Should Canadians Play In Online Casinos?

September 16, 2021

The gambling industry is rapidly changing and has been for a number of years now. What once was relegated to a few legitimate and licensed land-based casinos has turned into a massive offering of online gambling options.

With so many gambling sites in Canada and based offshore, players are likely very tempted to try their hand at online gambling? But, should Canadians play in online casinos?

This is naturally a question that many people would ask themselves if they’ve never tried gambling at an online casino before. Here are some of the main reasons why Canadians should definitely try their hand at online casinos.

They’re Legitimate

While there are certainly scams all over the internet, there are also plenty of legitimate online casinos that are licensed and regulated by well-respected gambling authorities.

Canadians have the two-fold benefit of being able to play at online casinos that are licensed and regulated by their own local provincial governments, and at the same time play at an online casino that is based offshore. There is nothing illegal about Canadian residents playing at an online casino offshore.

Players can easily check the credentials of each of the online casinos that they are thinking of playing at. If they are licensed by a respectable organization — such as a Canadian provincial government or a foreign body such as the UK Gambling Commission — then they know they are safe. In fact, it’s the same as playing at a land-based casino in their country.

They Can Be Played from Anywhere

One of the best parts about playing at an online casino is that you can do so from anywhere. You aren’t forced to leave your home and travel possibly multiple hours to get to a land-based casino. That, of course, is even if a land-based casino is within your reach from where you live.

All you need to do to play at an online casino is have a computer or a mobile device plus a reliable internet connection. Just like browsing the internet from your phone or computer, you can play at an online casino, too.

This allows you to be able to have fun playing casino games at any time you want, from wherever you want. If you can’t fall asleep and want to play at 3 a.m. in your bedroom, you can do that. If you want to play in the afternoon while you’re traveling, that’s no problem, either.

People love the flexibility and access that online casinos give, which is why they’re becoming so popular.

They Give Great Bonuses

With so much competition in the industry, online casinos are constantly trying new ways to attract players to their sites. This results in a lot of great offers for players.

Most online casinos will offer what is known as welcome bonuses to get players to try out their site. This is often a deposit match, where the casino will match a player’s first deposit up to a certain amount. This can be a significant amount of free money that players can get, just for trying out a new online casino.

In addition, online casinos usually offer ongoing promotions and bonuses, such as free spins to try out new online slot games. There are also tournaments players can easily enter, and rewards programs they can participate in.

The wide variety of ongoing offers and promotions is a major thing that sets online casinos apart from their land-based counterparts.

They Have a Huge Selection of Games

Perhaps the biggest reason that Canadians should play at online casinos is the huge selection of games that they provide. Land-based casinos are very limited by the physical machines they have to have and the software they can provide.

Online casinos, by contrast, aren’t limited by that at all. They can use the technology and software to their advantage to create some really innovative and imaginative new games and new game features.

This is where the progressive jackpot really came into play. Software providers were able to link together players from around the world into one massive jackpot that can be hit on a rotating basis as the pool climbs and climbs and climbs.

Online video slot games are really the biggest beneficiary of this, as they can incorporate not only a number of different gameplay features but themes as well. While a theme might not sound like a huge deal, it’s something that makes the games extremely fun to play.

Again, this is something that is just not possible at a land-based casino — at least not to the same level as it is online.


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