Sexting, What is It?

December 31, 2022

Sex has gone digital — that’s what sexting means in summary. Not only does sexting heighten sexual anticipation between couples and realistic butts, but it’s also a great way to stay connected across distances, especially in the aftermath of a global pandemic.

Want to learn how to send dirty texts to your lover? Then, here’s the right place to be!

What Is Sexting?

Sexting is the combination of two words, ‘sex’ and ‘texting.’ Therefore, sexting, according to Jasmine Akins, means ‘sending sexual material (including messages, images, gifs, and memes) via cell phone, Instant message, email, DM, etc.’

Whether or not you have sent dirty texts before, we need you to know there’s nothing dirty about sexting. It’s a fun way to ease sexual tension and turn your partner on. In this article, we’ll share proven sexting tips that will have your partner giggling, sighing, or moaning in pleasure. Let’s get into it.

Top Sexting Tips for You to Try Out!

  1. Seek Consent: If you want to sext, start by getting your partner’s consent. Discuss your interest in exchanging dirty texts with them and see how they feel about it. Then, set the ground rules; establish what times you can sext each other.
  2. Conversation Starters: You can’t just jump into texting nasty words/images. Eliminate the initial awkwardness about sexting by warming up the ‘mood between you both. You can start by mentioning that you can’t stop thinking about them, asking about their fantasies, etc. Even the popular catchphrase, ‘what are you doing?’ works just as well. For more starter tips check mr skin.
  3. Heavy on Details: At this point, every hot text is fertilizer to the naughty thoughts running around in your partner’s brain. So, you need to get as descriptive as possible. Reminisce on how wild the sex was the last time you were together. Tell him (or her) how rough or soft you want to handle them next time you link up. Tell him you’re dripping wet and thinking of sucking his cock. Or better still, let her know how hard you are and how much you want a taste of that pussy. Go all out, and you’ll find that being honest about how you feel makes sexting so much better.
  4. Feedback: In the course of sexting and making each other horny, never forget the place of feedback. Ask at intervals if they’re comfortable with the direction you’re going. You can say, ‘do you like that?’, ‘how does that make you feel?’, ‘you get wet when I say that, don’t you?’. By asking these questions, you assure your partner that their feelings matter. Therefore, you’re able to please them while sending dirty texts.
  5. Delete: Having established ground rules initially, the deletion of your dirty texts is really up to you both. However, it’s safer for everyone if the texts, explicit images, and clips are deleted. That way, you can have fun and wipe out the evidence when you’ve had your fill of nasty text messages.

Pros of Sexting

  • Sexting is an avenue to express your fantasies without inhibitions.
  • It can improve intimacy between partners.
  • It makes masturbation more exciting.
  • There’s no risk of contracting an STI.
  • It is also a sure way to relieve sexual tension and get sexual satisfaction.
  • Nasty text messaging helps sustain long-distance relationships.


  • Sexting poses a risk of exposure through revenge porn or hacking.
  • One partner in a long-distance relationship may be tempted to cheat.

Apart from the risk of blackmail and infidelity, sexting is a great way to stay connected with your partner and build anticipation for your next sexual rendezvous. To avoid all the cons of sexting, sext only with someone you trust and ensure to establish ground rules.

Can One Use Sex Toys When Sexting?

Yes, of course! Sexting is supposed to be exciting and a turn-on in itself. However, you can make your sext session more intense by using sex toys to please yourself while your partner gives you dirty words.

Use a vibrator of your choice to stimulate your nipples, clit, anus, etc., while exchanging hot texts. Look through our sex toy reviews for fantastic sex toys that will take your breath away every time you sext with your boo.

A combination of sexy text messages and a vivid imagination equals a sexual bomb! You’ll literally blow your partner’s mind with your nasty, nasty words. And with our sexting tips, dirty text messages have never been hotter. We hope you loved this article and that you browsed through our toy reviews for unique toys that will give you intense orgasms while sexting.


What is sexting?

Sexting involves exchanging sexual messages through any messaging-based platform such as iMessage, SMS, email, or even social media. The word ‘sexting’ is a combination of ‘sex’ and ‘text.’

How to talk to him dirty via text?

If you want to talk to him dirty via text and make him horny in the process, the first step is to discard your modesty. Be bold enough to tell him what you want, how badly you need him inside of you. Be as wild, receptive, and sensual as you can. Thankfully, he won’t be watching, so feel free.

How to start sexting?

To start sexting with someone new, first seek their consent. Then, set boundaries. If you’re a newbie, be honest about your erotic feelings at every point in time. Allow yourself to picture all the dirty things your partner promises in each sext, and respond with the same energy.

How to be freaky over text?

Sexting requires you to be your true freaky self. If you’re horny, say so. If you want to be tied up while he fingers you to tears, say so. Nothing is off the table, except your partner set limits beforehand.

How to turn a girl on over text?

You want your girl wet and dripping for you while you sext, right? Then, go all in. Think of all the things she likes, all the sweet sounds she makes for you in bed, and how you want her to respond to you the next time. Relay them to her in text, and at intervals, ask her if she likes how you make her feel.


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