yubo.

And Yubo believes there’s room for all within its app. “Our goal is to create a safe and fun virtual space by providing a trusted social platform for our community. Yubo makes it easy to connect with whoever from wherever – it’s a space for all of us and all of you.”


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