Working Hack 2022 – AutoGuesser And AutoDraw

January 16, 2022

Have you been playing with friends and found yourself constantly on the losing end? Perhaps you want to turn the tables with a few sneaky tricks this time. My guide will help you with the best hacks out there, giving you a winning streak that will leave your co-players awestruck! has become a raging online trend for the old and young alike. One person selects a word, draws an image of it on their screen, and the rest try to guess the word before the time limit is up. The game’s simple mechanics combined with explosive friends and family dynamics is a sure-fire formula for hours and hours of fun. Auto guesser hack

What might surprise you is that the concept behind has been around since the 1980s. Some of the older readers here would remember it as “Pictionary”. I still remember all the good times I had playing it with my brothers (though it often ended with markers thrown at each other, as is expected). is the digital equivalent of Pictionary. However, there is quite a bit of a learning curve in drawing with a mouse. The hacks I mentioned in this guide will make this process so much easier! Let’s begin, shall we? Hacks 2022 – Latest Working Methods

As a player, you take on one of two roles while playing Either you’re drawing a word or guessing the drawing others are making. To complement these two roles, two popular hacks are AutoDraw and Auto Guesser. 

AutoDraw: Programs that draw a selected image onto’s sketch screen. 

Auto Guesser: An executable script that automatically provides possible guesses when another player is drawing. You can submit multiple guesses until you get the right one. Draw Screen

I will provide steps for both of these hacks through this guide. Executing them requires downloading a few third-party scripts onto your computer. However, I assure you that they’re perfectly safe and ban-free. I have used them myself, and even though it takes away the challenging aspect of the game, it sure is fun to watch other players wonder how you are so good. 

Note: These hacks are designed for the Google Chrome browser, as they are in the form of Chrome extension scripts. So if you usually play on mobile, I suggest switching to a PC.

Read on for detailed steps! Hacks – AutoDraw

AutoDraw is a simple script that works by searching for images on Google, and once it’s found, you can paste the image onto the screen. The script will then begin drawing the image automatically.

Remember that the script works best when you use simple images (such as clip art).

Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1: Open the link below to reach the GitHub page for the script:

Step 2: Select the green icon “Code” and then “Download ZIP” to download the file to your PC.

Step 3: After the download is done, extract the zip file using WinRAR or 7-Zip. You’ll notice quite a few files, but I’ll tell you how to activate them.

Step 4: Open Google Chrome and select the three dots at the top right corner of the screen. In the drop-down menu that appears, select More Tools > Extensions to reach the Chrome Extension Page.

Step 5: On the top right corner, you’ll see a slider for “Developer mode.” Turn it on.

Step 6: Once you turn it on, you will get a couple of new options. Select the one called “Load Unpacked”.

Step 7: Navigate to the folder where you unpacked the script file. Open it and click on “Select Folder”.

Step 8: The AutoDraw hack is now enabled within the Chrome Browser! To test it out, open and begin a game. Then open a separate tab and search for any clip art. Drag it to the sketch screen, and the program will automatically draw it for you! Auto Draw Hack

Try not to go too overboard with the images you make the program draw unless you want to make your friends suspicious! All hacks have a simple rule: Keep it simple, keep it smart! Hacks – Auto Guesser

Not everyone is good at guessing. Be it in Charades or Pictionary; sometimes we find ourselves confused trying to guess what a friend is showing us. If you’re one of those people, will also start to frustrate you after a while. But don’t worry, because I have got you covered.

The Auto Guesser hack is the perfect tool for leaving the guesswork to the brains of your computer. Once activated, the hack starts showing possible answers to the picture that your friends are drawing. This will help you narrow down the possibilities and choose the best one.

As an added bonus, the script also displays a link to a Google Image result page so that you can make your decision even more precisely. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to enable this hack:

Step 1: The first step is to visit this page:

Step 2: Click on the “Add to Chrome” button, and then “Add extension.” Once this is done, you may close the tab.

Step 3: Next, go to this GitHub link: Scroll all the way down and click on the installation link.

Step 4: Click “Install” on the next page to begin the download.

Step 5: Open, and you will notice a new icon called “Activate Skribbler.” Click on this, and then start the game.

Step 6: Once in the game, there will be a checkbox for “Enable Auto Guesser” under the chatbox. Tick this box. Now whenever any player begins drawing, the script will provide you with the best guesses for that image! Easy as 1-2-3!

You are now a professional Guesser. Make sure you throw in some wrong answers to avoid being caught!


After reading this guide, I’m sure you have easily understood how to implement the two hacks I mentioned. Soon enough, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with, and players will find themselves at a loss to keep up with your drawing and guessing skills. 

On a more serious note, is an extremely fun game to play with friends and family. It improves communication and critical reasoning. For that reason, I would advise using these hacks sparingly. It’s okay to experiment with them and have some hilarious moments, but excessive use of the hacks will take away all the fun from the game. Make sure to use them wisely.

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